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Television PopWrapped | Television

Gleekuary Presents: Our Pop 5 Booty Shaking Glee Dance Numbers

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/09/2014 1:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gleekuary Presents: Our Pop 5 Booty Shaking Glee Dance Numbers
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
Courtesy of Tumblr

Abbie Sedgeman Staff Writer

I have taken it upon myself to attempt, to the best of my ability, to answer the question many Gleeks will debate, but never reach a solid conclusion: What are the best dance numbers that the Glee cast have ever performed? This was not an easy feat, but I have managed to narrow it down to the top five, plus honorable mentions. 5)

Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind- Season 2; New Direction Males

This is one of the cutest mash-ups, with Finn, Puck, Mike, Artie, Sam and Kurt dressed in sleek blue suits and apologising to Coach Beiste in the only way they know how; through song! This particular performance isn’t necessarily a complicated routine, but features great choreography as they dance in unison, dancing in a completely adorkable way. Not to mention the speech the six of them gave to the saddened football coach, all in an attempt to make her smile. [youtube=] 4)

Bad- Season 3; New Directions and the Warblers

The Warblers tend to focus on the a cappella aspect to their performances, and rarely on actually moving. At least, until Blaine left and then began taking steroids. But this particular performance stood out because firstly, it showed how competitive rival show choirs actually were, and secondly because the Warblers were giving the New Directions a run for their money. Furthermore, the integration of the groups was rare; more often than not, the two groups perform separately, so this was a nice change. [youtube=] 3)

Nasty/ Rhythm Nation-Season 5; Jake Puckerman and various other female cast members

Many Gleeks may think this routine deserves to be higher on the list, Jacob Artist proves that he can rival Shum’s moves, emphasising how the Glee Club has moved on and grown. However, this was bumped down to number three just because of Jake’s attitude. Needless to say, this dance number is one of the best that the Glee cast have done, but this was performed whilst I was vehemently hated Jake, hence being ranked lower. [youtube=] 2)

Valerie- Season 2; Santana Lopez with the New Directions

The dancing in this song was phenomenal. This was the point in the second season that you realise how truly talented every member of that club was. We all knew that Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) was incredible from when she started singing On My Own in the pilot. But this particular routine emphasised the pure talent of everyone else, especially in this case, Santana (Naya Rivera), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr). Santana’s vocals stand out, whilst Brittney and Mike busted out moves I didn’t realise were possible to do in heels without poking someone’s eye out. [youtube=] 1)

We Found Love- Season 3; New Directions and Will Schuester

There have been a fair few proposals in Glee, but this trumps them all. I’m sorry Klaine fans, Blaine’s proposal was cute, and tears were shed by Klainers all over the world, but when Will proposed to Emma, even non-Wemma fans were wowed. This is number one because it takes the routines a step further: Synchronised swimming. All the cast members were timed to perfection, all looked gorgeous in their old style swimming costumes, and set the bar unrealistically high for any future fiancées of Gleeks. [youtube=] Honorable Mentions It was nearly impossible to actually decide on this list, and even though these three were not in the top five, I felt they were certainly worth mentioning.

Bye Bye Bye/ I Want it That Way

- This was a great way of expressing Will’s anger, Finn’s helplessness and desire to be heard, and the Glee Club’s guys’ constant need to perform. The fantasy-style snippets with the wrestling was heart-breaking, whilst the hugging was heart-wrenching. A true emotional rollercoaster.

All That Jazz


Honestly, it was nice to see Rachel put in her place for a change. She’s talented, but doesn’t understand Cassandra’s (Kate Hudson) annoyance, and thinks she can compete. It’s a fiery battle, and Miss July did not intend to back down any time soon.

Singing in the Rain/Umbrella-

This performance marked the point where Mr. Schue realised he had to subtly work his songs into rehearsal to keep the Glee Club on his side. We also had the opportunity to watch Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) lead the Glee Club. The choreography was pretty great too. Did some of your favorites not make our list? Tell us YOUR favorites in the comments below!!

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