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Glee Is Back! Find Out What Happened In "Frenemies"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2014 1:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee Is Back! Find Out What Happened In
Media Courtesy of Adam Rose

Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer

@christamarie123 Hey Gleeks! Did you miss Glee as much as I did?  Finally, the long wait is over, and the show is back. Tonight, the latest episode, "Frenemies" aired, and it was not only filled with great songs, it was also quite heavy on the friend drama... Tonight's episode starts with Santana and Rachel talking about their friendship while working at the diner. Santana admits that she now regrets how she treated Rachel when they were at McKinley and Rachel brushes it aside. Why? Because she is extremely excited about her upcoming opportunity...she has been chosen to be on the cover of New Yorker Magazine thanks to her role as "Fanny Brice" and even asks Santana to come to the shoot with her as a backup model, which Santana obviously accepts. McKinley -  Artie and Tina are being quite friendly, talking about how much they will miss each other after graduation. After some awkward singing, Tina and Artie are called down to Principal Sue's office, and they learn that they are statistically even when it comes to being McKinley's valedictorian in every way. She suggests they do a speech-off in front of a "group of idiots" of her choosing, and they will ultimately make the choice. NY - At the photo shoot. Rachel in nervous and Santana is trying to calm her down. McKinley - Tina is begging Artie to step aside and let her be the valedictorian. He refuses, making Tina angry. Artie fires back by telling Tina the entire school thinks she is desperate, and she accuses him of the same. NY/McKinley -  Kurt and Blaine are on the phone. Kurt is complaining about Elliott, and how he thinks Elliott is trying to take control of the band...cue the band. Rachel says she has to skip practice so she can go to auditions for her understudy. McKinley Choir Room -  Mr. Shue is announcing that they need to choose two soloists for Nationals and Blaine will get one. Of course, both Tina and Artie want the solo, so they have a good, old-fashioned sing off, but things get out of hand when Tina ends up pushing Artie from his wheelchair and he lands on the floor. NY - Kurt and Elliott are talking, and Kurt is obviously trying to find out what Elliott's intentions are with the band...boring. NY Understudy Auditions - A horrible singer is shown trying out and Rachel, in all her diva-ness, claims"no one in this town can sing" which is the perfect cue for Santana to come out singing Rachel's signature song, "Don't Rain on My Parade". You can probably guess where this is heading.  Santana is amazing, Rachel is stunned/angry and Rupert loves it. NY Random Guitar Store -  Kurt and Elliott shopping for a guitar and...singing...a song I just can't get these two really singing. NY Apartment - Rachel is going off on Santana over the audition...and it's nasty. Poor Kurt tries to intervene, but it is to no avail. After some rough words and a lot of insults, Rachel slaps Santana across the face...I gasp...Santana's cell rings.  She got the understudy part. McKinley (can't wait for this back and forth to be over!) - Tina and Artie are giving their speeches to the "Group of Idiots" consisting of ex-principal Figgens, Mr. Shue and Coach Beiste. Both Tina and Artie claim the other should be valedictorian by greatly exaggerating their friendship. NY Dressing Room-  Santana is putting on her Rachel's dressing room. Rachel catches her, they start fighting again and Rupert steps in. He tells them he doesn't care what happened, they are to be joined at the hip until the show closes. It is no surprise to me that they sing "Every Breath You Take" quite a stalker-ish manner. NY Apartment - Kurt and Elliott are back at the apartment. Elliott finally calls Kurt out about how he is acting, and they agree they are all talented and should go out there and kick ass as one band. They are so happy that they take a selfie together (because what else would you do in this situation) and Elliott leans over to kiss Kurt on the cheek. McKinley, Sue's Office - Sue tells Tina and Artie their speech-off was once again a tie, so she is letting the number 3 student, Blaine, be valedictorian. The scene cuts to the hallway where Blaine is apologizing to Tina and Artie for being chosen valedictorian. Becky walks in and shows Blaine the picture of Kurt and Elliott since it is already on Instagram. McKinley Choir Room - Blaine announces that instead of a valedictorian speech, he wants to do a song, and he asks Tina and Artie to sing it with him. NY Apartment - The cat fight continues with Rachel and Santana fighting over who is going to move out. They ask Kurt to choose, he doesn't. Rachel decides she is going to go. McKinley/NY -  Blaine, Tina and Artie are singing "Breakaway" at McKinley, and we see Rachel packing her things. She is crying, walks over and hugs Kurt...walks past Santana, dramatically ripping up a picture of the two of them in the process and ultimately leaving the apartment. We then see her at Elliott's door before the show ends. So what did you think Gleeks? Was it worth the wait? What was your favorite scene? Favorite song? Let us know in the comments below!

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