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Gotham: 02x04, Rise Of The Villains: Strike Force

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/14/2015 8:03 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 02x04, Rise Of The Villains: Strike Force | Strike Force
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After killing off its potential Joker last week, Gotham strikes back and the Rise Of The Villains continues with "Strike Force". Let's find out what we're up for this week!

Penguin's got his gang gathered and wants details on who's responsible for the events, as he wants to gain back his "King of Gotham" title, when Tabitha Galavan walks in and says her brother wants to speak with him. The new head of the police department walks in all bossy and declares he's ashamed that criminals walked in the station and killed the old head, so he fires a bunch of corrupted policemen and even gets one cuffed, claiming every law-breaker will be dealt with from that point and on. He asks Jim to see him in his office and the two get along great, as he considers Gordon a valuable asset. Harvey calls the whole situation a mistake, but Jim is in favor of the new head's actions.

Penguin interrupts Theo from watching everything he caused on the news and even Barbara passes by. Galavan reveals he was behind everything, along with his plan to rebuild the city, and he wants Peng to destroy a bunch of homes and kill some mayor candidates so he can have the spot for himself. Before Oswald walks away, he's shown a video of his mother being held hostage, which pretty much convinces him to get the job done. Captain Barnes calls Lee and tells her they'll be sending dead bodies to her, before asking to speak with Jim - he knows. The two agree to meet at the Police Academy and they pick the very best to form "Unit Alpha of GCPD Strike Force", a special team only taking orders from Jim.

Theo is receiving a medal of honor and he's got a guy to shoot towards his place, only to make it seem as if he's forced to run for mayor. The first candidate is killed by Penguin, with her co-workers being advised to keep their mouth shut as they know all about them and their families. Young Bruce Wayne is seen leaving school and heading to the car, where Alfred awaits, but the latter faces Selina first and slaps her in the process to send her away. Bruce is told he has dinner with Theo, before left behind torun the way home. Nygma is preparing a speech to ask Ms. Kringle to dinner, but he chickens out. His bad alter ego appears and makes him all sassy, going at her and simply announcing they're having dinner.

Barnes hands uniforms and guns to the Strike Force members and they quickly get information on the dead potential mayor. Jim and Harvey go to the scene and speak to her co-workers, with one of them revealing they've  been threatened, but eventually describing Penguin. Bruce meets Theo at some sort of restaurant and the latter brings up the police's inability to find evidence about his parents' murders, before later introducing the young boy to a blonde girl he'll be classmates with. Nygma is cooking dinner and Kristen arrives at his house, while Penguin tells Butch everything before killing another potential mayor and is promised that they'll find his mother. They send Zsasz in to get the job done, who kills a couple of guards and goes after the mayoral candidate.

The GCPD arrives in time with their Strike Force and manage to keep the candidate safe, as well as hurt the assassin - who still gets away without a trace. At Nygma's house, Kristen mentions her ex-boyfriend that he's killed and he accidentally claims to be glad that he's dead, with tension kicking in as she goes to the bathroom. His alter ego appears and he shouts at him to leave, but she soon comes back and he reveals he's having another voice in his head. She doesn't take it half as seriously as she should, and the two end up kissing. Jim confronts Penguin who's obviously not in the mood and says he's got a hold on him. However, Gordon declares himself ready to take anything that comes his way.

Back at the police station, Harvey gives some advice to the Strike Force, before Barnes comes in to hand them their very first official mission. You guessed it right, it couldn't be anyone other than Penguin. Bruce meets with the girl he met earlier at school, while Selina thinks of Alfred's push to stay away from his master. Theo is seen preparing for action as he's about to steal the mayor's office while the GCPD is busy with Penguin. It all ends with Oswald asking Butch about his mother and the latter giving him some kind of solace instead of words, which could only be bad news.

That's all for now everyone! With Theo's evil master plan unfolding and the police after a depressed-yet-furious Penguin, you definitely shouldn't miss next week's episode of Gotham for even more action



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