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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Gotham: 02x10, Rise Of The Villans: The Son Of Gotham

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

11/26/2015 1:15 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 02x10, Rise Of The Villans: The Son Of Gotham | The Son Of Gotham
Media Courtesy of FOX

Good gracious, Gotham. Unleashing an army of angry monks on this poor, defenseless city is just such a mean thing to do... and so totally YOU. Stay gritty.

It's a rainy day and some poor woman is being terrorized. She's mugged, but the perp has some shadowy figure pounce on him, saving the woman's purse, and maybe her life. To me, it briefly looked like Cat, but if she's able to take a grown man down at this age, she's hella impressive. In some dark place, a man gets his throat slit, because if we don't murder at least one person in the first five minutes of Gotham, we can't get the episode going in a proper manner.

Meanwhile, the policefolk of the GCPD are burying their latest loss, the rookie cop who turned into dinner in last week's episode. Gordon is obviously pissed. While wearing his GCPD classy uniform, he makes a visit to Theo. "Does the name Catherine Parks mean anything to you?" Theo is heartless in regards to the fallen cop, and Gordon can't wait to hit the destruct button on the Galavan family. Gordon gets home and talks with Lee, telling her he had a choice to kill Catherine Park's murderer, the cannibal. He clearly regrets not killing him, even though it's not the "right" thing to do. Lee tells him he did good, and to get over it. He's stone cold and won't give into her. And thus begins the decline of the Gordon/Lee relationship. I'm calling it now... unless I've called it before? I bet I have - these two are highly unstable.

The lead priest for the legion of weird monks has a prisoner and slits his throat in some crazy sacrifice ritual. Alright then.

Cat and Bat are staking out, watching Silver and trying to figure out if she's a liar or not. Hint: she is. Bruce is still hellbent on thinking Galavan has answers to his parent's murder. The naivete, I swear.

Gordon is still on the hunt for Gertrude Cobblepot's body, trying to tie her disappearance to Galavan. The Captain returns to the GCPD and tells Gordon to give up on Theo, handing him a case that involves a man getting his throat slit (hmm, sound familiar?). Bullock and Gordon head to a 'tea house' that specializes in happy endings. At the tea  house, the creepy group of monks arrive, presumably to mess shit up.

Bruce talks to Silver to try and get info from her, while Cat listens in the trees. He asks for the name over and over again, promising a good defense for her uncle. Hormones rage, but this time, Bruce plays Silver. He whispers something into her ear, which changes her mind for some stupid reason. Sharing a kiss, she agrees to call her uncle. Bruce heads off to school while two goons in a van watch him, one of which has scars on his face that resemble those that were on Heath Ledger's Joker. Peculiar. He waits until after school and shows up in creepy van to kidnap Bruce. Silver has already been taken hostage and is of course, seconds from screaming her head off.

Arriving at the tea house, Gordon and Bullock find a very dead body. An assassin bursts through the wall and Gordon goes all Chuck Norris on the guy, eventually stabbing him in the torso. The assassin barely flinches and runs from the scene. Gordon catches up to the guy... who tells him that "the day of reckoning is at hand, and the blood of 9 shall wash away the sin"... and then promptly walks into traffic. Okay. Somehow though, Lee is able to examine the body that was seemingly hit by a friggin' box truck. The laws of physics don't apply in Gotham.

Gordon tells the Captain that he thinks the Monks are from the Dumas group and they're connected to the Galavans. The two men tie the sacrficed man together with the monks, so two cases have now become one, and Gordon can once again chase after Galavan with the Captains permission. All signs lead to the sewers, so Gordon and Bullock wade through the literal shit of Gotham.

Nygma is on the phone with Penguin, and irritated as hell. Lee overhears him, dropping the monk case work off. She inquires about who was on the phone, asking if it was Kringle. Nygma plays it off, but realizes he's being too cold, and fake cries. He explains that Kringle left town with Dougherty; Lee can barely believe it since Dougherty was so abusive. In a hysterical moment, Nygma's phone rings and the ringtone is "Who's Sorry Now". We all know it's assigned to Penguin, which makes it that much more hilarious. It's a wonder why Nygma hasn't kill Peng yet.

In an abandoned warehouse in the middle of next to nowhere, Scarface (with an amazing Scottish accent) threatens Bruce and Silver. He wants to know who's been nosing around in the Wayne deaths and what they've learned about it. Bruce gets slapped a few times because he's a "noble" kid who doesn't know how to shut the hell up... and also because I think he wants to impress Silver. Scarface takes Bruce into another room to torture him and Silver breaks the silence... Theo wasn't ever going to help Bruce, was going to convince the kid to sell the company, and she knows nothing. Another round of betrayal for Bruce. He's dragged into a room screaming his head off, about to lose his fingers. Silence falls over the building. Scarface comes back out for Silver, holding a bloody scarf and knife in hand. In a moment of... stupidity? Bravery? I don't know what it is, but Silver basically tells him to shove off, her uncle will save her. Scarface grabs her hand and goes to cut her thumb off and she yells out a name: Malow. Merlot? Myloh? I'll figure it out soon, because her mumbling didn't make any sense. Let's just assume it's Merlot because thinking a bottle of wine killed the Waynes is somehow fitting for this show. She doesn't know the guy's first name though, and starts to freak out again. Scarface calls out to the next room - "Are we good?" - and we see Bruce and Selina stroll out. Gotcha, you spoiled, little twat. Bruce tells a begging Silver to shut the hell up; Selina found the file that outlined how her family wanted to sell Wayne Enterprises. Silver claims that the name is fake, she only made it up to get the guy to stop. Selina points out that she only gave the name up when her life was threatened, not Bruce's. Clearly there's no love lost there. Pulling a pity move, Silver says that her uncle will kill her once he finds out what she's said. She tries to play a mind trick on him, furthering the pity party. Bruce gives less than one shit, walking out like a boss. BATMAN IS COMING, Y'ALL.

Stomping through the sewers, Gordon and Bullock hear a man scream. Throat-slashing victim #8 has a finger paint blessing on his forehead. A monk appears out of nowhere and Bullock slams him into a pillar, one that's holding Gotham up. In a quick moment of comedy, Bullock basically prays to the ceiling, hoping it won't cave in. Instead of calling an ambulance, they listen to the monk... the day of reckoning is coming. He's unable to see and asks for a blessing, assuming one of his fellow monks is there. Gordon cuts his hand, dripping blood on the monk's forehead (what???). The ritual was good enough and the monk says that "The son of Gotham shall die, and the city shall be cleansed." Some idiot officer runs in and addresses Gordon as Detective, alerting the monk to his situation: he just spilled the beans.

In the Galavan's apartment, Tabs digs up the dagger from under a floorboard. She hears Alfred's voice in the hall, calling out for Bruce. Tabs attacks him and Alfred plays with her head. They both know Theo doesn't care a lick about her, and Alfread could make her disappear easily. This pisses her off and they fight like two crazy ninjas in nice clothing. Tabs lunges one last time at Alfred, slicing his side with the big ass knife. She chases him down in the elevator and out the door, throwing a dagger into his shoulder as he escapes in a garbage truck.

In court, the former mayor of Gotham is on the stand against Galavan, with Harvey freakin' Dent there to prosecute Galavan. Bruce rushes in and tells the Captain there is one sacrifice left and they're calling that person the Son of Gotham. The court hears the former Mayor's testimony: Galavan did not kidnap me, it was the Penguin who had me. The world falls to pieces for Gordon, who cries out in court. Everything goes haywire and the judge reminds the former Mayor that he's under oath... but he sticks with his story - it was Cobblepot. Theo is released and before he walks from the court room, he speaks: he harbors no ill will towards GCPD, and wants to remain friends/partners with them. Gordon fucking decks him and is dragged from the courtroom. The two cops who dragged him out stun gun him... and here we go again.

Bat and Cat arrive home to Wayne Manor. She asks him what the whisper to Silver was (insert 'curiosity killed the cat' joke here). Bruce is amused but spills it... he told Silver that he'd never met anyone like her, that he trusted her with his life, and that he felt tied to her in a way he couldn't explain. While none of those words are a lie (the best liars tell the truth), they weren't for Silver. They were for Cat. D'awww. In an awkward exit, Cat asks permission to steal one of Bruce's cars to get back to the city. She explains that it's good he's changing, but don't change too much.

Nymga calls Peng and tells him to get rid of Kringle's glasses, since Lee is being nosy. Peng's crony stops by to spill the bad news: Galavan has been let go. Penguin crushes Kringle's glasses in anger, clearly wanting to cut a bitch.

Theo has Gordon tied up to some weird contraption in a warehouse somewhere. I mean, really... how many abandoned warehouses ARE there in Gotham? He's allowing Gordon to ask a few questions before the cop dies (because obviously, he's so totally going to die) and immediate Gordon wants to know about the monks. The Order of St. Dumas has been protecting the Galavan's for centuries. Theo tells him that his real last name is Dumas and it was HIS family that built Gotham, not the damned Waynes. It isn't revenge, it's atonement. The son of Gotham wasn't going to be Bruce... it was always going to be Gordon. For funsies, they cut Gordon loose, who gets his ass beat by Theo. Gordon is lying on the ground at the mercy of two bad cops. From behind, they're shot twice, with a waddling figure coming onto the scene. Penguin is healed, angry, and vengeful - where the hell is Galavan?

In Wayne Manor, Bruce is going through papers when someone arrives. It's not Alfred, but Mr. Theo Galavan himself. So nope, I was wrong. Bruce IS the son of Gotham.

But he lives, because he's going to become Batman.

While I enjoy Gotham for the most part, it's hard to disconnect with the story. You know that Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Penguin, Nygma and Harvey Dent are all going to live... they're basically everything behind most modern versions of Batman. But the rest of the cast is open to being killed off. So when Bruce is put in a scary situation, it doesn't have as much of an emotional impact... because he's friggin' Batman and can't die. I don't know how to get around this, but I find myself stepping out of the mindset of being immersed in the show to remember that oh, this person has a 99% chance of making it out of a bad situation because their character lives on in the comics.

One more episode to go before the break. At this point, I just want the marvelous Jerome back with his Maniax friends, because I'm becoming less and less attached to this storyline. But as we all know, Jerome is dead.

Please bring him back. Re-animate him, or something. Just do it.


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