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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Punch 'Em On This Week's 'Gotham'

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

11/11/2014 1:18 am
PopWrapped | Television
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Punch 'Em On This Week's 'Gotham' | Gotham
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Another week, another Gotham recap. I'm taking over for Sharmake this week so, with no further ado, let's get to what you guys came here for! Of course, courtesy of the last episode, now we all know that Penguin is even more duplicitous than we thought; he and Falcone have been working together all along. Excited to see where this plot twist takes us! Two masked men are apparently fighting to the death inside a building; the 'winner' removes his mask and holds his arm up to a camera. It's then revealed that a third man, whose face we can't see, is sitting behind a screen watching everything. The second guy's dead body turns up the next morning, and our favorite GCPD partners start investigating. The victim, Coleman Lawson, has a bloody, severed thumb inside his mouth. How lovely. Penguin approaches a random woman on the street and steals her brooch, which is...odd. We come to find out that he wants to take it to Fish as a “gift”. He visits Fish, and they sit down to talk for a bit, with all the thinly veiled hostility that we've come to expect from any encounter between the two criminals. Fish's first move is to stab him in the hand with the brooch. I guess she's still pissed off, then? She then threatens his life, etc. etc. Of course, she can't touch him right away. Not with Falcone still alive and kicking. Meanwhile, Alfred is still trying to give Bruce a normal life. He re-enrolls him in public school. Bruce is less than thrilled. Jim and Harvey head to a shady doctor who might have information on the thumb-less murderer. He helps them out, since he and GCPD have some sort of underground agreement that as long as he cooperates, he can continue his unorthodox practices. Jim, of course, isn't okay with said agreement; he throws Dr. McShady into jail. Some of his corrupt coworkers are pretty upset about that, but Jim, as usual, doesn't give a damn. And, thankfully, Harvey has his back. Barbara is at home trying to drink away her fear--which is all her fault, if you ask me, because Falcone never would have caught her if she hadn't made such a dumb decision, but ANYWAY--and accidentally points a gun on Jim, thinking he's an intruder. Jim manages to calm her down, but I'm sure she won't get over this any time soon. Grow a spine, Barbara! Cut to possibly the same building from the first scene—a man in a super-creepy mask is handing black masks to men standing in cages. They're dressed in business suits sans jackets—just like the two fighters from the first scene were. Fish and Liza meet secretly in a church (neither one is struck by lightning, shockingly), and Fish recruits her to slip Falcone a sedative and sneak into his office while he's knocked out to copy pages from his ledger. Jim and Harvey interview Richard Sciones, owner of a finance firm whose business card was in Lawson's pocket. Sciones has a collection of weapons and masks in his office, and a pretty arrogant attitude. Jim encounters an employee with a bandaged hand. He tries to run, but Harvey manages to (accidentally) apprehend him. He turns out to be the thumb-less murderer they've been looking for. Thumb-less confesses that Sciones' hiring process involves a fight to the death (Um...I hope those employees make way more than minimum wage...). As one of the top three remaining, Thumb-less killed the other two and earned his position. Edward, courtesy of an autopsy he performed himself without permission, found injuries on Lawson's body from office supplies. He reports to Captain Essen and Harvey that four bodies have turned up with similar injuries in the past three years. Bruce gets into some trouble at school for slapping a bully who disrespects his mother. He's still intimidated, though, and Alfred realizes once he tells him the story. Alfred takes him to the bully's home, where Bruce gives the kid a couple of well-deserved punches right in his own doorway. Jim goes to the abandoned building where Sciones stages the fights. Sciones sneaks up on him with a taser and knocks him out. Jim wakes up to find that Sciones has made him the target for three of his amateur masked fighters. They're promised a million-dollar signing bonus if they kill him. Oh, and all of Sciones' employees are watching on camera. Twisted, much? Back at the precinct, Harvey asks for help because he's sure Jim's in trouble. None of the idiot cops step up, so Harvey explodes and demands that they stop acting like children and redeem themselves. It works, and they decide to help him. All three of Sciones' fighters get their derrieres handed to them, so Mr. Crazy himself (Sciones) decides to take Jim on with a sword. At the last minute, Jim decides not to kill him, even though he's in the perfect position to. He does knock him out with a sweet punch just as Essen and Harvey show up, though. Liza goes to Fish, telling her that she wants to abandon the plan. Fish refuses and reveals that one of Falcone's men killed her mother when she was a child, which is why she so badly wants to take him down. She promises Liza that nothing will happen to her (right). Oh, and here's the SHOCKER (not really): Fish made the entire sob story up. Penguin has Timothy, one of Fish's newest lackeys, beaten up until he reveals that he overheard Fish saying she has someone close to Falcone who can help her kill him. Satisfied, Penguin has Timothy killed. Jim's favorite nightmare, Cat, turns up at the precinct after getting caught on an expensive heist. Oy. At Bruce's request, Alfred agrees to teach Bruce to fight. And it begins. Next week, Harvey Dent arrives on the scene. Things are about to get even more interesting... Let us know what you thought of this week's Gotham, PopWrappers!!

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