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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Gotham: 02x05, Rise Of The Villains: Scarification

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/22/2015 4:20 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 02x05, Rise Of The Villains: Scarification | scarification

Penguin has his panties still in a bunch from last week, since Galavan has mommy dearest still under mysterious lock and key. The two evil kingpins meet up and Peng drops off a trunk (with a person inside, SPOILERS, because it isn't obvious). Pointy nose wants to be buddies but Galavan is having none of it. His sister Tabitha stands there by his side, eye-fucking the crap out of Butch, who drifts between sanity and being Peng's slave. Apparently Babs has taken to being a big fan of naps and Tabitha is bored, so she needs something new to play with. Run, Butch... run like the wind. Tabs pops the trunk open and the guy inside gets mutilated, but we don't see how just yet.

Barnes the hardass is still on a tear to fix Gotham (how cute), busting one of Peng's underground money processing rings. The only woman in the Alpha Squad saves the dayby screaming people to get down, as someone shoots a rocket launcher at them. So... we're inside... and a rocket launcher is, um, launched, and it merely just kind of knocks 1 brick out of the wall. Believable. Gordon tells Barnes the grenade launcher came from The Merc, which is like the illegal Target of Gotham. Guess where the Skwad is going next.

Peng has a super awesome mental breakdown after finding out the cops hit the money house, needlessly beating the shit out of the poor sap who told him the news. Whilst in mid-swing, he comes up with some brilliant idea to get back at Gal. Nothing like savagery to get the brain juices flowing.

Gordon and Lee have another odd moment in the precinct, lasting just long enough for Nygma to show up. He and Kringle are all lovey-dovey now, and sign up for a couples date at the Gordon/Lee household. Christ, to be a fly on that wall.

Gal shows up with remorse for killing the Proto-Joker (please, please writers, bring him back), confessing to Gordon it bothers him. He butters Gord up, wanting the endorsement of the GCPD and Gordon for his run as mayor, which Gordon declines. Little does he know, Gal doesn't give a crap if he says no now, as he'll figure out some diabolical way to Jedi mind-trick him into the endorsement.

Tabs shows up to Casa de Peng with a new job. 5 places in Gotham need burnt to the ground, which Peng is going to contract out since his paranoia is at an all time high. Tabs also hands him a silver box, which the arsonists will need. What's in the box?

Butch goes to Cat's little den and asks for help to find the Pikes, the best arsonists in town. He'd go ask them, but they loved Fish and ergo, hate Butch. They visit the den of fire, a girl  named Bridget answering the door. There is not a mousier looking lady in all of Gotham than this girl - you know she's getting abused. The Pikes aren't okay with Butch at first but Cat works her magic and they work out a deal. The Pikes treat Bridget (their "sis") like crap, which Cat gives a mean side-eye towards.

At The Merc, which is what Costco would look like if it was in District 12, Pike boy #1 shops for some things that go boom, stuffing one in his pants. The cops bust in and both Gordon and Barnes take off after the guy. He light his ass up... literally. They shoot him 3 times and then BOOM, he explodes. That's not how C4 works, guys.

Scarification GOTHAM: L-R: Chelsea Spack and Cory Michael Smith in the Rise of the Villains: Scarification episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX.

During the double date, Nygma is shockingly charming, which is fucking creepy. Gordon arrives late to the dinner where Lee fills him in on Nygma's "strange sort-of cool". The cute/creepy is in high gear and I squirm in my chair. I call it now - somehow Kristen is going to piss the Nygz off and he's going to annihilate her. She'll be his breaking point. After dinner, Lee and Gordon discuss Gal's endorsement and she uses her psychologist talk on him and you can tell he kind of falls for it. Fail, Gordon.

The Pikes get over the fact they just lost one of their own, and corral Bridget into the fray, who openly hates fire. She either has to help them, or be forced into prostitution. Way to out-Gotham yourself with this storyline, guys! The Pikes arrive to the first target and talk Bridget through the bomb-making process. She lights the fuse and breaks into a safe. Inside the silver box Butch gave them is an eyeball (side note, I was eating pancakes while watching this annnnnd damn near threw-up), which opens another safe. Inside is an ancient looking knife, which she grabs just before hauling ass out of the building. She barely makes it past the explosion, getting her leg burnt in the process.

Barnes and Gordon try to trace the path to figure out why the pro arsonists are at it. Meanwhile, Bridget finds some flame-retardant clothing and fashions herself an outfit on the oldest looking sewing machine in existence. Cat pops in, because she has nowhere else to be, and cautions Bridget against being a pyro. Bridget however is no longer fire-shy: she likes it. While arguingher, Cat swipes the ancient dagger. These two have a heated past.

Peng analyzes the dagger, which just so happens to have the Wayne family crest on the handle. He calls in Edwige, who "knows things". She avoids the dagger like the plague, but spills the beans: there were founding families that ran Gotham back in the day. One of them was the Waynes (duh) and one of the others was the Dumases. Long story short, a Wayne girl banged the Dumas boy, who wasn't the man she was engaged to. As payment for doing the dirty with their little sister, the older Wayne boys cut the fucking arm of the Duma boy off (which, what's with the random gore in this show now). The Waynes wiped the Dumas family from Gotham... but they weren't done. The Dumas family didn't totally disappear, they just changed their name: Galavan. And there it is, kids. Galavan wants the Waynes to suffer for the crimes committed in the past. Talk about a blood feud. The Court of Owls is just around the corner, y'all.

Lo and behold, all the buildings that burnt down have a single landlord: Wayne Enterprises. There's only one building left in the arsonists path and that's the Gotham Book Storage place thing. It's time for a stakeout.

Peng talks about loyalty to Butch, about how he's figured out the best way to get to Galavan: through emotion. During the whole lecture, Peng has Butch drink half a bottle of whiskey, and we aren't sure why until the end... he wants Butch to go beg Galavan for a job because Peng is playing as crazy. And what's the best way to sell this? Cut off Butch's right hand. Not even kidding. Butch just got Luke Skywalker'd and there's not a frosty chance in Hell that whiskey was in his system long enough to even make the pain of LOSING HALF A LIMB less.

Gotham, you cray.

Gordon and Bullock are on their stakeout, while Cat watches from above, on a fire escape. G & B bust Bridget as she gets out of the van, looking like a giant bug. She whips a flamethrower around like it's nobody's business. From behind, one of the members of the Alpha Squad comes up to take her down - and fails. She lights his ass on fire and makes an escape thanks to Cat being a super stalker. Say hello to the new, and female, Firefly.

At the GCPD we find out the Squad member who turned into a wickerman died, which pisses Gordon off (as expected). Galavan happens to be there at the right time and takes advantage of Gordon's emotional state; the detective has changed his mind and wants to endorse Gal. You're going to regret that, as you have with many other decisions you've made, Gordon.

Scarification GOTHAM: L-R: James Frain in the Rise of the Villains: Scarification episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX.

Gal arrives home to find some random Emperor-Palpatine-looking priest dude in his house. Long story short, the evil take-down-the-Waynes plan is in place and the next piece to the puzzle is little 'ole Brucey. And you can damn well bet Alfred is going to have none of that.


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