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Television PopWrapped | Television

Gotham Winter Finale: Banshee Bruce Is Back!

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

11/26/2014 2:29 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Gotham Winter Finale: Banshee Bruce Is Back! | Gotham
Media Courtesy of Fox
Banshee Bruce is back in full force. I love it. A woman kills the Waynes' gardener, and covers herself in his blood. Selina trains Bruce to balance, and then he royally pisses her off by saying she's not a nice person. The lady who killed the gardener turns up to the door and asks Alfred for help, only to see Selina and Bruce and get this weird look on her face. A3 tells the kids to run and decks her in the face before they scuffle. Alfred whoops their asses, Bruce and Selina escape and are pursued, and Banshee Alfred makes an appearance. Did A3 just become awesome? I might have to revise his name to A4 (Awesome Alfred of the Annoying Accent). Gordon and Bullock and A3 discuss this. A3 calls Gordon a plank. Bullock calls Gordon a putz. And A3 proves why his name is A3. Oswald is kidnapped by Falcone. He asks him why Maroni did that to his money, and how he knew. Oswald insists Maroni wasn't involved. He instead states it's a mole of Fish's, and that he will bring him proof. Gordon goes to see Dent. Turns out Dent leaked Gordon's name to a few sources to boost his credibility in his claims for a witness against Lovecraft, the supposed person who hired the Waynes' killer. Bullock and A3 talk to Macky (Kyle Massey) about Cat's (Selina's) whereabouts. A3 drops some bills to get him to talk, and it seems like he knows what he's doing. This is the second thing he's done (the first being whoop the assassin's asses) that hints at his background. Macky tells them to go ask Fish Mooney. Falcone kills the guard who was supposed to guard his armory, despite growing up with him, and does so in front of Fish and everyone else as they share lunch. Falcone raises their tariffs 25%. Selina and Bruce get into an argument. She runs away. He chases after her, and she jumps across a building rooftop to another. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that. Bullshit, Gotham. Bullshit. And, of course, Bruce manages to do so too. Okay then. He stays with her, and she takes him to "The Flea", which is the underground mall for street kids. And finally, fucking finally, we see Ivy Pepper or whatever this incarnation of Poison Ivy's name is. I've been wondering what the hell she's been up to. My guess is now that her father's dead and her mother can't function from the abuse and grief, so she wound up here (or ran away). Gilzean is starting to get antsy, but Fish is keeping her cool and tells him to stick to the plan. She tells him to recruit the others who are very upset at their taxes being raised, and says that Falcone is, in effect, herding his sheep towards her. Bullock and A3 pop up in Fish's establishment. Gilzean isn't cooperating, so A3 threatens him and pulls a knife on him, asking where Fish is. She announces her presence, and asks what they want. A3 chats her up, is sensual in his politeness, and she allows herself to be charmed and says she'll make some calls, but urges him to remember her kindness. No doubt it'll come in handy/she'll cash in on a favour later. Bruce switches clothes, and Ivy greets Selina. She was adopted but it didn't take, so she wound up here (I'm not sure if she ran away or not). Bruce recognizes her and she recognizes Bruce, and Selina tells her to stay cool. It's clear Ivy doesn't like orders or being told what to do, and that she will make whoever killed her father and made her mother slit her wrists pay. Intense music plays as Ivy is on the scene, she asks hard-hitting questions, and it's clear she's going to be a very powerful player later on, if not soon. There's something unsettling about Ivy. I love it. Gordon tracks down Lovecraft, who reveals he's just a pawn in this and the assassins show up to get him. The lady is whooping Gordon's ass. It's glorious. She knocks him out and chases after Lovecraft who got away. Bullock calls, waking up Gordon, and they've got a lead on where Selina's "fence" dude is. Bullock thanks Fish, and she reminds him that he now owes her. Gordon finds Lovecraft dead in the bathtub, shot in the head. A gun is on the floor. He finds his own is missing. He connects the dots. Selina tries to pawn off some stuff she took from Wayne Manor, but Clyde instead takes her and Bruce, because they're wanted. The assassins show up and pay off Clyde, while Selina and Bruce try to stack stuff up to escape to the roof. They open the window, the guy comes to collect him, and they knock him out and escape through the door. A shoot-out happens, the police show up + A3, and it gets really dramatic and pretty much everyone misses their target. Except Gordon, who saves Bullock's life from across the room. The lady tracks down Bruce, who lets Selina escape, and then gives him advice before leaving and A3 turning up. Mayor Aubrey James has Gordon and Dent in an office and discusses how they're going to spin the story to make it seem like Lovecraft's death was a suicide instead of murder. He says someone is going to go down for this, one of them will be a scapegoat, and it will be Gordon because he doesn't know where the line is and doesn't cooperate. Gordon looks him in the eye, rises from his seat, and in the single most epic line of the season, if not the series, says, "Mayor James...kiss my ass." James walks out and basically throws Gordon under the bus in a press interview. Gordon is reassigned as a security guard and relocated to Arkham Asylum. Bullock isn't pleased. Gordon says at least his next partner, male or female, will be easier than him. Edward Nygma pops up, asks if Gordon was sent away in disgrace, and when replied to in the affirmative, Nygma says he'll write a letter to the boss, he just doesn't know which boss to send it to. He is offered Gordon's hand, but hugs him briefly instead before walking away. What an adorable nerd. Selina sneaks back into Bruce's mansion, hands him back his stuff, and says she wants to keep things honest between them, though she'll keep one thing. She then kisses him. And thus BatCat became semi-official. Gordon is outside the gates of Arkham Asylum, and then walks in. How's that for a mid-season finale?

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