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Gigi Edgley Talks Farscape And Hashtag: PopWrapped At Sundance

Allison Schonter | PopWrapped Author

Allison Schonter

02/16/2017 7:19 pm
Gigi Edgley Talks Farscape And Hashtag: PopWrapped At Sundance | Gigi Edgley
Media Courtesy of Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley is no stranger to being in the spotlight. As a child, she could be found dancing, performing both in and out of school, but her passion for acting quickly took center stage, and, in 1999, after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, she began reprising roles on Australian TV. Perhaps best known for her role as Chiana on Farscape, Edgley has since appeared on various TV shows.

PopWrapped’s Arthur Marroquin caught up with Gigi Edgley at Sundance Film Festival to discuss Farscape, The Order, and her upcoming projects.

PopWrapped: So, you’re working on The Order. How did you get into that?

Gigi Edgley: Acting is my main passion; I’m totally in love with it. I live, drink, sleep, eat it. When I was about 12, I started my career, and it's been pretty -- touch wood -- back-to-back. Very exciting, beautiful production. My first big one was Farscape, which was a Jim Henson show. Then, most recently, I came over to host the Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge as well, which was extraordinary because it was the first time that  -- we’ve all grown up watching Henson productions, like The Muppets and The Labyrinth -- so to see into the Creature Shop and how the magic is created was mind-blowing.

PW: You felt like a kid, I'm sure?

GE: Yeah! Oh, yeah! I was like walking through the Creature Shop like crying and fangirling out. Brian Henson, who’s dear friend of mine, was like ‘you're gonna need to act more like a host.’ I'm like ‘I’m freaking out.’

PW: What else you have planned for Sundance?

GE: Ok, so we're gonna see some amazing films. We’re going to go to a few more lounges because you can never have enough lounges. Hang out with extraordinary masters of the art. It’s going to be action packed.

PW: So, we're gonna go back to Farscape now. Tell me just like a cool, random, little story about Farscape for those viewers who know a little bit about it.

GE: It blew it blew my mind because my favorite film growing up was The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth, and it is just quite surreal to me to go back to my younger self and go 'one day, you're going to be working with the Jim Henson Company on this extraordinary show.' It went to five seasons, like 16-hour days, my makeup took three-and-a-half hours every single day, so it was a real survival of the fittest journey, but I wouldn't have given not one moment up because I just adore working with the Henson Company.

PW: That's amazing. So, five seasons, three-and-a-half hours just for makeup everyday -- how does it differ for you as an artist going into that versus going into a film where you shoot for maybe a day or a week for two weeks and then you’re done?

GE: It’s such a crazy industry because, like you say, you can be working from four in the morning till nine o'clock at night for five years straight, and then you can have nothing for a year. Or you can have something for a day. So I’ve found as I've gone along my journey just to keep a real positive frame of mind as soon, as there's like a moment of downtime to produce your own works, and it's been really good. The crowdfunding direction has really helped me out because I had a really nice fanbase through the Farscape crowd, so I recently did a Kickstarter, and we raised over $44,000 to shoot this beautiful film called Hashtag, which we actually want to bring to Sundance next year. So that was very, very exciting because you’re not only asking these beautiful people that follow you to invest their energy, but also their financial side of things as well. So it was very humbling and exciting to be making beautiful stories with people that have followed me over the years and everything. Hopefully, next year, Hashtag will be here!

PW: Before we go, can you just tell us two sentences of what Hashtag is about?

GE: Hashtag is about a multimedia maven who's completely delusional. It's all about a satirical comment on where we're heading with social media and Twitter and Facebook. And she lives in a 14-foot by 14-foot cubicle, and she thinks everything's A-ok.  Everything around her is modern technology and 800 million subscribers, etc. And then you’ll have to wait.

Watch the full interview with Gigi Edgley below.


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