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We Are Going Back To 1989 With New Taylor Swift Album

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/26/2014 1:09 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
We Are Going Back To 1989 With New Taylor Swift Album | taylor swift

**** Omitted from review include already released "Shake it Off" and "Out of The Woods" Wow. Pretty sure that's the first word that truly came to mind after yours truly listened to the brand new Taylor Swift album in its entirety. With Swifty completely abandoning her country roots, one had to wonder how she would fully transition over to the pop genre. Exceptionally. That's how. Taylor's brand new album "1989" is absolutely brilliant from start to finish and puts the singer/songwriter ahead of everyone else. Is it bad that I'm completely jealous of the album she turned out and the one my beloved Miss Spears turned out? Moving on. Taylor has crafted, in my humble opinion, the BEST POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR without any shadow of a doubt. The production, the lyrics, the MUSIC. Everything is top notch and one would be a fool to write this album off as just another step for Swift. She's found a niche for herself, and while country may feel like home, POP is where it's at. Unfortunately for Taylor and her team, but fortunately for all of us inpatient ones, her brand new album "1989" has leaked mere days before its relese. However, you all NEED to out go out and purchase this. Whether it be in store, or iTunes..... EVERYONE......every single pop music lover.......needs to known this album. Let's look at the album shall we?   1. Welcome to New York Okay, so surprisingly the album kicks off with my least favorite track. Thankfully, "Welcome to New York" does not define the entire album. After releasing other track "Out of the Woods" as a buzz track, it was going to be very hard to follow that up. "Welcome to New York" is an homage to the city Swifty is currently living in, and while its cute and bouncy, it doesn't really deliver the punch the rest of the album gives us. Is it bad? Of course not. It's just not a highlight. 2. Blank Space The album really kicks in here. With an almost pop/trap intro, Taylor really expands her repertoire with "Blank Space" because this is stellar. The slow building song fits right into Taylor's vocal pocket complete with spoken vocal parts. The song really kicks the album into high gear because it never looks back. Plus, with a line like "Cuz darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream" you know it's amazing. 3. Style And now for a personal favorite. "Style" is a pumping pop gem, that has the best building chorus on the album. Hearing Taylor deliver the song defining "Take me home" is a full album highlight. The song resonates throughout and captures the essence of what Taylor wanted to deliver: Pop. And it does just that. 4. All You Had To Do Was Stay Anyone else lip syncing along to the "STAY" part? Don't lie. The album keeps up the momentum with yet another up-beat jam with a perfect assist from a high auto-tuned "STAY". This song in particular shows how Taylor, and the producers captured the pop element of the album. While listening to "1989", you never get a feeling that Taylor had a country background. Some fans will love that, some may feel let down. Those in particular can leave this review. 5. I Wish You Would POP JAM!!! That rolling beat is guaranteed to get you all on your feet!! Between the reverb, the pulsating beat, and echoing of lyrics, "I Wish You Would screams pop and the album benefits from it. This particular track will most definitely be remixed for the clubs and rightfully so. Taylor has never sounded so mature even through her most personal lyrics. Many could have thought a pop perfection would deter her from the song writing that made her a star, but it's truly helped her. The beats have helped as well!! 6. Bad Blood Once again, Taylor delivers a pulsating beat to bring us all in. While a lesser effect than "I Wish You Would", "Bad Blood" continues the growth on the album and shows a huge diversity from the Taylor. The production is mild during this track and relies on more of a build-up. The addition of the drums adds an almost tribal element to the track, which is BY FAR not a complaint. The bridge is exceptional with Taylor almost crooning over a minimal arrangement. 7. Wildest Dreams Personal favorite time. Truthfully, this is PROBABLY yours truly's favorite track on the album. "Wildest Dreams" is a gorgeous, building pop masterpiec. The lyrics, the arrangement, the production. Everything clicks with this track. "Handsome as hell" is a favorite line with Taylor's vocals never sounding better. 8. How You Get The Girl The track start off simply, sounding like something that could have even been included on a pop/country Taylor album. That all changes once you hit the chorus. The up-beat jam finds Taylor hitting the dance floor while delivering the tongue in cheek lyrics she's known for. The track could have easily been something Katy Perry could have given us, but thankfully it landed in Taylor's professional hands. SHADE. 9. This Love Okay, so the album was bound to dip eventually right? While "This Love" is a beautiful ballad, it suffers from being the first ballad after a succession of stellar tracks. The lyrics and delivery of "This Love" are stunning and it could easily be a single from "1989"and while nobody can tell a story like Taylor, (and this song reinforces that)  it's the placement that hurts it 10. I Know Places When the song kicks off, you're left to wonder if you've skipped albums and jumped into a Celine Dion track that to the ever familiar stuttering vocals. Once you'e fully in however, you realize it's a complete Taylor Swift production. The sweeping track finds the superstar crooning over a deep beat with the stuttering background vocals. The chorus finds the song reaching stadium epic level, with the reverb once again kicking in, but once the bridge hits, it's no turning back. Taylor's speak/sing vocals fill the track with a grand level and it keeps going up from there before crashing suddenly with the ending. 11. Clean This is one particular track that had yours scratching his head. Not sure if that's bad or good. It's once again a moment where the album almost breathes, because it's nothing extraordinary or boring either. The only redeeming factor with the track is the thumping beat, and the constant flow. Taylor never stops to deliver different beats however, "Clean" falls a tad short on what the album has deliver thus far. 12. Wonderland While the track is once again upbeat, I can't help but to feel it was a B side or afterthought. It doesn't really fit the feel of the remainder of the album, however, saying that.... It's still a good song. Am I confusing you yet? When you stack "Wonderland" up with the rest of the album, it definitely falls short, but still delivers on its own. 13. You R In Love I'm not going to ramble on about this track. Personally, an absolute favorite and you must ALL hear how it flows effortlessly through your speakers. Taylor's breathy vocals fill the room and not only is it one of the best track on the album, it's one of the best songs she's EVER delivered. You can take that to the  bank. The track builds to an almost euphoric feeling and it's a wonder to take in. 14. New Romance Ending the album on a high? YES! "New Romance" is the ending to "1989" that's feels so perfect because it captures the entire vibe of the album, and the era that Taylor is heading in.   The pop explodes from this song with the early 80's vibes Taylor promised us. You know, I'm sure these words (which you've spent oh, so much time reading) can properly describe what this album has done to me. There will be no lies surrounding this review. I was ready to write Taylor off. Not because she's the immensely talented young lady who's given us #1 albums, record breaking numbers..... But because it was Taylor attempting to transition from country to pop. "Speak Now" was a pop album spliced with some country bits, while "Red" was an even bigger hint at the direction she was headed. That's all in the past. Taylor has fully embraced her pop side and dove head first into the genre. "1989" will not only go down as Taylor's best album to day, it will be remember as the BEST ALBUM of 2014. You can mark my words on that.

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