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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

Gleekuary Presents: Kevin "Artie Abrams" McHale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/15/2014 7:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gleekuary Presents: Kevin
Media Courtesy of FOX

Kate McHale

Staff Writer


Kevin McHale was born in Plano, Texas in 1988, but he was always destined to be in Hollywood. If you listen to him sing, and watch him bust an incredible move, or watch him act, you will understand why. There is seriously nothing that he cannot do. The world first got to hear his singing ability when he joining the boy band NLT.  However, more people became aware of Mr. McHale's abilities when he was cast to play Artie Abrams on the hit show Glee. While that may seem like nothing, Kevin McHale's Artie is confined to a wheelchair. Kevin is not in a wheelchair, but he plays the character with such poise and charm. In the first season, not only Glee, but Artie shed light on the lack of knowledge people had about wheelchair-bound people and students. The episode “Wheels” had every single glee club member spend their week in a wheelchair to understand what it was like to be Artie. They whole glee club even did a performance to “Proud Mary” while in wheelchairs. While bringing the house down with their rendition, and carrying awareness for those unable to walk. [embed][/embed] While Artie is in a wheelchair, he does not let that get him down, because he can flat out sing, along with carrying soul into everything he does. Let’s not forget his Valentines Day performance to Sugar of “Let Me Love You,” inevitably winning her over for the time being. However, when the time is needed, Artie’s silky smooth voice is able to tackle any genre or song. Remember “Isn’t She Lovely” anyone? [embed][/embed] But just because Artie is confined to a wheelchair, Kevin is foot loose and fancy free. This duality gave the choreographers a chance to let Kevin show off some of his mad dance skills. There have been a few occasions where Artie is either having a dream, or visions of himself dancing in “Feliz Navidad,” “Safety Dance,” and his duet with Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr) “Scream.” Kevin McHale is arguably one of the best dancers on the cast of Glee and we are so glad when he is allowed to show off his skills. [embed][/embed] But Artie doesn't just dance and sing, he has also dated some of the prettiest girls on the show. From Tina Cohen-Chang, Brittany S. Pierce, and Kitty Wilde, Artie has found himself in some of the cutest relationships on the show. I mean who wouldn’t want Artie? [embed][/embed] While the geeky Artie Abrams and Kevin McHale are two different people, they are both equally loveable. Since the beginning of Glee, fans have been drawn to Artie's sense of humor and sensibility. His perspective and thoughtful stance on situations makes him a valuable person to have in your life. Whether we are talking about Artie or Kevin, they both have such kind and caring souls. So, which performance was your favorite? All of his work is so amazing, we know it's hard to choose!

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