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PopWrapped | Recaps
Gotham Recap 1x21 | Gotham
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The Ogre has Barbara tied up. Wuh-oh.

Gordon interrogates a punk who knows something about the Ogre, and he goes to Penguin to get an invite to the Fox Glove – a club he needs to get into. He owes Penguin a big favour, though, and sends Harvey Bullock in because he’s too conspicuous.

Oswald plans to murder Maroni tonight.

Edward Nygma is dealing with the body, believing that if there’s no body, there’s no crime.

Bruce receives a key by messenger from Selina, the one they copied from Bunderslaw. Alfred is busy with his loser friend’s funeral.

The Ogre sets Barbara down from her chains and reveals the photos of all the women he’s killed. She faints.

Bruce, at Wayne Enterprises, pulls the alarm and sneaks into Bunderslaw’s office, opening his vault before Bunderslaw catches him and says he expected him. They chat about the reality of the company, and Bunderslaw tries to convince Bruce to drop it; he’s reluctant, and Lucius Fox comes to escort him to the public relations representative he ditched, while discretely telling Bruce his father was a good man, not what Bunderslaw and the rest believed.

Ms. Kringle sees her boyfriend’s mangled body while Edward works on it, but she doesn’t realize it’s him, because Ed does work in a morgue. Doy.

Bullock goes to the Fox Glove, which caters to kinky people. He sees something on the stage – the night’s main attraction – that disturbs him so deeply (and we don’t see what it is) that he deliberately reveals himself as GCPD so he can put an end to the fuckery. I laughed.

Gordon goes to Bullock and they find a woman who was disfigured by The Ogre, and through her, they determine where he lives.

The assassin dude goes to Maroni and takes the gun Butch planted to kill them, as well as the rifle or shotgun, and it has no bullets. They say it’s from Falcone, but when they shoot and nothing comes out, Maroni is enraged, says he’s coming after Falcone, and has them killed.

To Butch, Penguin explains how he had the firing pins taken out and wanted Maroni to kill them so he could deal with Falcone, under whose thumb Oswald no longer appreciated being.

Edward contemplates having the officer he killed sending Ms. Kringle a letter, before putting his skull in a bag and smashing it with a hammer.

Bullock and Gordon get to the apartment, but the Ogre’s left and he calls them with a taunting message. From sounds in it, they deduce he went to Barbara’s house, where he is currently killing her parents while she watches on, mystified. Detached.

They get to the house, fight, and Gordon shoots the Ogre dead. He assures Barbara it’s going to be okay.

Bruce comes clean to Alfred about how Reggie died. Alfred comforts him about what Bunderslaw said regarding his father.

Gordon is hailed as a hero by the GCPD and he had Lee have their romantic emotional catharsis.

Ms. Kringle is upset about the note she got from ‘Officer Dorty’. Edward comforts her, saying, “Sometimes with men, you need to read between the lines.” She responds with an epic, “Sometimes with men, you need to drink.” The first letter of every line reads “Nygma," Ed’s clue that it was he who did it. Little numbskull couldn’t help himself.

Falcone receives a package with the assassin’s head in it. It’s in a Maroni “tomato paste” box. Maroni’s men shoot up some of Falcone’s.

Captain Essen calls all the people working in the GCPD and tells them that they’re in the middle of a shooting war.

Penguin sits back and laughs his now-annoying laugh with his now-annoying smirk. I liked him better when he was pitiable because now he’s too smug and better of as Fish’s lackey.

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