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Gotham: 01x14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/21/2015 11:10 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 01x14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane | Gotham
Media Courtesy of IGN
Hello, Gotham lovers! I'm taking over Sharmake's duties this week--so let's get to it! Maroni and Penguin are having a dinner to celebrate Fish’s demise. However, Fish calls Maroni and tells him that Penguin has been working for Falcone the entire time. After the phone call, Maroni suggests that Penguin accompany him on a road trip. Penguin, unsuspecting, agrees. Harvey and Essen show up to a crime scene on a rooftop; the victim, Adam Jodowsky, was bound and gagged to a chair, hung from the building until he was dead, and then returned to the rooftop via a pulley system. Geez, what a way to go. Essen warns Harvey that all three of them need to watch their backs; Detective Flass has a lot of friends in the police force, and chances are that they aren’t pleased their buddy was arrested for murder. Jim doesn’t show up because he’s returning Barbara’s keys to her apartment (he’s finally given up on Barbie---YES!). He finds Selina in the apartment, where she’s been staying. Selina tells Jim what she also told Bruce (liar), that she actually didn’t see anything the night of the Wayne murders, then she runs off again. Jim visits Bruce, who “releases him from his promise” to find his parents’ killers. Bruce intends to find out what happened on his own. Poor thing, he actually believes Selina’s little attempt at being cold-hearted. Jim isn’t comfortable with Bruce putting himself in danger by trying to solve a murder, but Alfred assures him that he’ll protect Bruce. Maroni takes Penguin to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and starts asking questions about Nikolai’s death and the gun fight. I would not want to be Penguin right now. Harvey interviews Scottie Mullen, Jodowsky’s sponsor for a phobia support group he attended. He was terrified of heights. Harvey’s also quite interested in Scottie—she’s a feisty one, so I’m sure she’ll put him in his place; he certainly needs that. Edward gets caught performing an autopsy on Jodowsky’s body. Essen and the ME catch him in the act, and she suspends him. They don’t give him a chance to speak, so they don’t realize that Edward actually found something of interest. Jim and Harvey go to investigate an old out-of-business company that made the chair Jodowsky was tied to. They find a weird scene inside—a man in a pig’s mask with a butcher knife standing over an unconscious man tied to a chair…with two pigs walking around. Um? Jim shoots and kills the guy with the knife when he charges at them. Turns out the guy tied to the chair is in the same phobia support group as Jodowsky, with a fear of pigs. Penguin finds a gun in the cabin while Maroni is gone and arms himself. Maroni encourages him to tell any secrets he has; he wants their relationship to be “open and honest.” He’s playing a game here, obviously. Maroni tells Penguin about the phone call; to his credit, Penguin remains pretty stoic. Until he takes the gun out…he guessed about the phone call from the start. Too bad the gun was loaded with blanks. Sigh. Penguin, killing Maroni would have been stupid anyway! So Maroni, none too pleased, knocks him unconscious. Jim invites Leslie to dinner. He brings the Jodowsky case along to ask her forensic expertise, but she thought it was a date. Jim backtracks and claims it was a pretense—he wanted an excuse to see her. Confused, much? He gets a call about the case and has to leave. Maroni takes Penguin to a junkyard, planning to crush him inside a car and send pieces to Falcone. Penguin begs for his life, but Maroni claims he hurt him with his duplicity (sure). Penguin, spotting a sign with the name of the junkyard, calls the owner from his cell phone and encourages him to stop crushing him to death or else Falcone is going to kill him. Unbelievable. Harvey and Jim discover that the masked pig man wasn’t the killer—there’s someone else, and he kidnaps Scottie. In case you haven’t already figured it out, his name is Dr. Crane. Jim doesn’t catch Crane, but Harvey saves Scottie before she drowns in the pool she had a near-death experience in as a kid. Penguin is discovered unconscious and woken up by…wait for the irony…a bus of churchgoers. It’s a wonder he wasn’t struck by lightning. The GCPD ME is fired for stealing body parts—somehow, I think Edward may have had a hand in that. Conveniently, he’s reinstated to his position. Jim tells Leslie that the ME position is open, and they should discuss it over dinner (well done on the redemption, Gordon…well done). Fish is leaving Gotham hidden on a boat—except the boat is taken over by an enemy. The episode ends with Fish and a man preparing to fight. Thoughts on the episode, PopWrappers? Let us know!

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