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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Gotham: 02x06, Rise Of The Villains: By Fire

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/29/2015 5:09 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 02x06, Rise Of The Villains: By Fire | by fire

So Butch is down to one hand and begging Galavan for a job. Tabs convinces Gal to take Butchy-boy in, even though Barbara is against it. In the background, a congressman is balancing on a stack of books with a noose around his neck, trying not to fall. After convincing Gal he's got his congressional support, they cut him loose. Good lord, Gotham.

Gordon and the Goon Squad are chasing criminals, trying to find out who the Firefly is, with him ending up kicking the crap out of the runner. Goon Squad goon #1 says they'll turn G into Barnes for violating police policy, and 0-fucks-given Gordon is all "k, bro, do it."

Cat and Bridget struggle with the guilt of killing the officer from the night before. They have a little bonding moment and plan some more crime, because why not!?

In an underground bunker, people bid on women who are half dressed and in chains. Bridget wants to set the slave girls free but Cat says not to get distracted - she sneaks in and drops in on the ringleader. Unloading a couple rounds into the air, she gets everyone's attention because Cat and Bridget are here to rob every one of them. Between a flamethrower and a homicidal 13 year old with a gun, the people comply. Cat and Bridget leave before they can free the slave girls, which I'm sure will come back to haunt them.

Gordon beat the crap out of a suspect and Barnes isn't happy. After kissing and making up, they watch footage of Cat and Bridget's robbery, resulting in Gordon storming off to have a talk with his least favorite little kitten.

Alfred and Bruce are boxing: the training hath begun. He's teaching Bruce to fight dirty, because criminals will too, and Bruce bites his friggin' arm. While boxing, Bruce wants to know about Fox and how  he's coming along on fixing the computer... patience grasshoppa. Distracting Mini-Bat with a girl asking him to dinner, Alfred sucker punches him... and it's hysterical.

Nygma spies on Kringle and Lee, talking about Kringle's dead boyfriend; she's glad he's dead. Kringle spills that Nygma is almost too gentle... she wishes he was a little more rough, had a little more fire to him. She also thinks he's hiding something, and he enters the room to break it up. He gives a riddle and Kringle answers it... this is not going to end well, I promise you.

After being a ghost from the show for like, a year, Ivy is in the station talking to Bullock about Cat's whereabouts.

Cat directs Bridget on how to get out of the city with the money they stole, as Bridget's shitty brothers show up to kidnap her. Cat rushes back to her little hole in the wall as Gordon LITERALLY breaks into it, coming face-to-face with her holding a sawed-off shotgun. He knows she's running with the Firefly, and after hearing the sob story, he wants to help.  

Bridget's  brothers have her tied up and throw firecrackers at her as punishment. After a little bit, Bridget takes off and comes back with her blowtorch... setting her brothers on fire. Sweet lord. Bullock and Gordon arrive to the scene later to see two fried bodies - one of them still being alive. Bullock kicks the crap out of him because he was scared, and the man dies. Nobody in Gotham is exempt from having a cop kick them to death.

Butch and Peng talk over a glass of wine... and Butch now has this colossal hammer attached to his stump. Peng wants the answers that Butch doesn't have yet, and dismisses him to do more work. Butch gets back to Gal, who catches him watching Peng's mother on the TV. Gal knows that Butch is lying and calls Tabs in to fix Peng's brainwashing of the poor man.  He tries to smash her with his new hammerfist and she wraps her whip around his neck. The people of Gotham are so damned weird.

Gordon tries to make a case for Bridget, that she was abused her whole life and should maybe be protected. Barnes doesn't give a shit and wants her in custody for 3 murders.

Bridget and Cat talk about frying her brothers, and she has no regrets, she's free now. She's now going after the 'pervs and the bullies', which is fine by me, but not by Cat. This is obviously going to end poorly, but I'm hoping Firefly takes out a few before she goes down. Cat gives her an emotional hug, saying goodbye in a way, and pretty much sealing Bridget's fate.

At the Galavan house, Theo, Tabs, Silver? (who's pre-teen bait) and little Bruce Wayne are having a splendid dinner.

At the Nygma household, Ed made one hell of a dinner and is a little aggressive, which clearly turns Kringle on. I don't know what kind of freaky love potion Nygma has injected her with, but she's extremely frisky. They take it to the bedroom... this lady clearly has some issues of her own.

Cat gives Gordon a heads up of where Firefly is: the slave pens. The girls start to run free as the police pull up. Gordon tries to talk to Bridget, that he'll help her. She lights off a bit of fire, springing a leak in her tank. Gordon tries to talk to her again, and she torches a car... which blows up and subsequently lights her on fire. Christ.

Gal and Bruce have some bro time, talking about Sid Bunderslaw, someone who works at Wayne Enterprises. He does some psychological warfare on Bruce about his father's secrets and offers his help once he is mayor. Yeah, let's do that.

Butch arrives  back to Peng; he knows the whereabouts of mommy dearest even though he got caught looking, so they know an assault is waiting for them.

Cat has broken into Lee's apartment and is holding her newly favorite sawed-off shotgun at her. Gordon arrives and Cat relaxes a bit. He tells her that Bridget isn't going to make it and Cat snaps. He asks her once again who hired the fire people in the first place and Cat slips, telling him it was Peng. The Cat-Gordon partnership is now dissolved.

Nygma and Kringle are post-sex and she confesses she's scared that Dougherty will come back (from the dead) and catch her with Ed. He tries over and over again to reassure her, and she keeps telling him how sweet he is (which reminds me of the shitty writing from last season involving Fish - "Babes. Babes. Babes. *BANG*). Ed says not to worry, they had an altercation and... maybe... perhaps... he killed him. Ed spilled the beans. You want that dark, mysterious, badboy Nygma? You've got him. Then, to put the icing on the creepy-ass cake, he shows Kringle Dougherty's badge like it's a prize he won out of a Cracker Jack box. She freaks out (DUH), accusing him of murder and being right about his uber creepy stalker tendencies. She's going to turn him in and he loses it. Putting a hand over her mouth and another on her neck, he professes he'd never hurt  her... and ends up killing her. This is the breaking point right here, folks. Good Nygma is gone forever and now we're about to be assaulted with more evil riddles than we can handle.

Peng is getting locked and loaded to save mother, Cat is mourning the loss of a friend (and more of her youth), and Nygma has killed the only thing in his life that has kept bad Nygma at bay.


In a dark corridor, poor little Bridget is being wheeled to a bay where other people are being tested on; her suit melted to her body and now she's practically fireproof. Welcome to Indian Hill, a bunker that is a part of the vast Wayne Enterprises network. Poor Bruce has no idea the shitshow that goes on under his name.


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