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Glee's 100th Episode Is Almost Here! What Can We Look Forward To In Episode 101?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/11/2014 3:58 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Glee's 100th Episode Is Almost Here! What Can We Look Forward To In Episode 101?
Media Courtesy of Brian Bowen Smith (FOX)

Kate McHale

Staff Writer


With the much anticipated 100th episode next week, it’s only appropriate we give some spoilers about life in NYC and away from the choir room. As most of you know, after the 100th episode focus is going to fall directly onto the characters in New York. This leaves an unsure feeling surrounding the high school favorites such as Kitty, Unique, and Ryder.  What we do know are the details surrounding episode 5x13 “New Directions” which just so happens to be the episode that airs after the 100th episode as a part 2. Our favorite substitute teacher Holly Holliday returns to Lima in hope of saving the glee club, or at least keeping music in school some way. She quickly reestablishes her friendship with Sue Sylvester in the last ditch attempt to have some sort of music club in school.  Even though they are successful in earning an afterschool club, it is only for a trial basis.  However, like most things at McKinley the attempt doesn’t go as planned. In great attempt to save the friendship between Rachel and Santana the original glee club members, Mike, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, and Brittany set to work trying to salvage the mangled friendship. Thankfully, there is movement towards reconciliation thanks to intelligent words from a doubtful source. Frankly I can’t wait for a mend in the friendship; this is a feud I don’t think anyone is fond of. With graduation quickly approaching, some members of the senior class are wary of their upcoming decisions. Tina is especially troubled about her upcoming college decisions. She is so desperate to get out of Lima that she turns to problematic strategies. Puck’s earnest and surprising admission to Quinn leads to an unforeseen answer. Another previous couple makes a decision about their relationship, fingers crossed for reconciliation - Gleeks miss Brittana. While there is more happiness surrounding the young members of New Directions, their fearless leader Mr. Shue has a less than positive attitude on his future teaching status. Forgot what fantastic songs you’re going to hear during this episode? Have no fear we have a list of the expected songs bellow. Get excited because the 100th episode airs next week! 'Loser Like Me' - Artie, Tina, Sam, & Blaine 'Don't Stop Believin'' - Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Tina, & Blaine 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' - April & Will 'Just Give Me a Reason' - Quinn & Puck 'Be Ok' - Rachel & Santana 'Party All the Time' - Holly I'm Changing - Kurt & Mercedes  

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