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Television PopWrapped | Television

BREAKING: Glee 06x02 Spoilers CONFIRMED! "Homecoming" Details Galore!

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

09/16/2014 3:17 pm
PopWrapped | Television
BREAKING: Glee 06x02 Spoilers CONFIRMED!
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Who's ready for some Glee spoilers?! (Hopefully from that sentence you realize that, ahem, there are spoilers ahead). We already brought you the song list, but now we have some plot details from episode 6X2, "Homecoming." The episode, which was written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Brad Buecker, features past grads returning to Lima for the Homecoming game and dance. These grads include: Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Santana and Brittany. And before you even ask: BRITTANA LIVES! Yes, Gleeks; our favorite sweet-lady kissing ladies are still a couple. Puck and Quinn are still together, as well. Though we won't be seeing major movement in either of their story line in this episode. This episode will also mark the first appearance from a "newbie;" Becca Tobin will be back to reprise her role as snarky Kitty Wilde. Could there be some sort of tension between her and former flame Artie? Only time will tell! Spencer and Roderick, who will make their first appearances in episode 6X01, will also appear in this episode. This is also when we will meet the rest of the fresh McKinley students: quirky Jane and twin Cheerios, Madison and Mason. The grads are returning to McKinley at the request of Rachel. She needs the help of the veterans to recruit fresh members for New Directions. Brittany, Santana, Quinn and Artie are tasked with recruiting the cheerleaders; who are led by a vindictive and bitter Kitty. Kitty is still not over how she was treated by the original grads, especially Artie, when they left for college. Sue forced the rest of the glee club members to transfer out of McKinley after finally disbanding the club once and for all. Puck, Quinn, Sam, Tina and Mercedes are given the daunting task of attempting to recruit members from the Christian Tea Party, while Kurt has a one-on-one recruitment session with Spencer. Ooo, intrigue! Or maybe it's just because Kurt feels a bond with Spencer and tries to make it clear that glee paved the way for Spencer to be out and proud without much consequence. Though, Spencer insists that he paved his own way and they part on less-than-friendly terms. Sue, who never misses an opportunity to manipulate someone, uses this unrest between Spencer and Kurt to try and enlist Spencer in her never ending quest to destroy the glee club. Haven't we seen this episode before? Kurt and Rachel have always had that "frenemy" thing going on, and nothing seems to have changed. A power struggle emerges between the two of them over whether they will be co-directors or Kurt will be Rachel's assistant. Rachel, Kurt, Blaine and Sam have dinner with Will (who may or may not be the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline). Despite the fact that they're all rivals now (Blaine directs The Warblers), they vow not to undermine each other. Kurt is visibly uncomfortable, but is able to maintain his calm around Blaine. Jane, the quirky newbie mentioned above, actually was striving to become a Warbler. Which we all know is unprecedented, as the Warblers are exclusively male. Blaine is unsurprisingly supportive, and tries to help Jane out with the resistant club. The club doesn't budge and Jane decides to head to McKinley where she will be accepted into New Directions, female genitalia and all. After Jane goes to McKinley, Blaine accuses Kurt and Rachel of intervening. Roderick is transfer student and a senior. He's a smart and nerdy kid, an outcast just like the rest as he's overweight and nerdy. But when he sings, nerd won't be the word you think of. His voice has the hearty sound of Jack Black or Joe Cocker and he takes it to the auditions alongside the Cheerio twins, Mason and Madison. That's all I've got for you so far, PopWrappers! What do you think? Is this season going to be the hot mess we all expect it to be, or are you slowly becoming intrigued with the endless possibilities? Comment below and let us know!

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