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Television PopWrapped | Television

Hollywood Legends Collide In Chris Colfer's Glee Episode, "Old Dog, New Tricks"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/07/2014 12:02 am
PopWrapped | Television
Hollywood Legends Collide In Chris Colfer's Glee Episode,
Media Courtesy of Unreality TV

Christa Tinelnot

Staff Writer


Hi Gleeks!! We are down to the second-to-last episode of season 5 and with only one episode left it is anyone's guess what might happen, especially since season 6 is supposed to be a bit different. Speaking of different, this episode, "Old Dog, New Tricks" was actually written BY Chris Colfer! I am so excited... let's go! We start with the gang eating dinner and Rachel finds a gossip piece on her phone that COULD be about her... and it brands this mystery person as a "problem child." Santana volunteers to be her publicist and Rachel needs a little help after we see her go off on a lady with a dog in a carrier. Meanwhile at the diner, Kurt greets an elderly woman who is asking to put a sign up for a performance of Peter Pan. The woman, Maggie Banks, a Broadway legend, notices Kurt is feeling down and they start talking. She invites Kurt to come to one of their rehearsals before she leaves. Rachel is trying to improve her image by planning a benefit concerning stray animals. Sam, Artie and Mercedes are with her and they talk about adopting a dog. While there, the dogs all start barking and to calm them down, the group starts singing "I Melt With You" by Modern English. Back at the apartment Santana, as Rachel's newly appointed publicist, sets up a scene where Rachel is going to take some dogs for a walk and the paparazzi will be there for good measure. Kurt comes in and wants to join, but they kind of gets pushed away. He goes to the nursing home to watch rehearsal for Peter Pan. Unfortunately, the woman playing Peter Pan has passed away... during rehearsal. Whatever will they do?! Fortunately, there is a plan... Kurt will step in to play Peter Pan. Before he does though, they want him to audition and he sings "Memory" from the musical Cats. At the Mercedes/Artie/Sam house, it looks like they have adopted a dog and Mercedes isn't all that happy about it. In other news, we find out that Sam isn't very responsible, i.e. not paying bills or caring for household chores. Right about that time McConaughey, the dog, decides to bring down a bit of Mercedes' weave. As if that wasn't enough she then finds out he chewed her shoe... not good. Speaking of dogs, we see that Rachel is walking some down the street. The paparazzi notices, of course, since Santana set it up. She announces that she is starting a new charity called "Broadway Bitches" that will benefit shelter dogs. She has so many dogs, that they get away from her, drag her down the street and the paparazzi are there to see it all. Santana and Rachel meet later at the loft, and Santana looks at the bright side... at least Rachel had underwear on! Kurt comes in and tells them about his role as Peter Pan and invites them to come... but they are not very impressed. Plus, Rachel's event "Broadway Bitches" is the same night. Kurt is upset, feels like they have cast him aside and he walks out. We then find Sam and Artie trying to train McConaughey... and they seem to think they can do it in an afternoon (my dog is 7 and she still isn't trained like that!). During the training they sing "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon, which was awesome. Next scene is at the nursing home during rehearsal. Kurt is trying to help them improve and he finds out some sad news about his new friend Maggie... her family doesn't really care about her. Back with Sam and McConaughey, Mercedes is again trying to convince Sam that having a dog isn't a good idea. She seems to feel that Sam isn't very responsible. He seems a bit offended, they exchange words and she still doesn't think they should keep him because she is going on tour and he has a lot of work coming up. He is a damn cute dog, though... We then see Kurt walking into an office and meet Maggie's daughter, Clara. He gets her to talk a bit and it seems Maggie was an absent parent and hurt her daughter emotionally. He tells her that his mom died and he doesn't want her to regret missing out on anything. At "Broadway Bitches", things seem to be going well. A lot of dogs are getting adopted and things are going well. Mercedes is still trying to get them to give up McConaughey, but Sam says no. Meanwhile, Santana has set it up so Rachel can get photographed with a three-legged dog, but someone wants to adopt it. Rachel pulls the dog back and the lady figures out who she is... and tells her she is only doing this photo op for herself, not the dogs, and walks away. Next we see another opening night... this time it is Kurt's. Blaine is helping him get ready and Kurt tells him that he feels happy. He walks out and starts talking to Maggie. He suggests that maybe they could be family because her daughter is always busy and his friends are just as busy, too. It's such a sweet moment! Another wonderful moment was that Kurt called Rachel and tells her good luck at the benefit... and it turns out, they are all there to see him. Meanwhile, Maggie's daughter walks in too, (I probably have a goofy smile on my face right now). Kurt and Maggie get to work in the play and sing "Lucky Star" by Madonna. Following the play, Maggie's daughter approaches her and gives her flowers; they have a heart to heart. There is then an announcement that there was a bus outside and they are taking the cast to perform at the benefit show for "Broadway Bitches". Finally at the benefit, Rachel gives a speech about giving back. The group, along with Maggie Banks, sings "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money. Sam gives McConaughey to a nice couple who seemingly adopts him, Rachel seems to have gotten her good reputation back and all is good in the world. What did you guys think of "Old Dog, New Tricks"? Let us know in the comments!

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