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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Gotham: 1x19, Beasts Of Prey

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

04/15/2015 2:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham: 1x19, Beasts Of Prey | Gotham
Media Courtesy of DCComics
And we're back, Gotham fans! This week's episode, 1X19, "Beasts of Prey," does not disappoint. Fish tries to sneak out sneaky-like, but the catcher gives her a warning. She plays it cool. Gordon visits Bruce, fresh out of banshee screams (is that joke played out yet?), and confronts him about hiding who attacked Alfred. Bruce plays dumb. A new cop gives Gordon a case, appealing to him by saying he believes in the work Gordon does. Gordon accepts. Gordon talks to his girlfriend/Forensic Specialist Examiner person Lee, and she says whoever committed the murder is a monster. Fish conspires with the inmate she "betrayed" when she came to power, and tells him they're getting off the island, or they're going to die trying. Alfred conspires to get back at Reggie before he leaves. Bruce says he'll help, Alfred tries to deny him, and then his wounds burst open. Clearly Banshee Bruce isn't the one to fuck with. Oswald wants Miss Rosa from OITNB's store (at least it looks like her), and she denies him, but he says he'll do anything and she says she wants her granddaughter to be freed of that loser guitarist boyfriend who seduced her and come back to her religious family.  If he does that, she'll consider his offer. Penguin agrees to the terms. Gordon convinces Bullock to help him. Nygma gives them crucial information. Fish talks to some of the convicts, and convinces them to join her. Her sass is wonderful. Gordon and Bullock go to check out the speak easy the vic went to, and an absurdly detailed montage of what occurred between the victim and the shadily-presented potential killer at his own home with no one else around is shown, despite there being no tangible way for the bartender to know that. But hey, the power of television. Bruce goes to a gun place. Oswald has big dude cut off guitarist boyfriend's fingers, when he refuses to part with his true love. Gordon deduces that the killer kept her alive for a time before killing her. Super relevant. Fish sneaks inside white man's office, and white man catches her and says, "What a surprise." White man pulls a gun on Fish (are you even surprised?), and asks her to be honest. So of course, Fish lies (are you even surprised?). She says that the abomination that he made with the previous guy in Fish's job/place scares her, gives her nightmares, and she was going to kill herself. That she fears his creation... and that he's the Doll Maker. White man asks if she's going to kill herself instead of being something he made, and she said yes. He said he'd forgive her this one time, but if she tries something like that again, he'd bring her back from the dead and make her something like the world has never seen. Bruce tracks down Selina, who finds him, and they go search for Reggie. Miss Rosa comforts her granddaughter than backhands her and tells her to clean herself up. Penguin shows up and says it's time they discuss terms. Edward Nygma finds a photocopy of evidence and Bullock nearly shits himself, saying it's a serial killer. Cue old-timey film burning flashback. He has her broken and scared and she fucks up slightly and so he kills her. Oswald reveals the reason he wants that place so bad is because he plans to kill Don Maroni there. Fish starts the escape plan, has the men go before her so she can get the injured guy who is loyal to her, only for the Doll Maker to appear as she's about to head back into the cell, saying she lied to him and he will make her regret it and make wonderful things out of her parts. Then the door to the cells behind him open, Fish smiles, and the men beat the shit out of White man. "See you around, Doc," Fish says, a playful smile lighting up her features. Reasons you don't fuck with Fish Mooney. Did I not tell you she was a galactic nigga? She earned that status after scooping out her own eye to spite that dude. Boss as fuck. So those dudes with the rifles shoot the shit out of the guys who tried to get to the boat, while Fish leads the others to the chopper. White dude who threatened her earlier runs around to the back to get a clear shot at her piloting the helicopter, and he shoots her. One shot. Fish lets out one scream before clamping down and flying the chopper away. What did I tell you? Fish Mooney: Galactic Nigga. Shit does not phase her. I suspect she'll be paralyzed or something from the waist down, because the Law of Conservation of Detail dictates that a single bullet is going to be extremely important, otherwise it wouldn't have been included. She basically pilots a copter while bleeding from a pivotal abdomen wound. Boss. As. Fuck. Bullock delivers the details about the killer to Gordon. He asks how Gordon knew about this. Gordon says a fellow officer asked him to look into it. Bullock asks which one. Gordon looks constipated. Selina and Bruce team up to harass the junkie Reggie in the most amazing manner, in tandem, making such a great team. When he's told them all he knows, he's leaning out the window to get his bag of drugs, saying he'll tell on them to the person who hired him. Bruce wants to push him so badly, and Selina sees this, and hesitates before screaming, "No you won't!" and shoving him out herself, letting him plummet to his death. BatCat is officially off to a romantic start. Nothing like befriending a girl who knows about your parents' murders, helps you escape bad guys, and shake them down for info before killing them for you. Absolute shipping material. They're perfect. Selina saved Bruce's innocence (or whatever is left of it), and did the deed for him to spare him from becoming jaded and morally-questionable like she is. She needed to be that way to survive on the streets. She wants to save Bruce the trouble. Bruce just stares out the window and Selina leaves in a hurry. Bullock bullies the cop who gave Gordon the assignment, until the man tells them that Commissioner Lobe put him up to it, to appeal to Gordon's sensibilities and idealistic justice, and that he knew he couldn't say no. He had no choice because Lobe had dirt on him. Like he does with everyone. Gordon calls Lee but sees Lobe stroll in (how convenient), and threatens him, says he's done playing the games and now they'll play his, and that when he puts away the serial killer, he's coming after Lobe. That was pretty intense, don't you think?

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