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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Gotham: 02x01, Rise Of The Villians: Damned If You Do

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

09/22/2015 4:58 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 02x01, Rise Of The Villians: Damned If You Do | damned if you do

HELLO GOTHAMITES! Season two is upon us and I am undoubtedly excited for the bat-shit crazy tales coming from our favorite city of ruin. I'll be covering the Gotham recaps this season, so let's dive in head-first.


Na na na na na na na na, Batcave. Bruce and Alfred go for a stroll down into the depths of Wayne Manor, finding a secret door that's closed by a code. Good luck figuring that code out, buddy.

Gordon and Dr. Thompkins are sharing a tender moment at home while Bullock is bartending off in who-knows-where. In a dark mansion, Peng is surrounded by goons, one of which is kneeling faithfully in front of him. Peng and Zsasz share a look and suddenly our bald psycho friend plants a bullet into the kneeling lackey's head. Hello again, Gotham. Barbara is in her finest, checking into Arkham while Jerome and amigos eyeball her. Fresh  meat, I daresay.

A dark figure gives someone a blue liquid and tells him to drink it all, causing him to cackle like a madman. He's in a crappy anti-hero outfit, so he's bound to end up on the streets and cause chaos... which he immediately does. Declaring himself Zaardon, the Soul Reaper, he fires off a few rounds into the subway above him. Luckily, Gordon is there to whoop his ass. Grabbing a samurai sword, Gordon explains that he doesn't want to shoot him because it's just too much paperwork (I know that feeling), tricking Mr. Soul Reaper into being a little more chill. It doesn't work, but Gordon kicks the crap out of the dude and handcuffs him. Gordon takes Zaardon to Gotham Central, with the lunatic wondering why the magical blue potion he drank didn't make him like, awesome or whatever. Drugs are bad, kids. He warns that the  master will unleash Hell upon Gordon, who gives less than one fuck.

In the bathroom, Gordon cleans up and says hey to Mr. Nygma, who is currently without his glasses. Suddenly Nygma's reflection in the mirror talks to him... I guess we can assume schizophrenia? Eddy boy argues with his reflection in the mirror. Evil Ed tells Real Ed to go romance Kringle, causing the real one to lose his crap and yell at the mirror. Interesting.

Gordon is getting lectured by the commissioner because he's got a stick up his ass. He tries to fire Gordon and Captain Essen tries to shut it down, ultimately losing. Gordon is now without a badge and gun, but undoubtedly with a plan in mind. Before leaving, he reminds the commish that he still plans on breaking him. I like dark Gordon, let's keep this going.

In his cage, Zaardon burps up a lovely blue cloud. I'll bet that works out well for the other inmates in his cell.

Thompkins is kind of glad that Gordon isn't with the GCPD anymore. Gordon is without legal moves, but this is a man who has stopped caring. Thompkins isn't too keen on him going rogue, admitting she's happy he got fired from a job he'd never quit.

At Arkham, Jerome decides it's the perfect time to hit on Barbara, finding out that they have parental murder in common. The Joker shines through, and I LOVE IT. He points out this maniac in the back of the room who wants to be her 'friend', telling her she NEEDS a friend... bad things happen to bad people and the guards don't care. Barbara calls a big, hulky dude over to her, who is clearly got stars in his eyes. She lays on the charm and convinces him to protect  her. Jerome is in serious love with the crazy blonde. Jerome and Barbara eventually end up amigos, and he's going to get her a phone.

Butch, Zsasz, Catgirl and a lackey are discussing finances when Gordon comes strolling in. Peng looks stuck between nervous and angry. Gordon calls in his favor from the hospital, which Peng tries to get out of. Peng already knows what Gordon is there for and agrees to help, as long as he's sure that's what he wants. Peng asks about Thompkin's opinion on the matter which turns Gordon super defensive. In return, Peng asks for a small favor... persuade my business partner to stop being a douche, maybe, yes, possibly? Prove the friendship is real by helping him... Gordon declines as Peng tries once more to ask him.

Gordon visits Bullock at the bar, ready to light the city on fire. Bullock has sobered up, surprising all of us, admitting it was easy once the badge wasn't attached to him. He tells Gordon he's happy and they toast to a civillian life... please... PLEASE. As if this will last, get real.

Gordon makes his rounds, hitting up Wayne Manor to tell Bruce he's been fired from the GCPD and is sorry he won't be able to keep his promise. He explains to Al and Batboy he'd have to work with Peng (why is he telling them this?) to get his job back. Bruce whips out an almighty 'greater good' speech, which is a little much for a kid his age. Bruce is lecturing Gordon on how to obtain justice when Alfred shuts the kid up. It rattles Gordon, who needs to go somewhere else to brood. Bruce is left alone (great idea) and opens up the Batcave entrance again, desperately attempting every code that pops into his head. He grabs a hammer and beats the shit out of the panel; screw it.

Barbara talks to the leader of the asylum, trying to obtain that magical phone from him. How bad do you want it, Babs?

Gordon is... in a high class strip club? Hell if I know. He whips double doors open to speak with Ogden Barker, the man Peng wants him to talk with. "You're Penguin's bitch, huh?" He's not paying a dime to Peng and their testosterone permeates the room. Ogden holds a gun to Gordon's face and he becomes a ninja and whoops everyone's ass in the room, collecting the money. I don't know what kind of crazy pills he's on but cripes. Gordon and Ogden's punks are on a chase through the city, with Gordon slipping away. Gunshots ring out around him as Ogden is there trying to shoot him... Gordon turns and shoots back, killing the gangster. Shit, son.

Alfred is 12 shades of pissed at Bruce for acting out... oh and he's building a bomb. Maybe you're not supposed to open that door yet, kiddo. Alfred gives it away that he kind of understands the stuff that went on down in the cellar; Bruce is like 'making bomb, brb'. Alfred throws the kettle on; everyone needs a little tea to go with thie bomb making.

Gordon takes the cash back to Peng, who is happy as all get out. Butch is like some crazy brainwashed puppy standing next to him. Wild card - I'm calling it now... Butch is going to lose his collective shit at some point this season, let the countdown begin.

Thompkins and Gordon are at home when the phone rings. Guess who got a hold of a phone in the asylum! Barbara is just happy to be able to talk to him, explaining that she never told Thompkins she killed her parents, and that the doctor attacked her. Gordon shuts her down, with Thomp in the background wondering who sent him into a tizzy. Their house phone rings - it's Barbara. She leaves a SWF kind of voicemail "I hope you die screaming, bitch. BYYYE!" Leslie brushes it off, wanting to take a permanent vacation from the crazy. Gordon says he can't, he's done a really bad thing. Like, why WOULDN'T you leave at that point!?

The Commissioner wakes up to the sound of someone rummaging around in his house. Unarmed  he heads into the kitchen to find Peng and Zsasz, who have a hankering for PB&J. Commish calls out for his guards... Zsasz holds up a decapitated head, proving that he's got no help at all. Peng needs a favor (instead of Rise of the Villians, we're going to call this season Rise of the Favors), but realizes that the Commish is like a monk, with no vices. So he either complies, or dies. Zsasz is all gung-ho about murder and Peng calms him down; this duo is almost adorable. Peng wants Gordon back as a detective and Commish flinches at it. He's got the man by the balls as Zsasz points the gun. Peng proposes an alternative...

A barbershop quartet sings a goodbye song... the Commish is 'retiring'. There to speak is Theo Galavan, who is apparently the philanthropic  saint of Gotham. Right.

In Arkham, Barbara has her hulky man servant painting her toenails while the King of Arkham is telling a witty tale of his past endeavors. Enter Zaardon, who everyone pretty much ignores. You've seen crazy once, so it doesn't have as much of an effect anymore. Zaardon is mad people are ignoring him, wanting to devour some souls. He coughs violently, keels over and a plume of thick, blue smoke emanates from his face, knocking out everyone in the room. A wall blows open as a badass in leather breaks in to see the inmates taking a nap.

At City Hall, Galavan delivers a lovely speech for the Commish, who is obviously rattled. Captain Essen is the new commissioner, which is bound to be bad. She welcomes Jim back to the force, promising a new start, a new day. Thompkins is not happy, but still by her man. They find out that Arkham was busted up and lil ole Babs got out. Lock yo doors, y'all.

The inmates have been taken elsewhere. Theo Galavan is evil (duh) and the lady in leather that broke everyone free is Tabitha, his sister. They're all gathered in his swanky suite, about to schedule some mischief. He doesn't see them as lunatics, he seems them as powerful, brilliant people. Jerome kisses up, because that's what he does. Theo wants to make a group of outlaws that do bad things. Babs admits she's not brilliant, just nuts. The leader of Asylum speaks out, telling Theo to keep his hands off Babs and that he doesn't play nice or by other people's rules. He asks for freedom in return for cash. Speaking up basically costs him his life, as Tabitha lassos and then brutally stabs him.

Alfred has rigged up the bomb as he and little Bat hide behind a couch. Yes. A bomb beneath them and a couch will protect them. They hit the switch and BOOM - it works. Venturing down, they see what dear daddy Wayne was hiding. Bruce finds a note with his name on it, and it explains that the entry code to get in is "Bruce". He didn't want to hide his little spot, but had to in order to be a better father (what?). Daddy Wayne explains that you can't have both happiness and truth, reflecting Gordon's current situation. He begs his son to choose happiness... unless he feels a calling... a true calling. Epic, I like it.

Gordon gets his game face on.

Gotham is back with one hell of an opener and I'm already liking the feel of this season. See you next week!



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