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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Game Of Thrones: 5x05, Kill The Boy

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
05/12/2015 1:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 5x05, Kill The Boy | Kill the Boy
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

This week's episode of Game of Thrones, "Kill the Boy," immediately shows us the result of the cliff hanger fight in the streets of Mereen last week.

We see Missandei watching over an unconscious, but still living, Greyworm. In the throne room, we find Daenerys standing over the body of her precious counselor, Ser Barristan Selmy. There is fire in the eyes of the Mother of Dragons as Hizdaqh enters. She orders the leaders of Mereen's leading families, including Hizdaqh, to be gathered.

She brings them to the cavern beneath the pyramid where her dragons are kept, and pushes one among them forward. The dragons burn and eat the nobleman. The others quake in fear. She puts her hand behind Hizdaqh, but he shows bravery and says ' Valar Morghulis'- all men must die. Daenerys stops and says she doesn't wish to overfeed her dragons. The unsullied gather the leaders out, and Daenerys watches as her dragons feast on the burning corpse.

On the Wall, at the library on Castle Black, Sam reads to Maester Aemon about what is happening in Mereen. Master Aemon, who is a Targaryen himself, mourns the fact that Daenerys is alone with no family to guide her. Soon enough though, Jon Snow enters and asks Sam to leave so he can speak with the old Maester. The young Lord Commander asks for advice, but without knowing what he intends to do, Master Aemon urges Jon Snow to proceed. Telling him to, "Kill the boy, Jon Snow and let the man be born."

Later, Jon speaks with Tormund, the last high ranking wildling with Mance Rayder dead. He tells him that he will let him go, if he gathers all the wildlings North of the Wall, and bring them behind the security of the Wall. Tormnd is hesitant but when Jon Snow removes his chains, The wildling commander agrees to rally the wildling troops, on one condition: Jon Snow comes with him.

Snow's idea does not sit well with the Night's Watch, though. They argue over it, even those who are loyal to Jon. Later even the boy Olly could not believe that Jon Snow was not tricking the wildlings.

Near Winterfell, where Podrick and Brienne are lodging, they encounter an Inn worker who seem loyal to the Starks. Brienne asks him whether is it possible to send a message to Lady Sansa within the castle. The man is doubtful, but Brienne tells him that she serves the deceased Lady Catelyn Stark and had vowed to protect her daughters.

Inside Winterfell, Ramsay is with his lover Miranda who is in a jealous fit over Sansa. Ramsay warns her not to bore him, knowing full well what happens to people who annoy Ramsay. Miranda wisely seduces the sadistic young man and allows him to take her from behind.

In another part of the castle, Sansa is alone in her chambers when the same old woman who greeted her on her first night enters. She tells Sansa that she still has allies in the North and if she is ever in trouble, she only needs to light a candle in the highest tower.

Sansa later goes to the tower, where her brother Bran once fell. When Miranda finds her, the tricky woman brings Sansa to the kennels, since she is after all the kennel's master's daughter, and urges her to go to the last kennel. Sansa does this and finds a sleeping Theon in the far end, and both are shocked to see each other.

Theon later reveals what happened to his Master Ramsay who conceives an idea out of the situation.

Later, when the Bolton family is having dinner with Sansa, Ramsay calls for more wine and in comes Theon to serve it. Sansa steels herself and Ramsay orders Theon to apologize to Sansa for killing her brothers. Theon apologizes, and Ramsay proposes that Theon gives away the bride at the wedding, since they did grow up together and Sansa has no family left. Roose Bolton interrupts and his wife announces that she is pregnant, Roose says that it might be a boy.

Father and son would later speak with each other. Ramsay being a former bastard worries about his place. But Roose assures him that his legitimacy will stand, and they then plan for Stannis' imminent attack.

On the Wall at Castle Black, Stannis orders Ser Davos to prepare to march. They leave the next morning. As the army prepares to march out, Melisandre stares at Jon Snow, probably mindful that she wasn't able to craft a smoke demon or some other magical weapon out of the young man's seed.

Back in the east, Greyworm awakens with Missandei by his bedside. There the Unsullied commander reveals that he was afraid, not of death, but of not seeing Missandei again. The young woman kisses Greyworm.

Later, as Missandei attends to Daenerys, The Queen asks for her advice, but Missandei urges her instead to trust her own mind and makes her decision herself.

Daenerys then goes to the dungeons to see Hizdaqh. There she tells him that, for the sake of unity, she will be reopening the fighting pits and will respect Mereenese tradition. She also tells the shocked nobleman that she will marry him to forge an alliance with the ruling houses of Mereen.

Somewhere in the East, Ser Jorah and Tyrion are still traveling by boat. Tyrion then finds out that they are in ancient Valyria, the ruined and destroyed ancestral home of the Targaryens and the birthplace of Dragons. They are surprised to encounter one, most probably Drogon who flew overhead. Distracted, they are attacked by Stonemen, or men who are afflicted with the disease greyscale and have been exiled to the Valeryian ruins.

A skirmish ensues, and Tyrion is dragged underwater. He later wakes up on a beach with Ser Jorah. He thanks the old knight, but unbeknownst to the imp, Ser Jorah was touched by the stonemen and is now suffering from Grey scale...

Will he die next, before he can bring Tyrion to Daenerys? Only time will tell.

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