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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Glee: 6X11, We Built This Glee Club

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/23/2015 4:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee: 6X11, We Built This Glee Club | Glee
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
Hey Gleeks! Wow. One week left. It's kind of surreal, right? Six years of this show, these people and these songs, and it's over in a week. Before we end our time together with the Gleecap, we still have a couple of episodes to talk about, starting with this one. Tonight's episode, "We Built This Glee Club" is the final sectionals episode. The New Directions once again take on Vocal Adrenaline. Remember, the good guys have the help of the Warblers, but will it be enough? New Directions/Warblers The New Directions/Warblers are hard at work practicing for sectionals. There is still some conflict between the two groups. So much conflict, in fact, that they want Roderick and Spencer to go in the back during their numbers because they look terrible dancing. During the next practice, the full glee club gets some mysterious boxes during practice. They have been glitter bombed by Sue. As Will goes to find Sue, Sam appears and seriously throws up all over him. Will walks into the cafeteria and other people are vomiting all over, too! Sue, meanwhile, is giggling behind a ficus in the corner. Will confronts her and she tells him that she put eye drops in the water system so everyone would get sick. He also finds out that his car is on fire. Roderick and Spencer Roderick and Spencer aren't the best dancers, and they are looking for help from Kitty. They know she is tough and she knows the moves. Kitty and Mr. Shue give them some lessons and Spencer ends up spraining his ankle. He goes to see Coach Beiste and she tells him not to dance on the ankle. He says he's dancing anyway. Rachel Sam comes to Rachel and again gets on her about not going back to college. She sings about it and who shows up? Jesse St. James! He joins her in the song and tells her that he is just in town for a couple of days, but he heard she was offered a job in the musical, and he is playing opposite her... if she takes the job, of course. He tells her to skip college and go to the show. Later, Kurt comes to Rachel and tells her to do what makes her happy. He says to appreciate this time in her life and she is going to be great at whatever she decides to do. After sectionals, she meets with Jesse again. She tells him that she turned down the part and has decided to go back to NYADA. She asks him not to be mad, but he said he isn't. He is actually proud of her... and they kiss. Sue After all of the stuff she did to Will, Sue goes to get her hair done. Will, however, is the hair dresser in disguise. He ties her to the chair and shaves her head. When she later meets Coach Beiste, he reminds her that he and Will stood up for her when no one else would. Sue doesn't care. Sectionals It's time for sectionals and a group known as the Falconers goes first. They literally have falcons. During the performance, Sue returns with new hair made by her Malaysian hair slave, and threatens Will. Vocal Adrenaline goes on next. It is classic Vocal Adrenaline, and they are amazing, of course, complete with human cannons. After the performance, the New Directions and Warblers come together for their pep-talk. Rachel starts talking and tells them that she came into this for selfish reasons, but all that matters to her now is the club. She tells them to enjoy the lights, the cheers and applause, but if this is the last time they perform together, she is very proud to be a part of it. Meanwhile, Spencer is ready to get a shot to make his ankle okay to perform on and Roderick runs in before the doc puts it in. He says he has an idea... The New Directions go on and Roderick takes the lead on Hozier's "Take Me to Church"... and he is pretty amazing, too. (Kitty does his backup and I think this is the first time I have been a fan of her.) The next song they perform is "Chandelier." This is an amazing song, and what makes it is Myron. (Seriously...YouTube this if you didn't see it). We also find out what Roderick's idea is for Spencer... he literally swings from a chandelier. For the third song, Mason and Madison take the top spot and do very well. The winner of sectionals is....New Directions! Sue is visibly crushed and walks out. However, she confronts Will in the hallway after sectionals. She reveals to Will that she handed the New Directions the win. Will questions this, of course, and Sue says that, though she has been trying to destroy the glee club, when Will stood up for her, she decided to sabotage Vocal Adrenaline from the inside out.  She gets angry, however, because Will doesn't say "thank you" and vows that she will return to destroy him. We'll be back next week for the final Glee ever. Please bring your own tissues. We are going to need all of ours.


"Listen to Your Heart" - By Roxette - Sung by Rachel and Jesse - Love these two, love this song, it's an outstanding combination. "We Built This City" - By Starship - Sung by Vocal Adrenaline -Damn.... "Mickey" - By Toni Basil - Sung by Vocal Adrenaline - Damn, again.... "Take Me to Church" - By Hozier - Sung by New Directions - Whoa! "Chandelier" - By Sia - Sung by New Directions - Oh, you need to YouTube words except fabulous. "Come Sail Away" - By Sytx - Sung by New Directions - A little weak, but I get why they chose it.

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