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Glee: 06×06 What The World Needs Now

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/22/2015 3:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee: 06×06 What The World Needs Now | Glee
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Hello, Gleeks!  I had a ton of fun live tweeting tonight's episode of Glee, "What the World Needs Now," so thanks to everyone who joined me! Last night's (Feb. 6) episode comes fresh off the New Directions' win at Sue's invitationals, and now there are some exciting things on the horizon for our favorite glee club. What happened? Read on to find out: Rachel and Sam Rachel and Sam are still pretty awkward with each other, and it is again, evident here. They may have a date planned at Breadstix, but it's not totally clear... They both blew off the date and Sam admits that he has a little feeling for her, but he has more feelings for Mercedes. However, they say, "I love you" as they leave. We later see Sam pining over Mercedes, again, however. Though they talk about how Mercedes is seeing someone named "Tank." Sam still seems unsure if he is willing to let her go. Mercedes, however, gives her blessing for Rachel and Sam to get together. Brittany and Santana Brittana are planning their wedding, but before they do, they have to talk to their family. Brittany talks to her parents first, but they drop a bombshell...her father is not the father she grew up with, her father is really Stephen Hawking, and this is why she is a math genius. She then tells them that she is going to marry Santana, and they are thrilled. Brittany recruits Artie to be their wedding planner. She has a lot of ideas, such as scissors and the underworld, but Artie thinks "heaven" may be the best theme. Rachel and Santana are later going over their wedding invites, and Brittany has put Santana's abuela on the list. However, their past is quite rocky as her abuela does not accept Santana as a lesbian. Brittany tries to smooth things over by posing as Abuela's diverticulitis nurse. Abuela really likes Brittany and notices she is married. They spend a lot of time bonding and talking about Brit's upcoming wedding, not realizing she is engaged to Santana. They even go on a Spanish version of "Fondue for Two" (Which consequently gets picked up by Univision). Santana sees the episode, however, and is not pleased that Brittany went to talk to her abuela. Brittany really thinks Abuela will accept them, Santana is not sure. But, she ends up singing for her abuela, a performance that Brittany sets up. Unfortunately, abuela tells Santana that she loves her, but she does not love her sin. Brittany talks back to her, Santana stands up for Brittany and chooses her love for Brittany over her love for her abuela. Brittany eventually feels bad about what she said to Abuela, but Santana tells her it's OK because she has a lot of love in her life already. The alumni of the glee club, along with Mr. Shue sing for them, and they hold an engagement party for the couple. Mercedes and Rachel Mercedes is here! She questions Rachel about Sam, but she really doesn't care that they may date. Sam is only her friend and Rachel needs to get back out there. Mercedes also tells her that she thinks Rachel needs to get back to New York. In fact, she got an audition for her for a Broadway show. Rachel, however, says, "no." She's not ready. Mercedes later goes to the guys in the Glee club to make Rachel homesick for New York, and they come up with an amazing performance. Rachel is still not ready to go back, however. Rachel eventually decides that she is going to go try out for the show, but she is terrified, more terrified than ever before. She goes, however, and does very well on her audition. When she returns, she and Sam decide to try a date again.  


"I'll Never Fall In Love Again" by the cast of Promises Promises - Sung by Rachel and Sam - It was cute, reminded me of old school Glee. "Baby It's You" by the Shirelles - Sung by Mercedes with Brittany, Rachel, and Santana - Totally adorable. "Wishin' And Hoping" by Dionne Warwick - Sung by Brittany, Artie, Sam and Blaine - This was a little hokey for me. I just wasn't into the performance, though I got the message. "Arthur's Theme" - by Christopher Cross - Sung by all the Glee guys - This was definitely a great song and perfect for Rachel to hear. "Promises, Promises" - by the cast of Promises Promises - Sung by Rachel - This was a very appropriate song for the scene, solid all around. "They Long to Be Close to You" - by Richard Chamberlain - Sung by Sam - He sung this to Mercedes, which was a bit awkward, but I think it was supposed to be. "Alfie" - by Cilla Black - Sung by Santana - This scene was heartbreaking, but it also shows that love wins...every time. "What the World Needs Now" - by Jackie DeShannon - Sung by everyone - This was a very fitting end to this episode.

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