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Glee: 06x12 And 06x13 The End

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/22/2015 2:58 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee: 06x12 And 06x13 The End | Glee
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Well, Gleeks. This is it. Tonight is the night, the final episode of Glee ever. Actually, there were two episodes tonight, "2009" and "Dreams Come True." As we say goodbye to Glee after six years, I know looking back has been on my mind as well as on the minds of the PopWrapped staff. I want to thank you for reading the Gleecap every week, and I will miss watching along with you all each week. Keep the lessons that Glee taught us all close to your heart and mind, treat everyone with love and respect and most of all, don't stop believing. -Christa "2009" This episode takes a look at how the Glee kids got involved in Glee, and some of the scenes are the same as were seen in the pilot, but more information is given: Sophomore Kurt immediately gets pushed by Karovsky and Puck knocks his books out of his hands. He meets Emma, who notices he was looking at a pamphlet on suicide. She asks Burt to a meeting to find out if Kurt has been acting strangely at home, and she shows him the brochure. At home, Burt talks to him about it and tells Kurt he needs to make an effort and join a club. The next day at school, he sits next to Rachel at lunch. They introduce themselves to each other and Rachel tells him that the glee club is starting up again. The next day they meet after school to practice for try-outs and a frenemy-ship is born. Later, he sees Mercedes in the hallway and introduces himself. He tells her that he wants to be like her, and he tells her about the glee club. He asks her for some pointers, and he tries out. Burt is pleased. Mercedes decides to sign up for Glee club. Rachel comes to her in the hallway and tries to be friendly, but in typical Mercedes fashion, she isn't really buying it. Rachel, however, goes to church to hear Mercedes sing and she...well, she's scared that Mercedes will get the female lead over her in glee club. Rachel, however, offends her, and Mercedes vows to stick it to her. We then see Tina and Artie. This is goth, stuttering Tina from 2009, and she is crushing on Artie. Artie is in love with her, and as they sit in the cafeteria at lunch, they dare their friends to go and dump food on Kurt and Rachel, who are sitting a few tables away. They do and in return, their friends dare Artie and Tina to join the glee club. Tina and Artie try out and make it, of course, and the first meeting of the glee club commences, along with a fight between Rachel and Mercedes on who will take the lead. Later, Will, who is still married to Terri at this point, tells her that he is stressed out, and Terri tells him that she has a bad feeling about this club. After Rachel is slushied, Will decides that they are going to practice in the auditorium and after Will gives Rachel the solo for the first song, Mercedes goes to church in tears. She meets a woman at the church who tells her that Rachel can make Mercedes better and that stars have a way of finding each other. We finally see Sue, who has just received a check from Principal Figgins. She makes it clear that the Cheerios are the star performers at the school, and it will remain that way. Apparently, Will and Sue play basketball together each week and at their weekly game, Sue asks him what his intentions are with the glee club. She tells him that he is fostering unrealistic dreams with the kids in glee. He tells her that he got Finn Hudson, the captain of the football team to sign up, so he sees good things for the group. She, however, gives him an ultimatum...drop the glee club, or they can no longer be friends. He, of course, says "no deal." We next see Rachel working on her MySpace page, but she has been getting a lot of online bullying. On top of this, there are rumors that Will is going to quit because Terri is pregnant. Rachel goes to meet Terri at Sheets -N-Things and Terri tells her that she doesn't see the glee club as realistic, and she wants Will to be successful. We then see Kurt and Mercedes at the Lima Bean talking about Finn and how they don't really trust him or understand why he is in the glee club. Mercedes also said Finn is pretty bossy, too, as he asked her to make the costumes. Mercedes calls a meeting, and they want Finn to quit. Artie, however, sees Finn as a pretty good guy. After talking, they decide Finn can stay. Meanwhile, Emma tries to convince Will to stay on as director of the glee club, but he doesn't fully decide to stay until he watches the group, including Finn, sing "Don't Stop Believing." *chills and choked up* Songs: "Popular" - By the Cast of Wicked - Sung by Kurt and Rachel "I'm His Child" - By Zella Jackson Price - Sung by Mercedes "I Kissed a Girl" - By Katy Perry - Sung by Tina "Pony" - by Ginuwine - Sung by Artie "Don't Stop Believing" - by Journey - Sung by the New Directions "Dreams Come True" The episode starts after the Nationals performances are over, but just before the prizes are given out. The New Directions win, and when they return to McKinley, the superintendent tells Will that they are turning McKinley into a school for the performing arts. He is also making Will the principal. Three months later, the day comes where he will start as the principal and though he is nervous, Emma tells him that everything is going to be OK. Will arrives at the school's glee club to applause and says his plan is to not only have the New Directions, but other singing clubs too. In fact, he has interviewed someone to lead them. Since he is no longer going to be leading the club, he gives them one last farewell performance. (Oh, no. I am already tearing up) Sam is taking inventory in the locker room, as they are selling all of the football equipment. Blaine comes to him and says now that he is unemployed, he is welcome to come back to New York and live with them. Sam, however, says New York isn't for him, and he is very happy in Lima. Sam tells him that he has a new job, in fact, and he will be leading the New Directions. Mercedes calls all of the alums to the auditorium and tells them that she has been chosen as the opening act for Beyonce's world tour. She tells them that it won't be the same, and they will stay in touch, but for now, it is time to move on. She sings, blows them a kiss and walks out. In Will's office, Blaine and Kurt find Sue sneaking around Will's office. They sit her down and thank her for bringing them back together. She says some nice things to them (for Sue, anyway), and she tells them that Kurt helped her discover things about herself that she never realized before. Sue leaves and she and Becky reunite and make up. Sue then goes to see Will. They sing, and Sue walks out, but first kicks Brad's (piano player Brad) chair out from underneath him. We then fast forward five years into the future. Sue is meeting with Geraldo Rivera again as the Vice President of the United States serving under President Jeb Bush. (That was difficult to type) She says she will run for President after his term. Kurt later shows Blaine his locker, which he has turned into a time capsule of his time at McKinley. We see them five years into the future, too. They are doing a little presentation in front of the class about acceptance and equality in school. They sing, too. Rachel is then seen at the piano singing a Glee original, "This Time." We also see the group in five years. Tina and Artie are together, and Rachel is serving as Blaine and Kurt's surrogate. Rachel is married to Jesse St. James and they attend the Tony's. Rachel is nominated for an award. We see Will and Emma, along with the Glee kids (They also have several kids) watching the awards and Rachel wins the Tony. She thanks her husband, Carmen Thibideaux, her dads and especially Mr. Shue. (Total tears now) Flash forward to Fall 2020. Sue Sylvester takes the stage at McKinley as the Vice President. She is speaking to Will, Burt, Carole, ex-Principal Figgins, Emma, Coach Beiste, Sam and Terri Shuster that she thought the glee club was just a place for losers to sing their blues away. She says she was right, but she did realize that it takes a lot of bravery for people to join the glee club. She dedicates the auditorium to Finn Hudson. She congratulates Will and introduces the New Directions...or the alumni New Directions because it is made up of Artie, Tina, Quinn, Sam, Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Blaine and the last New Directions group we Sugar, Brittany, Santana, Mike, Lauren Zizes, Jesse, Karofsky and everyone else who was ever a part of the group. The Finn Hudson Auditorium was dedicated with the quote, "See the world not as it is, but as it should be" and the screen fades to black.

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