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PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham Finale Recap | Gotham
Media Courtesy of EW

(Credit: FOX’s Gotham)

Very “Norse” chic, I like it. She greets Selina with a “Good morning, child” and when Selina corrects her on both counts, she replies, “Oh, it’ll be a new day soon.” Two weeks later, we’re at Bruce’s mansion. Bruce deduces that his father’s secret life is in that very room, because he always locked it when he was working and no one was allowed to disturb him. Falcone is at his chicken farm and is talking to one of the hens, only to almost die because Maroni’s men shoot a bazooka at him. His men are arrested, and Gordon goes to visit Barbara who is being patched up by Lee. Lee insists Barbara talks to a trauma counselor, and she agrees, provided it’s Lee herself and done at Barbara’s place. Penguin visits a tied-down-to-a-gurney Falcone and reveals he did everything and is about to slit his throat when Gordon walks in and holds a gun to Butch’s head and says they’re being arrested for attempted murder. Gordon rescues Falcone and says he’ll restore him to his safe house in order for him to restore order to Gotham, because he’s the “least worst option". Gordon then starts a shootout with Maroni’s men inside the hospital. Somehow, the accuracy is literal garbage and a far cry from the deadly accuracy in the beginning episodes. Ah well, bullet accuracy is only consistent when the plot needs it to be. They escape in a Gotham ambulance, with Bullock showing up before. Maroni’s pissed. Bruce cleans out all the books in the bookshelf in his study den and tells Alfred he’ll know when he finds what he is looking for. Gordon and the gang take refuge in a warehouse. (Literally who even is surprised at this point? The bad guys hold their meetings in abandoned warehouses, the good guys hide out in abandoned warehouses…I’m starting to think everyone is really uncreative, and if they don’t find them within three seconds, then everyone’s an idiot to boot.) Of course, because it’s way too convenient, Falcone claims anyone who knows about this place is dead, so they’ll be safe here. Mhm. Sure. And so pulls up Selina with a new ‘do and a machine gun. Fish shows up then, with a new hairdo (I personally liked the old one better), and says, “I know, I know. It’s astonishing. Sometimes, I astonish myself,” in reference to her reappearance, because everyone thought she was ran out of Gotham and probably left for dead in that body harvesting plant. Barbara and Lee have their therapy session. She says she’s worried that the Ogre is still alive, that everything feels dreamlike, that she’ll wake up and he’ll be there. Fish has them all strung up within seconds and she makes a deal with Maroni that if she delivers him Falcone’s head, she gets all her old territories back. She says Penguin will die a slow, painful death due to what he did with Butch, and the same goes for Falcone. For Gordon, she’ll keep it simple, and she’s cool with Bullock. Selina asks how she’s going to kill them. Fish says she likes her. Barbara pries with Lee about Gordon. It gets awkward. Penguin tries to manipulate Fish by saying to keep Falcone alive because if he dies, Maroni has no use for her and will kill her. Maroni denies this, saying Fish isn’t competition, and that she’s an underboss and takes order and calls her “babes”. She doesn’t like this one bit. He is incredibly condescending, and you can just tell she’s plotting thirty-seven thousand ways to kill him in that instant. Fish is still willing to give him a lot of leeway, but he keeps pushing the point and beating a dead horse and keeps calling her “babes” and telling her to relax, which is an order. Basically, Salvatore Maroni is being a colossal fuckboy. Simple math: Colossal Fuckboys = Cosmic disaster. He tells the other men that she isn’t to be called “babes” or “toots” or anything else because it’s “a woman’s lib” thing. And then Fish Mooney shoots him in the head. “I am relaxed,” she says, calmly. And when everyone is shocked because Maroni is dead, another shootout starts. It’s so odd to see a gang war being intercut and juxtaposed with something as calm as a relaxing and cathartic therapy session. But hey, Gotham. Barbara keeps trying to bring the conversation back to Gordon and avoid talking her truth, but Lee insists. Falcone says he’s done with this business and is leaving as soon as he can get out of town. Bullock appeals to Falcone for a job there, on a nice waterside house, and Falcone acquiesces readily, but Selina and cronies show up with guns and she says, “Hello again. Cat got your tongue?” It’s been so long since future-Catwoman made a cat-related pun, and I suppose it worked best building up to the first season finale. Four for you, writers. Fish has them all in her grasp again, but instead of getting out, Penguin comes back and shoots the place up because why not. He wants Fish, and sees her running away up the stairs. Poor bastard has to climb them all with his leg.
Gotham Courtesy of
Barbara is unloading all her issues on Lee, who says for her for continue. Then Barbara relates how her parents never understood her and she killed them; Lee misunderstands and thinks she means the Ogre did, but Barbara insists she did it herself, stabbing them several times and then slitting their throats. Lee spots the knife Barbara was using to cut the cake and is suddenly nervous, trying to run but Barbara stops her by brandishing the knife. Lee says she wants to leave, and Barbara asks if she’s uncomfortable before pulling up the knife and asking again. Lee runs out while Barbara stares. I did not expect that. The close-ups on their faces and music really made for a chilling scene. Very nice work. Lee runs into the bathroom and Barbara chases her, smashing the door in. Bullock, Gordon and Falcone enter an elevator with an old white lady carrying her dog. It was intercut with the scene of Lee and Barbara fighting. Lee elbows the mirror and shatters it, resulting in glass shards – she picks one up in a cloth and gets ready to fight Barbara in a badass fight. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. They tumble and scramble to best the other. Lee finally gets the upper hand and punches the shit out of Barbara before repeatedly slamming her head into the ground, knocking her out. Gordon walks in on her doing that, and Lee cries that Barbara just went crazy. Bullock quips to Falcone that he warned Gordon that Barbara was trouble. Penguin and Fish fight on the rooftop, and she pushes him to the edge above a mass of water. Butch shows up and is about to shoot one of them, and Penguin says it should be her and Fish says it should be him, and Butch was brainwashed to do whatever Penguin says, so he shoots Fish in the leg and then shoots Penguin right after in the same place. He apologizes to Fish, wondering why he did that, and says he’s so sorry and he would never hurt her and that he loves her. She forgives him, saying it’s not his fault and that they messed with his mind and she loves him too. Penguin knocks Butch down and then comes for Fish, telling her goodbye, and she says it’s all good and he tackles her over the edge, her screaming the whole way down into the water. If there’s one thing I know, I know that was an open “death”, and Oswald came back from something similar (though not so quite high up) so I want to say Fish is going to come back eventually; at least she wasn’t explicitly killed off, and hopefully Jada Pinkett Smith reprises her role in the future. Penguin rejoices, climbing up onto the ledge, screaming how he’s the “King of Gotham” into a thundering gray sky. Ms. Kringle confronts Edward about how the letter’s lines spell out his last name “Nygma”, and he denies knowing anything. He experiences a mental episode and you can see him start to become who he will be, with conversations in his mind. Gordon and Falcone chat, and Falcone says Gotham needs Gordon. He then hands him a knife saying it was his father’s and that they used to be friends. He also says Gordon’s father was the most honest man he ever knew. Using the clue Lucius Fox gave him about his father being a stoic, a quote Alfred says about there being “none so blind” sparks an idea in Bruce who finds a book about Marcus Rulius, a Roman emperor who was “stoic”, and finds a device with a button in it. He presses it, classical music begins to play, and they believe it to be a stereo…until the fireplace moves back and reveals a pathway down a cave. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit. Bruce’s dad might have been the proto-Batman.

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