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Gleekuary Presents: When Glee Gets Deep; A Look Into The Most Poignant Scenes

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/13/2014 4:45 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gleekuary Presents: When Glee Gets Deep; A Look Into The Most Poignant Scenes
Media Courtesy of Global HD

Kate McHale

Staff Writer

In celebration of the impending return of the ever so wonderful television show Glee, we at PopWrapped have dubbed February, Gleekuary: March to the 100th episode. Throughout the 5 and counting seasons, Glee has been able to poignantly conquer some of the hardest hitting topics that people go through on a daily basis. Through the almost hundred episodes, there have been many heart breaking, tear-jerking episodes that have not only made us emotional, but also make viewers think twice when experiencing certain situations. Glee has taken on the challenge of taking difficult situations and turning them into, not only teaching points, but ways for people to grow.  We are going to count down the top five moments that have either made us cry, empathize, or helped us to learn and grow.

Number 5 Heartfelt Moment:

In Season 2, we Gleeks got our first glimpse into the psyche of Sue Sylvester. We were truly able to see that she does have compassion and love in her heart. When Sue first admitted Becky to the Cheerio’s most fans immediately thought the worst was going to happen (Me!). Instead she was simply giving Becky a chance to belong to something. Becky, like Sues sister Jean, has downs syndrome, and is able to bond with Sue. Jean and Sue have a very close and tight knit relationship, which made Jean’s sudden death earth shattering for Sue. Also bringing us to the first heartbreaking moment on our list was the fact that fans were able to see empathy within Sue. In a heartfelt gesture, Finn and Kurt agreed to help plan the funeral. A performance of “Pure Imagination,” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and an emotional speech delivered by Mr. Shue on Sue’s behalf, made for an absolutely heart wrenching scene.  The eulogy carried great emotion and lead to many misty eyes. Not only Jean’s funeral, but the emotion that Sue had throughout the episode secures the number 5 spot on our list.
Courtesy of UPsycho Courtesy of UPsycho

Number 4 Heartfelt Moment:

Becky is a character who debuted in Season 2, and immediately she won everyone’s hearts. At first Sue’s motive to give Becky a spot on the Cheerio’s was under scrutiny, but people quickly learned that Sue was able to connect with Becky. Through the years, the two essentially were connected at the hip, with Becky eventually becoming Sue’s Beckretary. However, in Season 4 fans were snapped back into reality when Becky brought a loaded gun to school. When two shots were accidentally fired the school was sent into mass chaos. With multiple people locked in the choir room, Brittany was one of the few members of New Directions who was not able to make it to the choir room. While people within the room shared secrets in the event they did not make it out of the school alive, Brittany was trapped in the bathroom fearing the worst. With the whole room pulsing with fear, the whole school wondered who the shooter was. Little did anyone (but Sue) know, that a panicked Becky had brought her dad’s loaded gun to school because she was scared of the future. Instead of letting Becky take the heat for the school shooting, Sue accepted blame for the incident. In this day and age, shootings are an unfortunate reality, and Glee not only brought the issue to light, but also showed the strength and courage that those involved in shootings endure. The extreme realness and the gravity of the situation is how this moment landed on our number 4 spot on the list.
Courtesy of Fuckyeahglee Courtesy of Fuckyeahglee

Number 3 Heartfelt Moment:

Dave Karofsky, when you think about this character, he has gone through a complete 360 in terms of acceptance, and bullying. However, Dave went to extreme measure to get to this point. In Seasons 1 and 2 we saw a hardnosed Karofsky as a bully who was highly homophobic. Not only did he threaten Kurt’s life, but he was also in a fit of confusion and shame of his true feelings; which led him to “hate-kiss” Kurt. After Season 2, many fans were wondering what Dave was up to, what was he doing now? Fast forward to Valentine’s Day, and Kurt receiving mystery letters he assumed were from Blaine. Kurt finally meets his secret admirer at the one and only Breadstix, only to find out it was Karofsky. Dave explained that he had transferred schools to avoid the rumors of his sexuality. As the two part ways a person from Karofsky’s current school sees them at dinner and immediately jumps to conclusions. Word gets back to Dave’s new school and leads to unmerciful bullying, ultimately leading to Dave’s suicide attempt. With Blaine singing “Cough Syrup” in the background, Dave attempts to take his own life. Thankfully, his father finds him in enough time to save his son. This is a problem that is rampant all over the world due to social media, and cruel people. Many people were able to relate with how Dave was feeling, the helplessness of wanting to fit in and be liked. With that being said, suicide is never the answer to your problems, if you are struggling with issues or problems find someone, and talk. Please don’t ever go to such extreme measures. The severity of Dave’s situation was definitely not lost on me, and  made my heart ache knowing that there are so many people other out there feeling the same way. Glee not only tackles suicide with grace, but it allowed people to survey their actions. Bullying is never acceptable, and the trials of Dave Karofsky allowed people to relate to his situation. That is why Karofsy’s story lands the number 3 spot on our countdown.

Number 2 Heartfelt Moment:

Season 3 was a period of acceptance and change for Santana. She accepted who she was, came to terms with it, and was finally with the person she truly loved, Brittany. When Santana came out to her friends and family, they were mostly supportive. That is, except for her grandmother she fondly calls Abuela. Throughout the show she brings her grandmother up in conversation, and Gleeks get the sense that Abuela is a no-nonsense person. What we did not expect was the harshness she poured onto her granddaughter in such an important moment in Santana’s life. When Santana decided to come out to her grandmother, with great poise and strength, she told her grandmother who she loved and was attracted to. In a matter of seconds, Santana’s grandmother broke her heart, by telling her “she should have kept her feelings to herself, some things are better off not being said.” While she had nothing but respect and acceptance from most of her family and friends, the fact that her Abuela shut her out of her life devastated her. This left many Gleeks heartbroken for Santana. Something that Ryan Murphy and company are so great at is teaching their viewers acceptance. This moment of close-mindedness is our number 2 spot. tumblr_lxec689BjP1qdbzrqo1_500 0

Number 1 Heartfelt Moment:

Last year the whole Glee world was heartbroken and shocked upon hearing the untimely death of Cory Monteith; ultimately leading to the emotion filled, episode “The Quarterback.” While watching the episode, Gleeks were saying goodbye to the character Finn Hudson, but now I am able to say this episode taught people how to say goodbye. While friends, family members, and fans said goodbye to Cory Monteith, we still needed to say goodbye to our beloved and quirky Finn Hudson. “The Quarterback” brought back memories and gave everyone the chance to celebrate the life of Cory and the character of Finn. In the true Glee way, we grieved through song and most definitely tears.  While cast, crew and fans mourned, this episode gave everyone closure. Through this episode, we remembered someone, not for how he died, but the life he lived. “The Quarterback” taught us “the show must go all over the place…or something like that.”
Courtesy of 4inaris4kitsune4 Courtesy of 4inaris4kitsune4
Glee is a show that not only deals with everyday issues, but allows the viewer to really think, and learn from the characters on the show. Whether it is saying goodbye, dealing with acceptance, or simply fitting in; the show has given viewers something to learn from. A television show to rely on, and characters to relate to is the biggest reason that the show has been so successful. Glee has given strength to people who feel like they do not belong, and gives us the feeling that we are not alone. Always remember to be yourself. And, if you learn anything from Glee, let it be to accept others for who they are, including yourself, because “baby you were born this way.”

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