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Television / Music PopWrapped | Television

Gleekuary: The Tops And The Flops From Season One Till Now

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/10/2014 1:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gleekuary: The Tops And The Flops From Season One Till Now
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Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer

Glee has featured hundreds of performances since it first aired in 2009. So, in honor of the series' return and its upcoming 2-part 100th episode, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best and worst performances from the 5 seasons. Some of the choices might be surprising, but I hope you’ll enjoy them (even if you might not agree).


1. Way back Season 1, the New Directions were underdogs. They had talent, but they were far from being polished. At this point, it’s amazing they made it all the way to regionals to compete against Vocal Adrenaline. The rival club’s rendition of Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody" truly dominated, and the New Directions had to band together to get through their shock. Bonus points to Brad Falchuk for having Quinn go into labor right as this performance gears up. The lyrics fit the birthing experience perfectly. 2. Season 2 brought the Kurt and Blaine, and it was pretty obvious they would end up together. The chemistry between the two young men was palpable in any scene they shared. However, their sweet rendition of "Baby It’s Cold Outside" truly cemented the Klaine pairing into Glee’s history. They were cute and playful with beautiful harmonization.
3. During Season 3, we lost a music legend. Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. To pay respect to the performer, Ryan Murphy dedicated a full episode to his music in the episode “Michael.” During Regionals, the New Directions performed a medley of some of his hits that included "ABC," "Control," and "Man in the Mirror". Each song blended smoothly as it flowed from an excited beat into a lull that created a sense of desperation, and the medley at the end mixed hope and excitement as New Directions' sense of purpose returned.
4. There were so many wonderful songs in Season 4. However, Will Schuester and the New Directions version of "For the Longest Time" was by far their strongest performance of the 22 episodes. The performers held true to the upbeat nature of the song, all the while adding their own twist to the music so that each performer could shine.
5. Sometimes, Glee’s choice of music is off and the songs just don’t quite work. However, more times than not, the crew knows what they’re doing. Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson are but 3 groups they do well. Billy Joel is another performer that they cover stupendously. In Season 5, as Sam and Blaine leave to visit various colleges, they perform Movin’ Out. It’s an optimistic ballad where both men can show off their musical ranges. The whole performance enlightens the viewers into Sam and Blaine’s friendship and anticipation for life after McKinley High.


1. "Funk" helps the show gear up for nations, but this Season 1 episode has a very cringe-worthy tune. In a sing-off with Vocal Adrenaline, the New Directions perform “Give Up the Funk”. The kids are attempting to be cool and tough, but their act falls flat. The whole set up makes the gang look like they are trying too hard; the lackluster performance makes them seem desperate to be better and prove themselves. From the clothes to the song choice, the scene doesn't flow and the characters seem inorganic, as if they lost their roots.
2. Don't get me wrong, I love Mercedes. Her voice and character are divine. But when it came to her performance in "Grilled Cheesus", from Season 2, she doesn't perform as well as she could have.  The way she sang “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” made the song unrecognizable. This piece is already a slow ballad, but Mercedes made it painfully morose.
3. Season 3 had one of the most cringe-worthy episodes ever. In attempts to discuss Hispanic  heritage, Will Scheuster enlists a fellow teacher (played by Ricky Martin) to help teach his students about Hispanic culture. This attempted lesson resulted in songs that parodied Hispanic music and traditions. The show ultimately ended with “A Little Less Conversation” that Will sang in both Spanish and English all the while dressed as a bull-fighter.
4. "Thanksgiving" was an eventful episode in Season 4. While it combined a holiday with sectionals--New Directions won, of course--it was almost too easy to see why they won. A lot of the competition did not perform to their potential. The exception was The Warblers and their cover of "Whistle”. Yes, the boys did an excellent job, but what were they thinking? This choice was  inappropriate and the performance was very uncomfortable to sit through.
5. We are not done with Season 5, but there is already one performance that was unnerving to watch. Blaine's version of “You’re My Best Friend” was awkward and unappealing with vocals that seemed forced. The puppets did not help the scene either.
Well, there you have it! What did you think of the list? Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Sound off below! Keep up with PopWrapped on the web!


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