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Glee Season Premiere: Back To Basics With Some New Beginnings

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/20/2015 8:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee Season Premiere: Back To Basics With Some New Beginnings | Glee
Media Courtesy of FOX
Hey Gleeks!  It's been too long. Here we are, the final season of Glee. It's a shortened season, so we'll only get episodes into March, but Ryan Murphy and the gang are pushing as much in as they can, starting tonight with TWO new episodes, "Loser Like Me" and "Homecoming." Here's what went down in "Loser Like Me": Rachel and Blaine Her sitcom, "That's So Rachel" has bombed and is canceled. She returns home to Lima to find that her dads are getting divorced and their house is on the market to be sold. In an effort to make herself feel better, she and Blaine, who is also in Lima, meet for coffee at the Lima Bean. Blaine tells her that he and Kurt broke up and he was cut from NYADA. He is now the coach of the Warblers. They promise that they are going to turn things around. Blaine later brings Rachel to see what the Warblers are doing. They perform and Rachel is highly impressed. Sue and Rachel Sue has made changes to McKinley by using the "Sue Sylvester 3-Point Plan." Basically, she feeds everyone kale, has a body shaming pen for fat kids, and scares students with vicious hounds. She is also extremely proud of getting rid of the Glee Club. Rachel eventually goes to see Sue after seeing what has been going on at the school. She accuses Sue of depriving the students of the arts but, as expected, Sue doesn't care. She said there will never be a Glee Club at McKinley as long as she is in charge. Rachel goes behind Sue's back and talks to the superintendent about bringing back the Glee Club. She even offers to pay with her "That's So Rachel" money. He says "yes," as long as she runs it. Sue finds out that Rachel is starting the Glee Club and she threatens that her battle with Will Shuster will look like "two baby pandas" compared to what she is going to do to her. Rachel moves into Will's old office and he stops by to visit. He reminds her that she should start recruiting because he will be meeting both him and Blaine at sectionals. Coach Beiste and Sam Apparently Sam is also back in Lima. He is the assistant coach of the football team. Will We finally meet little Danny, and find that Will is, indeed, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Thus far, he seems to be using the same formula for Vocal Adrenaline. Rachel also shows up during their rehearsal and he gives her a nice boost to her confidence. He later gathers Blaine, Sam, Rachel's dad and Rachel to watch the episode of "That's So Rachel." He encourages her to come back from this failure and rise again. Kurt He is still in New York and doing a work/study program. He is also speed dating. He has a flashback of what happened between him and Blaine and why they broke up. (It's a little heartbreaking for Klaine fans) He meets a guy, Ricardo, but doesn't stay because he is thinking about the breakup. This doesn't last for long and we eventually see him sitting in Rachel's bedroom crying. He tells Rachel that Blaine is the love of his life and he has come back to Lima to try to fix it. He asks her if she can arrange for them to meet. They meet at Scandals, the local gay bar. Kurt tells Blaine straight up that he is there to get him back. However, Blaine says that he is seeing someone...Karofsky. Kurt is devastated after seeing them together.


"Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette - Sung By Rachel - Really impressed and I am not always a fan of Rachel's songs. "Suddenly Seymour" by the cast of Little Shop of Horrors - Sung By Blaine and Rachel - It's ok...a lot of emotion, of course, just not my favorite. "Sing" by Ed Sheeran - Sung By The Warblers - Gotta love the Warblers and, once again, they do not disappoint. "Dance the Night Away" by Van Halen - Sung By Vocal Adrenaline - Not the right song for VA. "Let it Go" from Frozen - Sung By Rachel - What you would expect from Lea Michele singing this song.   ...and here is what happened on the second episode, "Homecoming:" Blaine Blaine is settled in as the Warblers' coach and happy at Dalton. Except he has a problem...a girl, Jane, wants to join the Warblers. Blaine presents the issue of letting her try out to the Warblers council and they aren't very accommodating. They allow her to try out. Blaine tells Jane that she can try out, but first he wants her to meet Rachel as Rachel has offered to help prepare her for her audition. She uses the song "Tightrope" and blows them away. However, they vote against allowing her to join. Blaine tells her that he is going to threaten to resign so she can join. Rachel and Kurt Rachel walks around McKinley trying to recruit people for the Glee Club and doesn't have a lot of luck. She does, however, get slushied by Becky. She tells this story as she is sitting around the table at Will's with Blaine, Sam and Kurt. Will is giving them a talk about how they are going to compete against each other. The next day, Rachel and Kurt are having an argument about how they are going to run the Glee Club. Rachel then hears someone singing but cannot find the singer. Later, they make up and Rachel tells Kurt about the mystery singer and that they need to do something huge to bring them is the alumni: Mercedes, Santana, Brittney, Tina, Quinn and Puck! They ask their friend if they will help recruit and mentor any new members. Kurt tries his luck on the football team and tries to recruit a gay football player, Spencer. He isn't interested and says the Glee Club sucks. Puck, Quinn, Sam and Mercedes try to recruit from the club called the Tea Party Patriots. (Might be my favorite scene from both episodes!) The Unholy Trinity attempts to recruit, too by performing a little Ariana Grande on the football field in their Cheerios uniforms...they don't have a ton of luck, either. During a meeting of the alumni minds, they once again hear the mystery voice and set off to find out who it's a dorky kid named Roderick, a transfer to the school. He auditions and is amazing. Later, they have a meeting of the Glee Club and Rachel drops a bomb...she recruited Jane. Blaine rushes in and is pissed off and, after some arguing, says "This friendly competition thing? It's over," before walking off. The entire Glee Club meets and there are two more members, Mason and Madison McCarthy, sibling Cheerios, who were recruited by Santana. In celebration and in typical Glee fashion, they sing about it. Sue Sue certainly has a problem on her hands and begins planning on how she can dismantle the Glee Club once and for all. She is going to use Spencer. She meets with him and tries to convince him to join Glee Club by trying to bribe him, but it doesn't work. Later, she makes an announcement about homecoming and Becky is there to help by sharing a number of insane rules for the evening.  


"Take On Me" by Ah-Ha - Sung By Alumni - The song kind of sucked, but it was awesome how they presented it to look like the real video for the Ah-Ha version of the song. "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae - Sung By Jane - Wonderful...I love Janelle Monae and though the dancing was a little much, the song was great. "Problem" by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea - Sung By The Unholy Trinity - I kind of hate this song in general, but they make it a little bit better. "Mustang Sally" by Wilson Pickett - Sung By Roderick - This kid can definitely sing! "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Sung By Everyone - If anyone would have told me I would ever hear this song on Glee, I would have told them they were a liar...I have been proven wrong.

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