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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Gotham Needs A Little More Calcium In This Week's Episode

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/22/2014 11:20 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gotham Needs A Little More Calcium In This Week's Episode | gotham
Media Courtesy of Dual Pixels
Bruce's banshee wail in the intro yet again makes me laugh. God, I'm a horrible person. Kid just had his parents murdered in front of his eyes and I'm making fun of his prepubescent screeching. Probably hit a higher note than Mariah Carey. Speaking of Mariah Jr., he starts off the episode by pinning things to his wall of connections to the murders of his parents. Alfred of the Annoying Accent (A3) asks him to join him on a stroll in that droll British way of his. Bruce reveals he wants to figure out how Gotham works, and A3 walks away when he realizes there's no getting through to Banshee Boy. Apparently it's Maroni instead of Mulroney. Which is odd because I originally thought it was Maroni but thought that I was wrong and it was a dumb thing to think, not really a name, so it sort of anglicized itself to Mulroney? But I guess my first instinct was right. I bring this up because Maroni is talking to his right-hand guy Frankie and detailing his plans to mess with Falcone over a casino, and how he's not going to stop until he's taken over, inch by inch if need be. Oswald is listening in as always. Dude is playing guitar for drugs on the street when another dude drops off a little vial with a green liquid. He stupidly follows the instruction that says 'breathe me'. Something tells me this guy skipped out on every drug lesson in class. It's clear something's possessed him because he goes into a convenience store, starts drinking jugs of milk, and tells the counter guy, "Do not vex me, mortal." Counter guy should've left then, because A.) either the guy was high as hell and dangerous as fuck, or B.) he was clearly immortal, as evidenced by his word usage. Either way, you don't engage immortal, crazy, or immortal crazy. Something tells me this dude skipped out every common sense lesson in class. Gordon and Bullock are enjoying burgers from a street vendor, and Selina drops by rather unnecessarily cat-like. We get it: you're a thief, you need to be agile and sneaky, there are a billion allusions to your eventual transformation into Catwoman. You don't need to be creepily dropping out of nowhere and perching on shit. It'd be cooler if you just like slunk out from the shadows and appeared out of nowhere without all this perching and crouching on all fours nonsense. Gordon stops her from pickpocketing, but she manages to run away, and they get sucked into the crazy possessed guy's crime scene at the convenience store, where he stole an ATM. By himself. Fish is listening to opera with her new protege/weapon, who stops her music and complains about boredom. Fish says she wants excitement, to which the girl agrees, so Fish slaps her. "How's that? Excited now?" God, I love Fish. She tells her that she's not her mama, even though the girl is her baby girl, and how she has to earn the title of Fish being her mama. Is that a running theme? Oswald considered her his "mother figure" (though he may have been bullshitting to spare his life) and now this girl? Fish plays the music again, after letting the girl know she is Fish's secret weapon and that she needs to learn to sing this song and that it is important. Gordon and Bullock consort with Essen, who is bewildered someone could be that strong due to a drug. Gordon explains to her that Nygma found some traces and will have an analysis by the morning. Meanwhile, they'll look for the guy. Fish and the other families meet with Falcone in an abandoned warehouse (gee, they really have a kink for that, don't they?) and the other families express their upset at Maroni getting a piece of Arkham and thinking he's won a great battle. Falcone says Maroni will think what he wants him to think, and no push back yet, despite the other families urging for it. Nikolai is pushing for it, and spitting out some old country wisdom and sayings, until Fish says, "Can the folklore, Niko. We're not in your godforsaken country. We are here in Gotham, where we have plumbing, electricity, and Don Falcone is the boss." And then Nikolai spits some misogyny about women being in either kitchens or the bedrooms depending on their talents in his country, to which Fish replies, "I bet your mother was a lousy cook." Snizzap. Fish don't play. Like I said before, her and Oswald are my favourites. He tells her not to talk about his mother, but she steps up to him and challenges him with "Or what? You're going to hit a lady?" Falcone steps in and says it's enough. Gordon and Bullock track down the guy who's no longer high but is in withdrawal, pleading with them to get him more from the man with the mangled ear. Shit happens and ultimately he gets squashed by the ATM he was lifting.
gotham Courtesy of: FOX Don't do drugs, kids.
Mangled Ear Dude (MED) gives away bottles to people he passes on the street en masse. Bruce deduces that members of the Wayne Foundation were giving parts of Arkham away, which is how the mobsters got some. Pandemonium occurs in the Gotham police district station as so many people take the drug known as 'Viper', and gain an absolute europhia and super human strength for a few hours before dying horrible deaths. Nygma describes it as Viper tapping into unused DNA, burning calcium from the skeletal system as fuel, which explains why they try to consume their weight in milk and cheese in order to replenish it. They deduce it was created in a high-tech lab, the Waynes Foundation having the best one, so they go to investigate it. However, the lady that gave the whereabouts of the first user has also taken it and melts before their eyes. Nigma simply goes, "Fascinating. Fascinating." Maroni is talking to Frankie about maybe using the Viper toxin to get into the club, but Oswald suggests another idea. He is invited to sit down by Maroni, who asks about his backstory. Oswald reveals he used to work for Fish, and then Maroni knocks him out. WellZyn (the company) sends a representative that to meet with Gordon and Bullock, and it's determined that MED used to work for them but was fired. Bullock puts out an APB for him while Gordon is blackmailed by Frankie to join him in the car, where a black bag is put over his head. He's brought to Maroni's restaurant where Oswald is beat up and sitting by Maroni's side and is told to tell the same story as Oswald, otherwise they both die. Gordon reveals the entire conspiracy to Maroni, who deems Oswald was telling the truth and treats him as a secret weapon, much like the way Fish treated the songstress. Gordon is now to answer to Maroni whenever he calls. He's just gotten himself into deeper shit. I bet he wishes he killed Oswald when he had the chance. Fish is teaching the songstress to say 'I love you' in a sexless way, clean 'like a mother'. Then she teaches her how to react when catching someone in a lie, not out of anger but disappointment. Once she nails that, Fish discusses what they should do to her hair. Going through MED's stuff, they determine he may have had a friend in a philosophy professor at Gotham U. He chats them up and reveals WellZyn lied about MED working on shampoos and conditioners, instead having been manufacturing biochemical weapons that worked on an epigenetic level to make super soldier strong enough to rip grown men in half with their bare hands. Viper was the first batch with a consequence (death), and the improved version was dubbed 'Venom'. MED ran into moral issues and appealed to Thomas and Martha Wayne (head of the board) to get it shut down, and they agreed. After their deaths, it was revived, so MED took to more radical measures.It turns out he's been aiding MED and helped coordinate his plan. He snaps open a bottle and inhales the Viper, before kicking their ass, dying, and Gordon figuring out where MED went. Bruce is at the WellZyn meeting, Bruce chats with a black lady who provides exposition for him. Then MED shows up on the screen and details his maniacal plot. He hooks it up so that Viper infects the room through the vents. Gordon tracks down the guy outside and tells him to turn it off or he'll shoot. MED refuses and Gordon instead shoots the cannister, and I just had to pause for a few minutes. Are you fucking serious? You legitimately shoot a cannister full of gas? Does anyone in this show have a lick of common sense, barring the bad guys? Like... way to hold the idiot ball, Gordon. Of course, MED gets infected with a massive dose. He gives them a clue and jumps off the building. They go to the warehouse he told them and find nothing. In the distance, they are surveyed by the black lady to whom Bruce talked and raised concerns about irregularities in the Arkham project. She's evil. Or misguided. Whatever the politically-correct term is for evil-doers nowadays. A3 finally cracks and aids and abets Bruce in his decision to investigate and look over files, which makes Bruce smile. Oswald and Maroni and Frankie are in a car, waiting for Oswald's janitor friend (the one who can help them gain access into the casino; this was the better plan Oswald told Maroni before). Fish and Nikolai are fucking. I bet people figured that out when they put up such a catty front. They discuss how Fish is backing Nikolai for his takeover, but while she wants to do it in due time, he has no more patience. Fish agrees, and says as long as they do it softly. Falcone is in the park feeding birds bread when the songstress with a new do strolls by, listening to opera music and catching his eye. He tells her how his mother used to sing like that and almost mentions how she looks just like him. She invites him to listen to the music and they sit down. It's clear he's smitten. And now everything makes sense. Falcone has massive mommy issues, or mommy fantasies in the most Oedipus way possible, and Fish is exploiting that. Wuh-oh. We'll see how this goes.  

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