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Gleekuary Presents: PopWrapped's Top Ten Dazzling Glee Duets

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/12/2014 8:53 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Gleekuary Presents: PopWrapped's Top Ten Dazzling Glee Duets
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Olivia Asante-Siaw

Staff Writer

Throughout glee’s amazing five seasons, they’ve done many fantastic duets. Some have made me laugh, some made me cry, and some have made me extremely happy. Here’s a list of some of the best there have been, in no particular order. 1. "Come What May" – Well, this performance definitely goes in the made me cry category, it was so so beautiful. Upon a magical, enchanting    rooftop, where two young men in love sing the most romantic of songs from Baz Luhrmann’s iconic motion picture, Moulin Rouge. Kurt and Blaine’s voices together make the most beautiful harmonies in this unforgettable duet between the two of them. 2. "Faithfully" – Finn and Rachel are known for their powerful, heartfelt duets, and "Faithfully" was no exception. After Finn had told Rachel he loved her, the two lovestruck teens put all their heart and soul into this Journey classic. 3. "Lucky" – Awww this was a cute one! Sung by glee’s ‘Ken and Barbie’, Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray. They sang this adorable song in the ‘Duets’ episode and it made me smile a lot. Is a Quinn and Sam reunion a possibility in the 100th episode? 4. "Crazy/’U Drive Me Crazy" – Bad boy Jake and wallflower Marley sang this adorable duet early on in Season 4, trying to deal with the ‘crazy’ feelings they have for each other with a Britney Spears/Aerosmith mashup in this truly beautiful arrangement. 5. "Smooth Criminal" – This duet is truly phenomenal. An intense, fast paced vocal battle between the cunning new kid on the block Sebastian and the fiery Santana. With formidable string accompaniment from 2Cellos turns this Michael Jackson classic into something truly unforgettable. 6. "New York State Of Mind" – This duet showcased a new era of glee. New voices, new location. This duet between the ‘old’, original Rachel and potential ‘new’ Rachel proves how amazing the women of glee really are. With a new take on a Billy Joel classic, Rachel and Marley were out to impress with this duet that spanned states, literally! 7. "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy" – Kurt and Rachel, they have truly iconic characters, and a truly iconic friendship to match. They’ve gone from rivals, to best friends, to frenemies, they’ve had a brilliant journey as people. This duet marked the start of their friendship and showed their phenomenal talent and harmonies. 8. "One Hand, One Heart" – Glee is known for delivering true showstoppers when it comes to iconic musical numbers, and "One Hand, One Heart" was no exception. Blaine and Rachel, perfectly cast as Tony and Maria, sang this West Side Story classic as a backdrop to Kurt and Blaine and Finn and Rachel taking their respective relationships to the next level. 9. "Perfect" – It’s in the name, this was a truly perfect duet. Putting a softer, more upbeat spin on P!nk’s chart topper, Kurt and Blaine sang this beautiful song not only to put a smile on Santana’s face, but to show the perfect love they have for each other. 10. "Here Comes The Sun" – In the second of the two Beatles specials in glee’s current season, we saw pop superstar Demi Lovato sing an acoustic version of the classic beatles hit. She sings this song with a newly smitten Santana, as they walk through the sunny streets of New York City, singing this gorgeous duet.

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