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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

If I Were Going Back To Hogwarts

Ariel Bradford | PopWrapped Author

Ariel Bradford

09/02/2015 7:33 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
If I Were Going Back To Hogwarts | Hogwarts
Media Courtesy of WB

Today, September 1st, the Hogwarts Express leaves King's Cross Station at 11am from Platform 9 ¾. Unfortunately, another year has passed where my owl did not arrive. (Although, one year, my friend sent me a Hogwarts letter in the mail. 50 points to Hufflepuff, Brianne.) Dreaming of the day I finally make my journey to my rightful home for most of my life, I've thought this through pretty thoroughly. Here's exactly what I would do if I were going back to Hogwarts tonight.

-Make fun of first-years. That's what they're for, anyway. They're all trembling and terrified staring at the old Hat. Bless them.

-Eat. Those House-Elves have been prepping all day for the back to school feast and I know they will never disappoint. Bring on the cauldron cakes!

-Pretend to unpack. Honestly, at this point I can unpack with two waves of a wand and I'm not going to spend my time doing it the Muggle way. I'm actually going to hang out at the bottom of the staircase and check out all of the Gryffindor boys moving in.

-Pretend I forgot something in the Great Hall. Actually sneak out to see Hagrid.

-Ask Hagrid about new creatures this year. Bring snacks and tea bags to avoid Hagrid's cooking. Try not to get bitten by something, cuddle with Fang, try not to get drooled on.

-Wander into the Forbidden Forest. I know it's generally a bad idea, but the Thestrals just got done pulling all of those carriages and aren't going to protest to a good head-pat.

-Meet seventh-years on the Astronomy Tower. I would've started this tradition a few years back. Share summer stories around Bluebell Flames, drink Butterbeer, and set off a few Weasley's Wizard Wheezes fireworks near Filch's window before running back downstairs.

-Pretend to go to bed. Sneak back out and meet with the House-Elves in the kitchen for midnight tea. Take orders for what they'd like from my first trip to Hogsmeade. (I bring them Honeydukes sweets, they make me pie. It's a great exchange.)

-Go to the owlery. There's something incredibly peaceful about all of those owls gently hooting in their sleep. Between this and the House-Elves' cakes, I'm finally tired.

-Actually go to bed. Nothing is more relaxing than cuddling up in my four-poster bed with my cat at my feet, knowing tomorrow will bring another magical day at Hogwarts.

So, since the Ministry doesn't have records of my magical abilities, I will just hop around the house in a robe and sing Starkid's “Get Back to Hogwarts” over and over. Happy first day of term, Hogwarts kids!


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