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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

'Girls' Recap: The Carefree Days are Over!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/05/2013 1:01 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
'Girls' Recap: The Carefree Days are Over!

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

It’s Back!

(Spoilers Ahead)

Gone are the carefree days of Girls. Season 2 has brought us some depth and darker story lines. The episode opens with Hannah, and we soon realize that she is exhibiting the traditional signs of OCD. Elsewhere, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Ray are discussing Jessa’s absence (I’m guessing this is due to Jemima Kirke’s pregnancy). Marnie soon finds out that Charlie just sold an app and now has a pretty sweet gig in Chelsea and runs off to go sulk. Shosh sees an old friend and gets invited to a party, and Ray is not all for it. Ray and Shosanna have officially left the honeymoon stage and are now starting to feel the strain of their age difference. This all happens in the first 5 minutes, I knew I was in for a rocky ride.

Adam finds himself back at AA meetings looking for some support after his break-up with Hannah. He bares his soul for all to hear but they are more concerned with who is bringing cookies next week. One of his fellow AA members approaches Adam and propositions him to date her daughter. He is hesitant but gets up the gumption to go through with it, and it is the most socially awkward 30 seconds you will ever witness. But I loved it especially when his pick-up line includes “your mother told me you had nice teeth so I’ll be staring at you like a creep.”

Meanwhile, Marnie is going full stalker showing up at Charlie’s new office. She doesn’t even try to make an excuse as to why she is there Charlie explains his app Forbid prevents you from calling people that you don’t want to (i.e. exes.) If you decide you want to call them, you have to pay $10 bucks and live with the fact that you broke your word to yourself. I actually hope this app exists because it may actually benefit me. But back to Marnie, she finds out she was the idea for the app, or rather she was the person he was blocking. He runs off to continue his glamorous trek into the start-up world, and Marnie is left there looking like the grumpy cat.

Hannah meets up with her parents, and they are quick to notice she is counting again. Hannah denies that it exists and tried to push her parents away. Can’t a family just enjoy Judy Collins in peace? Little does Hannah know that at that same moment Adam is moving on. He meets Natalia, and she is just as deliciously awkward and they hit it off quite well. Don’t worry; he didn’t stare at her like creep.

Leaving Ray at home, Shosh hits up the town in a little red dress. Her friend was not so sympathetic to her boyfriend issues so she decided to leave early. The doorman who, in her words “is really good looking for a doorman”, is all about her. A few kind words and she’s in the back sucking his face off. I didn’t think Shoshanna had it in her.

Back at home, Ray has to deal with Marnie and her breakdown that Charlie is actually doing better without her. Being the self-centered bitch that she is, she thought it would take him at least 6 years to get it together after she left him, but mind you, she’s a hostess at a club, and he’s designing apps. Who really needs to get their shit together?! Ray asks her a simple question, what do you want to do. After stumbling a few times we learn that singing is Marnie’s passion. And you know what? She’s not half bad.

Hannah’s parents drag her to a therapist; she is very much against it. We soon learn that even though she is very self-aware, there are some things Hannah Horvath just can’t conquer; OCD being one of them. Struggling for much of High Schoo,l she was able to control it with medicine but was able to gain some semblance over it in her adult life. The stress of writing her e-book and her break up with Adam (not to mention the rocky state of her friendship with Marnie and Jessa) have pushed her back over the edge. For the first time ever, Hannah made sense to me.

Next week we learn what is in store for Hannah’s e-book! What do you think about the season so far? Do you think Hannah will get published? Let us know by tweeting @PopWrapped (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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