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Glee: 06x03 You Oughta Know, You've Got A Friend

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/20/2015 3:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee: 06x03 You Oughta Know, You've Got A Friend | Glee
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With two episodes down, we are inching closer to the end…tonight’s episode, “Jagged Little Tapestry,” will make dreams come true for many fans and bring a bit of heartbreak for others. What happened tonight? Read on to find out, my little Gleeks: Blaine and Kurt Blaine and Kurt run into each other buying sheet music…of course, Karofsky is with Blaine and the episode starts off with a bit of awkwardness. Rachel and Kurt Rachel and Kurt are back at it, trying to decide what the Glee Club will sing…Alanis Morissette or Carole King? Rachel really wants “Jagged Little Pill,” Kurt wants “Tapestry.” Why not a mash up? Ok! Done! During the first Glee Club rehearsal, we see that the alumni are still in town and Kurt and Rachel announce the assignment for the week. It is quite apparent that Rachel and Kurt are still having some issues with who is in charge. Sam and Coach Beiste Beiste and Sam start talking in the locker room. Sam is really enjoying his role as assistant coach. Sam questions Beiste about why she has been missing practices and she blames it on her knee problems. Meanwhile, Spencer really wants to try out for quarterback…Beiste gets really pissed off and storms out, as she says he is her best receiver. Brittana Santana and Brittany are discussing what they will do for the mash up. (They are sickeningly cute and so in love and I kind of hate them but totally love them). They also get into plans about the future and going to New York. For the mash up, they go first. (PS…Brittany’s shirt is awesome and I kind of want one) After they stop singing, Santana tells Brittany that she wants to mash up with her forever, and she proposes. (*cry*) Of course, Brittany says “yes.” Kurt, however, tells them they are too young. Tina, however, says they are perfect. After the engagement, Rachel is giving Kurt a hard time about being against the upcoming nuptials and Santana interrupts them. She tells him that he might have a point, but then the old Santana comes out and again…I love it. Later, Brit is hanging out with Kurt while making a gigantic heart filled with Mounds candy bars…’cause of course, they are the lesbians of candies…for Santana. He apologizes for his outbreak, and tells her he thinks he and Blaine are on a hiatus. Brit has some bad news though…Blaine and Karofsky are moving in together. Sue Sue meets with Becky and she is helping her plan out her lies to show her boyfriend. He finally gets to McKinley, he is really cute and Sue starts questioning him about his intentions. There may be an issue, however…Sue is not happy with this arrangement. Later, Spencer comes to Sue’s office and tells her that Beiste has been missing practices and Sam is running them. He says he is worried about her behavior. She is taking drugs and constricting her breasts. Meanwhile, we get back to Becky’s boyfriend, Darryl. She has asked Roz to step in to confront him, along with Tina and Quinn. They start questioning his intentions. He actually seems like his intentions are good, and he likes Becky a lot. Back to Beiste, Sue visits her in the locker room to discuss whatever is going on with her. Coach Beiste tells her she has cancer. Sue tells her that she will do everything she can to help her. They later meet up with Sam. Beiste tells them she doesn’t have cancer. Instead, she tells them that she is going to begin transitioning into a man. Sue and Sam tell her that they support her. Jane and Mason…with a bit of Rachel and Kurt These two are paired for the mash up…they are either really good actors, or they are a possible new couple. Meanwhile, Kurt once again starts thinking about Blaine. Once they are done, Kurt has a lot of criticism, and Rachel confronts him. She tells him to go home. Kurt later returns and tells Rachel that she was right and he was out of line. However, she tells him that they need to be tough on the glee kids because they have some stiff competition. Quinn and Tina…with Becky Tina catches Quinn in the hallway and they run into Becky. Becky explains that she met a guy and they are dating. She is madly in love with him and he is coming to school tomorrow, but she lied to him and told him she was the President of every club in school, including Glee Club. She asks if she can sing with them the next day. Later, Becky is learning some moves from Tina and Quinn. She cuts it short and the boy comes to pick her up for dinner. She learned enough, however, as later she is ready to perform. Except, she runs out of room and the alum girls of Glee Club give her a pep talk…well, I don’t know if Santana really pepped her up, but the other girls do. Becky ends up telling Darryl that she lied to him. He tells her he knew, but he still really likes her.  


“You’re So Vain” by Carole King – sung by Rachel and Kurt – It’s cute, they are both pining for each other it seems. Could Klaine rise again? ” Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move” by Alanis Morissette/Carole King – sung by Brittany and Santana – Love…just love. Two amazing songs sung by two amazing characters. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet” by Carole King/Alanis Morissette – sung by Jane and Mason – First time we have really heard these two.  I like this one. Quite solid. “So Far Away” – by Carole King – sung by Quinn and Tina – This is a beautiful song and they really do a great job with it. “You Learn/You’ve Got a Friend” – by Alanis Morissette – sung by Alumni and New Directions – This performance really reminds me of the Glee days of old…and it’s awesome.

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