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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Gotham Recap: Like A Fish Out Of Water

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

03/12/2015 2:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gotham Recap: Like A Fish Out Of Water | Gotham
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Nice pun, eh? No Banshee Bruce. :'( Fish is wheeled to a desolate, isolated place. Is it an underground parking lot? I swear, these mafia tropes... She's strapped onto a raised gurney and is going to be entertained by Bob. She's not fazed, and seems to be amused. Gordon consoles Harvey, saying he had a thing for Fish, but he denies it, although he says if anyone can get out of a jam like that, it's Fish, and that she's tough as nails. They're working a new case, guy strung up and Gordon finds something hidden in the heel of his shoe. They talk to Leon, the black janitor, and he agrees to come to the precinct and work with a sketch artist. Leon's on the phone and gets confronted by the killer and stabbed to death from the back. Inside the precinct. Just goes to show that even in a place full of cops, black people still get killed. Hmph. Same weapon, same wounds, determined by Edward Nygma. He supposes it's the same killer. Torturer guy chats up Fish, but she's proud. He asks her name, she says he knows who she is, and they converse as he fills out the form. It's revealed her name is "Marie Mercedes Mooney", aka Fish. She insults his daughters, he backhands her, she spits in his face. Fun. She tells him only her friends call her Fish, and they're not friends yet. She then begins cackling. Oh boy. Butch Gilzean (Fish's right hand man) escapes from his position in the back of the van (somehow), kills the driver, and then forces the other guy to tell him where Fish is. I love this. I love his loyalty. I love Butch's character. He's going to get shit done. Gordon and Bullock want to find the killer. Bruce and Alfred encounter Ivy, and Bruce pays her $20 to pass on a message to Selina, saying that he's looking for her. Fish is being asphyxiated by a bag over her head. The torturer removes the bag, says he's impressed, and says that removing a hand or so is terrible, but he found smashing a knee....and before we can figure out what he said, he's attacked and knocked out or killed by Butch, who rescues Fish and asks if she's okay. She doesn't respond, but she looks at him. Gordon interrogates cops, but no one flips over on their belly. Using a new angle, Gordon is clever in turning them against each other until "Delaware" is given up. Gordon arrests Delaware, searches his trunk, and finds the same thing he found in the heel of the dead man's show in the beginning. Gordon gets told off. Yes. Awkward Krygma moment. Oh Edward, you poor, weird thing. But weird is good. Fish wakes up in a safe house with Butch watching over her. He asks if she's okay, she says she's starving, and then he laughs and says she's one tough cookie. He suggests they have an hour to leave but Fish refuses to until she gets revenge on Oswald. Butch tries to reason with her, saying that they don't have any men anymore, but Fish says she's not going anywhere until she's slit his throat. Oswald is showing his mother a gift, Fish Mooney's old place. I can already tell she's going to die, poor woman. This poor, eccentric woman is probably going to be brutally tortured and killed by Fish to get to Oswald. :( They have a tender mother/son moment, and Oswald is adorable for a bit again. Bullock says asshole cop is protected, but Gordon can't let it be. They get to a warehouse filled with stuff (surprising), but asshole cop (Delaware) has friends in high places (like a judge), so he gets the warrant to clean out his own warehouse. Gordon can't do shit. He and Bullock return to GCPD headquarters and find that Leon's death was ruled a suicide, as revealed by Captain Essen. She pleads with him to drop it, saying that she wants to help him and has, but everyone who has learned the hard way why that's a bad idea, with corrupt men in power and the possibility of losing their jobs linger over their heads. She leaves and Gordon sees Leon's wife crying as she's come to claim the body, remarking he was too happy and that he wouldn't have committed suicide (something Gordon noted too, seeing as he was stabbed with an ice pick in the back several times). Ms. Kringle is in the filing room with a bunch of asshole cops who are laughing at Edward Nygma's letter to her. She tries to get them to stop, clearly uncomfortable and feeling bad for him, but they insist. Edward walks in and sees them reading it and looks so hurt. They tell him to not quit his day job, and even when he replies sadly with "Roger Dodger," they make fun of him again. Poor guy. Gordon visits Oswald for a favour, trying to get dirt on those guys. Oswald agrees, saying friends can do favours for friends. Zsasz walks up and finds the torturer bleeding and asking for Falcone to be called. He says no kidding, before putting a bullet in his skull. Oswald dismisses his mother and has his man take her home, before going on a champagne-fueled bender in his new place. As he's talking into the microphone to no one in particular, all alone as he practices welcoming people to his club, Fish claps and walks in with Butch. Give me a moment. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem. She schools him in the art of having a stage presence, a baseball bat visible in her hands. Someone bring Oswald's brown pants, because he shat himself. Bruce is playing chess when Selina strolls in through his open window. Kid is gonna get robbed one of these days. She says she got his message and asks what's up. He says that they're friends, and gives her a present. He then offers her the chance to live in his house, since she can help him catch his parents' killers. Spooked, Selina says she lied and doesn't know and that she doesn't want him to hassle her anymore and leaves. Bruce looks hurt. Poor Bruce. If you want to scream it out, Banshee Bruce, we would understand. Just this once. While Penguin's henchmen is out working on that favour Oswald asked for, we cut to a scene where Oswald is kissing Fish's shoe. God. Fish is all I aspire to be and more. She is OWNING it. He pleads for forgiveness, saying she's making a mistake, but she whacks him with her bat. She verbally destroys him and his idea of working together to fool everyone, reminding him of how she found and made him and how he was nothing before her. She reminds him he's a servant. Then Oswald snaps, saying he outfoxed her at every turn and that she never had the sense to see him working for Falcone the whole time. Then Zsasz appears and a shoot-out begins. Butch manages to wound/kill one of the girls Zsasz is always with, before dragging Fish away to safety. Zsasz and the girls follow, leaving Oswald behind to cackle. I have a horrible feeling Butch is going to die against a veteran like Zsasz, but I hope against hope it's not true. Butch lifts Fish out through a window and closes it, saying he'll slow them down, to which Fish protests before he leaves. Zsasz shoots him, and asks the girls if they should kill him or take him home to play with. I pray they take him home to play with, so that while he is tortured, he at least remains alive and Fish can save him the way he saved her, paying him back and completing the circle. Fish and Butch are my favourites in this show, apparently. Their dynamic is awesome. Edward is surgically-removing the onions from his take-out Chinese food when Ms. Kringle knocks and asks if she's interrupting. He tells her she is and what he's doing. She tells him she owes him an apology, and that she didn't give him the card, but that Arnold found it in her desk. She says she thinks his card was "" She apologizes again, and Edward is either about to ask her out or ask her a riddle, but she interrupts him and asks him not to say anything else please (almost as if she's afraid he will ask her out or ruin the moment). She then leaves, leaving Edward to smile to himself, saying, "There's hope." Oswald's henchmen, whose name I can't be bothered to remember (at least yet, anyways; he's starting to grow on me like a fungus...but a benevolently ambivalent one) puts a brown bag with the murder weapon on Gordon's desk, explains how the top guy gave Delaware the murder weapon to throw away but Delaware kept it in case to cover his ass. Bruce is crying. A vase broke. I'm not saying he used his super-sonic banshee powers, but I'm not saying he didn't use his super-sonic banshee powers. A3 (Alfred of the Annoying Accent) snaps at Bruce, and it's so catty, I'm actually starting to like A3 and his British Sensibilities of sass and sarcasm. Reinvigorated, Bruce says he'll find other leads since Selina was lying. Gordon confronts Arnold the cop in front of the entire precinct with the murder weapon and a cassette. He says Delaware gave him up. Arnold laughs at him, asking if he really thought the cops would let Gordon arrest him. "These are my friends", he says. Everyone is watching, and Gordon gives a speech about the trust Leon Winkler put in the cops and how he put his faith in badge, which Arnold isn't fit to wear. Essen watches along with the other cops. Gordon proclaims how he's going to arrest Arnold Flask, and the other cops start to agree, but Arnold tells them "Back off, I'm protected" until Essen speaks up, saying, "Shut up, Flask." She then personally arrests him and tells that dude whose name I can't remember (that irrelevant one) to read him his rights. Gordon thanks her. Wait, give me another moment. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *coughs* At the Port of Gotham, Bullock and Fish get out of a car, and Bullock gives his coat to a shivering Fish. She tells him she plans on leaving Gotham for a while, but she will return and kill Oswald. He asks that she not return, as it would be in her best interests. She declines, and instead beseeches him to find Butch and if he's alive, to help him. He agrees, they kiss, and then he leaves. At least Fish is smart enough to know when to retreat and regroup, unlike Oswald who couldn't stay away from Gotham. Gordon is walking down an alleyway when Delaware asks him if the big guy gave him the package, the murder weapon. Gordon says yes, and thanks him, and Delaware asks if they're even, and pleads with him to leave his family out of it next time, to leave his wife and kids alone. Gordon doesn't know what he's talking about, though he quickly puts two and two together as Delaware gets on his knees and pleads for his family's safety. Delaware became a man, then, when he put his family's safety above his pride, and I appreciate him for it. Gordon looks troubled. He seems to realize what Oswald did, and he doesn't seem to like what it means. Thoughts on Gotham this week?

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