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Gleekuary, March To The 100th Episode Presents: Pop 5 Glee Relationships As Voted By YOU!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/06/2014 5:30 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Gleekuary, March To The 100th Episode Presents: Pop 5 Glee Relationships As Voted By YOU!
Media Courtesy of liketheshit

Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer

Hey Gleeks!  In celebration of the upcoming 100th episode of Glee, the staff at PopWrapped, and all of our favorite Gleeks, are celebrating Gleekuary! Believe me, we love Glee just as much as you do and because of that, we have decided that it is high-time we take a closer look at one of the things that makes the show such a winner in our book...we are looking at couples!  From the unusual pairing of Emma and Ken Tanaka back in season one to the Beth making relationship of Puck and Quinn, we are crazy for the Glee couples and follow their ups and downs, heartbreaks and celebrations just like you do! So, without further are the top 5 Glee couples of all time...chosen by YOU! 5 - Tike
Courtesy of DevonAndersons Courtesy of DevonAndersons
It doesn't matter what you call them, from "Chang Squared" or "Asian Fusion" to "Tike" or "Chang Chang," Mike and Tina were one hot couple for the first few seasons of Glee. Any Gleek worth their salt knows that Tina and Mike started dating while away at Asian Camp for the summer where Tina became obsessed with Mike's abs. Over the months, and eventually years, Mike and Tina became one of the more stable couples on the show, even though Tina's emotional meltdowns were a bit of a strain. All good things must come to an end, sadly, and when Mike left to go to college, a long distance relationship just wasn't in the, Tina wasn't Asian enough. Why We Love Tike: They lasted a while and were the one couple we could all look for when we needed stability on this show in the early years! 4 - Faberry
Courtesy of Dani-Kurt Courtesy of Dani-Kurt
OK, technically not a couple, but the pairing of Quinn and Rachel going from former enemies to fake best friends is too important not to mention. Though Quinn and Rachel seem close now, their relationship wasn't always rosy. After all, who can forget the animosity when Rachel tried to take Finn right from under Quinn's nose in season one? In typical Glee fashion, of course, this relationship does develop and grow. By the time senior year comes along, the girls are definitely friendlier than ever before and Rachel even invites Quinn to be in her wedding. Though the wedding didn't happen, this friendship became stronger than ever. Why We Love Faberry: They teach us an important lesson that frenimies can actually become friends sometimes. 3 - Finchel
Courtesy of Love-Glee Courtesy of Love-Glee
As a fan of Glee, it's hard to even talk about the relationship between Finn and Rachel without getting a lump in the throat. These two were the epitome of star-crossed lovers and their ups and downs, their breakups and knowing that they won't be together in the end hurts more than any other relationship on Glee. But, I guess there is really no comparison, is there? We all went through it with them and, if you are anything like me, you loved seeing them grow; both as individuals and as couple. Though they met a heartbreaking end, Finchel will always live on in the hearts of Gleeks, forever. Why We Love Finchel: They brought out the best in each other and accepted the worst. 2 - Klaine
Courtesy of Blaisaac Courtesy of Blaisaac
Now engaged to be married, the pairing of Kurt and Blaine was one of my favorites from the beginning. These two always want what's best for each other and, if you believe in soul mates, this could very much be the one Glee couple that meets that definition. Though they met when Kurt was spying on Blaine and the Warblers at Dalton, things soon became very real for the couple after a quick friendship morphed into something more. Though there was that tiny cheating debacle and Kurt's move from Lima to New York, this couple is still going strong. If there was ever a Glee couple who could last forever, Klaine is it. Why We Love Klaine: The loving looks they give to each other when they sing melts our hearts. 1 - Brittana
Courtesy of Rivvatos Courtesy of Rivvatos
Of course, Brittana is our number one couple!  Did you have any doubt?  No really...who doesn't love these two lovely ladies together? Let's be honest though...this started out as something that was MAYBE one step up from a cheap hookup, but it really did turn into something beautiful in the end.  *Sigh.* The end. Is anyone else still missing Brittana like I am? There was just something really perfect about how they interacted with and loved each other. I am still, like many Gleeks, holding out hope for some type of Brittana reunion. Who's with me?!?!?! Why We Love Brittana: Pinkie linking, sweet lady kisses and that list of songs Brittany made Santana?  Priceless.
Courtesy of Berry-Chele Courtesy of Berry-Chele
There you have it! The Top 5 couples from Glee of all time voted on by YOU! What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Think any other couple should have made it? Let us know and keep Gleeking out with us all Gleekuary long!  Glee returns to FOX on March 4th, 2014!

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