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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Girls: 4×04 'Cubbies,' 4×05 'Sit-In,' 4×06 'Close Up'

Bobby Bracker | PopWrapped Author

Bobby Bracker

03/21/2015 9:56 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
We're a little behind, but that's okay! If you can keep up with Shoshanna's endless rambling, you can surely keep up with us now! Let's dive in to the last three episodes of Girls! We're a little behind, but that's okay! If you can keep up with Shoshanna's endless rambling, you can surely keep up with us now! Let's dive in to the last three episodes of Girls!
Girls HBO

Girls 4x04: “Cubbies":

Shoshanna is on another interview and it isn’t turning out well. Try to convince the lady to hire you. Keep going. You have no idea how dedicated she is. Not happening, Shosh. She isn’t leaving. What’s wrong with her? The interviewer is about to let her have it. Shoshana is totally sensitive... nope maybe not. You insulted her necklace. Now, she will let you have it. Yup, read for filth. Marnie and Jessa in a bar. Jessa listening to Marnie’s music. Everything. Everything. I can’t tell what’s you and what’s the music in the bar. There is no music in the bar. Jessa is totally indifferent. Fantastic. Shoshana is so upset. What did you do to your hair for that interview, girl? I always appreciate a good suggestion to sell an organ. Who will be more insensitive to Marnie right now? Shoshana or Jessa? That’s a delightful toss up. Shut up, Marnie. Best scene of the entire episode. Hannah, why are you writing on a notepad in bed? Okay, go to sleep. That’s better. Notepad on the toilet. Just stare at Elijah. I wouldn’t be able to work with you staring at me either. Nope. No daddy/daughter dinner for Elijah, you are on your own Hannah. Fat kids make for sexy adults, Elijah, and they’re usually great in bed. Coffee shop guy is complaining about the traffic light outside his street. That’s called karma coffee shop dude. I will not bother relearning your name. Hannah is smiling. What is she putting in those cubbies? Why is she running away? Coffee shop dude. You going a little crazy there? Yuuup. Crazy, Walking out the door with a mission. Yelling at motorists for honking is not going to do anything, either. He’s going crazy. That makes me really happy. Hannah’s writing circle. She left a letter to the class in the cubbies. Her goth friend hates her. Hannah apologized. That’s good. You were not cute at the party, darling. Why is Logan (abused girl) offended? NO! Workshop her apology! Please! I believe that it was defensive, Mr. Gaysian. You just want everyone to like you, Hannah. It happens in your twenties. Get sarcastic! Throwing paper at people. It is very aggressive. Just cause you say you’re sorry doesn’t mean it is an apology. I like random girl to your right. Your apology letter makes me like you more, too. Shoshanna comes upon crazy coffee dude yelling at people in their car. My how the mighty have fallen. She’s being a creeper. Why do you want to go with coffee shop dude? Your life is not meaningless, Shoshanna. It is very important to ME! Hannah has a conference with the teacher. Hannah you are unhappy here. Getting her work critiqued is challenging for her. It takes a lot to be able to do that. I got you, girl. I’m unhappy you were happy you thought you were getting kicked out. Is this Tegan and Sara? Except Marnie and Desi. No, it is weird. I think it’s weird so it definitely is. Desi, you’re stupid. You slept with crazy and now you want to make music with her. Hannah’s mom wrote a book. No one should leave Iowa. Don’t be a quitter. He’s really upset. Daddy daughter dinner isn’t going well. Only you have to live with you, Hannah. Shoshanna is going to teach you how to live, coffee shop dude. She is not the reason why you are a loser! Don’t take it, Shosh. Is she going to tell him that she loves him again? Oh. No. She took responsibility for the entire relationship. This is the mindset of someone desperately trying to figure themselves and the world out. Shosh, you were young. He was older, you didn’t know better. I enjoy that she just apologized for being insensitive and then called him awful. That’s my girl! Run away with Dad, Hannah! That was a little creepy. Very bad joke. You know you’ve made the right decision when you’re happy. Go inside your gigantic Iowa house that you don’t need. Shoshanna is making sure that the interview lady wasn’t right by asking coffee shop dude. That was a cute response and I hate coffee shop dude. Desi, why are you drunk and at Marni’s door? Please. Please. Don’t say what I think you’re going to say. DAMNIT! He broke up with that girl. I liked her. She hated Marni. You have now given Marni what she wants so she thinks she was right about this whole thing. Cry DESI CRY!!! How is it beautiful?! Marni!! You’re terrible. Desi, you only think your ex girlfriend already fucked someone because you were cheating on her. I hope this relationship explodes. I’m going to start bringing popcorn to these episodes so I have something delicious to eat when this blows up in Marnie’s face. Yes, you love Marni and her ass. Gross. Don’t look so happy. (I’d like it to be known that I absolutely love the actress who plays Marnie, she is awesome to watch in this series. That being said: I hate Marnie). Hannah is in bed. Hannah is thinking. Hannah says peace out. Come on taxicab! Walking up the steps to her house and back to Adam. Open the door. Get plowed... that’s a girl. Who is that girl? Mimi Rose? Why does she look so familiar? How does she know Hannah’s name? That’s a terrible greeting Adam. What is... where is everything? Not a room mate? GIRLFRIEND!!! HOLY FUCK! That is Gillian Jacobs who plays Britta on Community. Britta wasn’t satisfied ruining everything on Community now she has to ruin everything on Girls. Great casting choice! Where is my popcorn?
Girls HBO
First Ring

Girls 4x05 “Sit-in”

Got some popcorn for this. Hannah is just sitting in the living room. Mimi Rose (Britta) is still there. Yes, leave. Go get juice. Hannah is not OKAY! She is DEVASTATED!! I do love how completely honest Adam is. He was in love with you a month ago. He obviously still cares. You were supposed to be gone. Hannah hates her. WINNER! Great joke about Mimi’s name. She’s not dead, Adam. She planned to come back to the apartment! Oh Hannah. Adam is calling Desi? What? Shut up Mimi Rose. She is stubborn and she does love her bed, so what? Am I Hannah? No, Mimi you aren’t helping. Shoshanna hates Mimi Rose. Banana is the weirdest nickname. Secret room! Oh no, Adam fulfilled their redecorating plans without Hannah. Shoshanna is making sure she isn’t the last person on the calling tree. Hannah is spiraling. I really don’t think Shoshanna is going to be help in this situation. Is Mimi Rose Howard on Google? She is on YouTube! A lecture about love. This is going to be terrible. Whoa. Shoshanna is in charge. Yes, leave the apartment. No, she can’t leave because then maybe she won’t be able to come back. Weirdest and cutest way to get someone out. Well played, Hannah. Lena Dunham is amazing. Jessa! Jessa will fix this. Ask the important questions, Jessa. Furlough. Yeah, Jessa knows they were dating. Wait, you knew? No, this is terribly insensitive. Isn’t this normally something Jessa would be concerned about? Jessa knows Mimi. She set them UP!! You did say that you were leaving for two years, Hannah. Flicking clits. Weird. Adam loves AA! That was the most awkward fight, ever. Well, maybe Marnie can help. Is that a video message? Do people do those? I just use my phone for texting and porn. She hasn’t peed? That’ll damage your ovaries. Adam’s crazy sister and that crazy hermit from downstairs are here, I wasn’t expecting Adam’s crazy sister. Yeah, Adam’s happy so obviously she hates Mimi. Did anyone else forget she existed? This is not the advice you need young Hannah. Too much touching. All this touching. Is this a pregnant lady, hermit and Hannah threesome? Be seduced by the music, Hannah. Coffee shop dude. He is the least helpful. At least Adam isn’t there. Big hug. This conversation has descended into insanity. Did you try and flip the bacon with your hand, Hannah?! Nope, crazy coffee shop dude keeps getting crazy. You were Marni’s whore and I hope that makes you feel dirty. He actually ended up being the nicest. Still not learning his name. Hannah I understand that you need to watch her video, but I don’t think you should. Woodshedding, Marnie?! You were having lots of sex. Don’t pretend that you were doing anything else and then throw terms around like that. Ugh. You’re terrible. Please shower, you are still in the same clothes. Don’t watch the video Hannah! Marni is right, let him go. You


leave Hannah. It sucks I know. Marni is making sense. This is why I still like her. Secretly. Don’t quote me on that. Marni did you really just use the phrase forever couple? I hate you. If Marni is your soul mate…you are definitely settling. She is not a real person, yet. Adam is back! Take care of her dude. She is hurt. Tell it like it is. No one will ever replace you Hannah. CALLED IT! Adam didn’t know how their relationship was working. Hannah, you may need some you time. It was a really beautiful, intense, and weird relationship. I will miss it. This is the end, huh? I’m so hurt. Oh she’s going to the storage unit that he got her. The last scene of this episode is absolutely the best best scene!
Girls HBO

Girls 4x06 “Close-up”

What is this new place? Where are we? Adam! Is that Hannah? NOPE! It is really great casting Gillian Jacobs as Mimi Rose Howard. She’s just Britta-ing (which means to make terrible because that’s what she did) the cute weird relationship that was Adam and Hannah. Hannah wants food. Who bank rolls Elijah that he can just follow Hannah around the country? Hannah has a mental breakdown about Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Love her. Desi and Marni are having sex to their stupid fucking song. HATE! Quickly becoming my favorite part of the episodes, Shoshana is interviewing again, this time with a man. It immediately just turns out terrible. So awesome. So terrible. Ending in a date. Atta girl. That sex is gonna be hot. Plus it's Jason Ritter! BONUS! Like the random girl from Hannah’s writing circle who became endeared to her because of her apology letter, I am endeared to crazy coffee shop dude because he is obsessed with the traffic situation. He even brought a diorama. Where’s my popcorn? More Desi and Marni just loving each other’s stupid faces. I am gingerly putting kernels in my mouth and waiting for it to implode. I don’t care that you have a showcase coming up. Oh no! They have differences on the band. Yes. Yes. YES! Start yelling at Marnie! This is what you get! Boom! Explosions! Listen to it implode. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long for it to just blegggggg. Why is Mimi Rose talking? Adam loves running. Mimi Rose loves abortions. She said that like someone who says what their favorite color is. Adam is clearly upset. She Britta-ed her own relationship. Ha! I love Hannah’s therapist’s glasses. BEST IN SHOW!! He was in Best in Show! He also knows who Mimi Rose is. Not creepy. By not creepy I mean super creepy. How did her therapist just convince her that she likes helping people? He must be very expensive. Back to the abortion interrogation starring Adam and Mimi. Adam is extremely upset, why do I hate that Mimi Rose makes sense? That she is kind of charming? Gillian Jacobs really does incredible things with her characters, Brunch with the misery triplets plus Elijah and Jessa. Island of misfit animals. Good one, Jessa. Hannah was surprisingly not defensive when they called her selfish. How does that work? She’s going to be a teacher. Perfect. Crazy Coffee Shop Dude is so miserable about his intersection. Coffee Shop Dude versus the city council. Umbridge. His speech touched a teddy bear looking man on the council. Oh. They’re all going to fight. It is like a city council version of the island house fight from last season. Adam is packing up. No baby. No Adam. How is Mimi Rose going to ruin this? I really have nothing to say about that scene because it is just a gorgeous gorgeous piece of work. It is truly the reason to watch the episode. Hannah is Jennifer Aniston. Mimi Rose is Angelina Jolie. She just gets him. Crazy Coffee Shop dude is running for city council! Hannah is walking into a private catholic school with her tattoos out? Is that foreshadowing? Til next time ladies!

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