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Television / Disney / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Goodbye Gravity Falls (Finale Review, SPOILERS)

Melissa Sahagian | PopWrapped Author

Melissa Sahagian

02/17/2016 7:18 am
PopWrapped | Television
Goodbye Gravity Falls (Finale Review, SPOILERS) | Gravity Falls
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Today fans said goodbye to one of the most unique and revolutionary animated shows on television, as Gravity Falls ended its forty episode run. The one hour series finale served as the climax meshed with a final tribute to Dipper and Mable Pines's epic summer.

"Weirdmageddon Pat 3: Take Back the Falls" picks up right where Part 2 left off: the apocalypse. With inter-dimensional demon Bill Cipher stronger than ever and determined to make the entire universe his domain, the outcome looks bleak for the twins and all their friends in Gravity Falls. But, inspired by Dipper and Mable's deep and unconditional sibling love for each other, the townsfolk pull together and work with nearly every character we've met during the show's four year run (even the Liliputtians made a cameo) to take on Bill's army of demons from the newly-mobile Mystery Shack. Bill himself is challenged by both pairs of Pine Twins.

Determined to get the information on how to break out of Gravity Falls from Ford, Bill turns his inter-dimensional weapons of torture onto Dipper and Mable, saying he's "got some children [he] needs to make into corpses" (yes, this was actually said on a Disney show). It is then that Stan and Ford finally take a leaf out of Dipper and Mable's book and make-up, but realizing the dark truth that in order for Bill to be defeated, a sacrifice would have to be made. Stan willingly has his brother and makes a deal with Bill, allowing him to enter his mind to acquire the information he desires. Bill abandons his physical form, leaving nothing but a statue of himself behind, and enter's Stan's mind. Once inside, Ford erases Stan's memory--effectively and gruesomely killing Bill. Of course, this leaves Stan with no memories of Gravity Falls, his brother, the twins, or the summer.

Back at the Mystery Shack with the town returned to normal, Stan's family makes one last attempt at helping him remember: Mable's scrapbook. The memories revisited serve as a look back over the series, from the very first episode to those late in the second season. With each snapshot of summer, Stan finally begins to remember.

In the end, Stan and Ford finally build their dreamboat "Stan O' War II" and take off on an epic adventure, Soos gets the Mystery Shack, and thirteen year old Dipper and Mable must finally say goodbye to Gravity Falls. Despite once not wanting to grow up, it is now Mable who accepts that she and her brother must leave and move on. With a big hug from Stan, Wendy's hat, and a goodbye letter from all their friends, the twins (and Waddles) board a bus back to California, officially bringing their summer in Gravity Falls to an end.

The twins' bus ride home served as a memento for all Gravity Falls fan--a way for us to look back on all the adventures we've accompanied them on. As they boarded the bus, we too said goodbye to everyone we've met in the town, all the characters we've come to know over the past two seasons. We've stuck with the twins as they've grown up, rejected, and finally accepted it. Our adventure ended as theirs did.

But is it really over? In a quick flash at the end of the episode, where a drawing of Bill usually appears, we instead see a faded yet extremely realistic image (possibly a photograph?) of the Bill statue sticking out of the ground, staring directly into the camera.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls may be over, but is Bill really gone for good?


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