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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Graceland: 03x01, B-Positive

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

05/22/2016 1:44 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Graceland: 03x01, B-Positive | B-Positive
Media Courtesy of Jeff Daly/USA Network

Gracelanders!! The time has FINALLY come for us to learn the fate of Mike Warren (...and the fate of Pike)!

I know that many of you were frustrated with all of the cliffhangers created at the end of Season 2, but the Season 3 premiere "B-Positive" was a glimpse into the reunification of the Graceland agents, which is something I think we've all been missing! 

The episode starts off 10 days after Mike's "death" in the hospital where he was "killed" by Sid Markham, but I was never truly convinced he was dead. I think we were all nervous for a second when the episode opened with a scene in a graveyard though!

Briggs is standing with Sid, who's discussing his appreciation of the fact that the funeral ceremony was short and to the point. Sid pulls a gun while he's standing over the grave, but no worries, Johnny's in camouflage and keeps his aim steady on Sid's chest from afar.

There's an intensified dynamic between Briggs and Sid. Briggs knows Sid murdered Mike, and Sid knows Briggs is really FBI and lived in Graceland with Mike, but Sid doesn't know that Briggs knows that he knows (or maybe he does...?). Did you follow all of that? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it too.

Turns out Sid pulled the gun to lay a bullet next to the grave as "a little something to help him fight the good fight, wherever he may end up." But who is the "he"??

With a smile and a wink, leaving his friend's gravesite, Sid calls Briggs "Paul West" and it's revealed that the funeral was for Detective Archie Garrett! So where is Mikey?!

In our first glimpse of Graceland, Jakes is making it known that he wants his housemates to start pulling their weight with chores. Oh, and can I just point out that they re-did the wheel to only have 6 spots (thank you)!! And I guess I will just continue to ignore the fact that there were once 7 bedrooms in the house (#MysteryOfLaurensRoom), which wouldn't be such a big deal if Season 2 didn't rely so heavily on Mike needing to kick someone out of Graceland because of a lack of rooms! Anyway.....

Charlie argues that she's too tired for a speech about the chore wheel and gives Jakes a hard time. Briggs and Johnny come home to update Charlie and Jakes about the meet with Sid, and I'm sorry... did Johnny just say "murdered Mike?" Everyone seems a little too casual to have just attended a funeral for their roommate's murder...

Johnny suggests just putting a bullet through Sid's head already, but Briggs shuts him down saying that they're "too hot to pull off a homicide." Jakes takes charge and stands his ground about the chore wheel; I kind of love him in this role with his housemates.

Quick flash to a newspaper article that reads "Unnamed FBI Agent Dies In LA Hospital".

PAIGE! Her mind is racing as she drives in her truck, but she quickly spots a tail on a motorcycle and manages to get shot in the arm. She is fierce as always though and is able to run him off the road... right before passing out on the side street.

Cut to someone lying in an MRI scanner. They want us to think it's Paige, right? Briggs is standing over the tech's shoulders and the suspense of the body being moved back out of the scanner is a little overdone, no? Maybe? We love it -- it's all good.

The camera pans over to the scanner and BOOM. Mike Warren is alive and (hopefully) well. Just like that. Briggs asks him how he's doing, and after months (well, I guess only 10 days in GL time) of waiting, Mike's response is a simple "Could be worse." Mikey Mike!

How big is the smile plastered across your face right now?

Briggs shows Mike the newspaper article and explains that Sid believes him to actually be dead (with no explanation about being revived when Briggs got to the hospital that day).

Mike's first question is about Paige and he's concerned that Sid set a hit out on her. We also find out that Johnny, Charlie and Jakes (and the Bureau) don't know that Paige is the one who gave Mike up to Sid, and Mike plans to keep it that way, dismissing Paige's betrayal because "we all make mistakes."

Mike's thanks Briggs for saving him, but Briggs brushes it off and opens up Mike's journal. He sees pages covered in what appears to be numerology, mixed in with short phrases and sketches. The number 47 is centered on the paper and circled several times. It's also written out, written in variation, and written in Roman numerals. Mike has written that 47 is the "Angel Number" and that Psalm 47 is divine reign, the master number, and the master of forces. Did I see that correctly? And you can see some addition (4+7=11) and the names Briggs, Jakes, and Paige are scribbled too. Has Mike gone off the deep end? Is he having visions or something??

I also caught "19 Karmic master number spiritual vibration the meaning of life is 47" and "which light shows the way to me?" AKA someone in the props department had a lot of fun creating this crazy notebook...

What gets Briggs' attention though, is a sketch of a man (who kind of looks like Heisenberg) standing at the end of a dark tunnel. Seems pretty ominous... or maybe it's the pain meds?

After seeing the journal, Briggs questions Mike about his "enlightenment" from being in-between life and death. Briggs is probably wanting to hear about this 47 business, but Mike feeds him a line about his grandfather being there with an ice cream cone.

Mike may have remembered the truth though, because he is immediately in a lot of pain. Briggs tries to coach Mike through the pain, but after a few moments, Mike reaches for the button to release more of the meds into his system, saying that it's just "to get through the worst." The music in the background and Briggs' reaction to Mike's use of the medication suggests that this might lead into some kind of bigger plot line? Drug addiction maybe?

Briggs is summoned to the Bureau by two men in the hospital, and when he gets to Logan's office, Briggs quickly learns that he was brought there because of the infamous tape. It's made very clear that the tape (which recorded Briggs' accidental murder of Agent Juan Badillo back in Season 1) proves Badillo's death was due to a misunderstanding, but because Briggs covered it all up... it became a murder. 

Briggs immediately understands that the FBI is going to make him take on a case to be able to move on and not be indicted. He casually asks what the tape is going to cost him, and Logan hands him a folder. Briggs is suspicious to say the least and is promptly informed about Ari Adamian, a member of the Armenian mob. Despite his efforts to talk Logan out of being placed under with Adamian, Logan says he can take the assignment or (holding up the tape) "slough through this river of shit." Go with the mob Briggs... go with the mob. 

Paige is tending to her forearm gunshot wounds up in her bedroom and Charlie tries to have a heart-to-heart with her (is this really the first time these two have had a scene alone together since season 1... that's crazy?!).

Paige brushes off the injury and lets it be known she is ready to take action against Sid. She refuses to open up to Charlie about not visiting Mike though, and Charlie drops it after suggesting she find a way to deal with her emotions.

Ummm do I hear Paige's voice from inside Sid's house?! Yep! Sneaky bitch, I love you. No one handles friendly small-talk with your boyfriend's murderer's family quite like you can, girl. Paige lies and says that she tried to call to tell him she was stopping by, but Sid suggests that he must have "been in a dead zone or something." Really, Sid? Dead zone? Without letting on that he's angry, he gets his wife and son to go into the other room. 

Paige tells Sid that she knows he tried to have her killed, but it seems that Sid doesn't do conversations, and he logically slams her against the wall, aggressively choking her. She fights for control of the conversation and you can tell her brain is spinning despite her inability to breath. She convinces him that the two of them need to get their stories straight before she talks about what happened with the case officially. Sid dramatically releases her off the wall and tells her that he'll give her a time and place for them to meet. Paige gets her breath back and lets a mischievous grin sneak onto her face as she walks confidently out of his house. YGG!

Convincing Briggs that she can meet with Sid doesn't seem so easy though, and we learn that Briggs wants her out of Graceland for her betrayal, but he doesn't want to hurt her or ruin her career. Briggs is feeling like the House Dad again this season, and I'm glad he's back in the role. Briggs and Paige discuss the risks of meeting Sid, and Paige says that if she's killed in the process, Briggs will be able to get Sid on her death. Realizing how far she's willing to go to avenge her betrayal, Briggs reminds her that "penance doesn't mean death." His words have no affect though, because without missing a beat, Paige responds by telling him that "sometimes it does."

At FBI headquarters, Briggs is learning about the history and connections of the Sarkissian Family, who are apparently involved in the business of "anyone with money and a conflict." Briggs is going to go under with Ari Adamian, who is potentially the second in command for the Sarkissian family's leader -- mainly because the current second in command is dying from a failing kidney. Ari's recent mission has been to find a kidney for his uncle, whose blood type is B-Positive.

Aha! -- so that's why the ep is called B-Positive. I was thinking Mike was going to need B-Positive blood or something. Maybe it was just a piece of advice (be positive) for the fans of the show about the premiere...

The FBI has planted a kidney pick-up and Briggs just needs to see it through. Should be simple enough, right? Well, Briggs figures out that he's not supposed to use the cover team and it seems as though he's anxious about going under with Ari. You'll figure it out Briggs, you always do. He's handed a piece of ripped up dollar bill as "credibility" and is sent on his way.

Jakes calls Johnny and questions him about his intentions for driving down to Mexico. Johnny defends his actions and convinces Jakes that even with his feelings for Lucia, his priority is to take down Carlito. "I'm trying to finish this. I know you think I'm not, but I am." Jakes accepts his rationale and let's Johnny be.

Briggs walks into a hookah bar and... who knew all the men in the Armenian mafia have matching sunglasses? Pretty snazzy. He finds Ari in the back room and introduces himself as "Paul, Colby's guy." He's just told to "let me see it," and Briggs hands over the ripped piece of dollar bill that Logan gave him earlier. Ari holds it up to another piece of dollar bill (it's like BFF bracelets) and would you look at that! They match! 


 trust, Ari tells Briggs that he doesn't look like a Paul and that he should be blonder. Seems like Ari has no desire to call him Paul and actually calls him "Guy" for the rest of the episode. Ari has him pass over his cell phone and he smashes it with a hammer, telling Briggs that he should use a prepaid phone or send up smoke signals like a Cherokee. Turns out Ari has no intention of knocking over a medical supply van. He simply picks up a small cooler and makes his exit, telling Briggs, "Come on, let's go get a kidney."

Ari and Briggs wind up at an apartment complex and Briggs actually seems a bit nervous. This new guy Ari though... I love him already. He's so matter-of-fact, and his dry humor is a perfect addition to the ensemble cast. He makes fun of America celebrating Oktoberfest in September, saying it's symbolic of the greater American ethos. "What does a 250-year old country know about tradition? Nothing." 

Ari surprises Briggs by kicking in the door and kidnapping a 20-something year old named Sammy O'Malley, who (not sure how he knows this) has B-Positive blood. They drag him outside and put him in the trunk, somewhat comically. Briggs winds up knocking the kid out and Ari's pleased that Sammy is healthy (with all the fighting back and screaming and everything). But details about Sammy don't seem important at the moment because Ari is ready for lunch. "You like kabob? I know a place." Is this his version of bonding??

This new guy is nuts and I love it.  

Jakes' talks with Charlie in the bathroom back at Graceland and they have a very straightforward conversation about his involvement with the Badillo tape. Charlie explains that while she does know that Briggs killed Badillo and that he was Odin Rossi, she will stay in Graceland. She also confirms for Jakes that the tape is Paul's problem, and that Jakes won't be pulled into the mess (we hope). Curious about the romance though, Jakes asks "So no more in-house d?" It takes her a second, but she laughs it off and tells him no, they'll never be a couple. 

Kabob (and masculinity) is all Ari cares about as they drive, and Briggs is pushing to find out where they are going. A cop on a motorcycle pulls them over because the car is stolen and Briggs assumes the cover team is moving in. Ari wants to kill the officer, but Briggs thinks he'll be able to help the situation. He tells the cop he's FBI, but Sammy screams from inside the truck and the cop wants none of Briggs' FBI story -- so he actually tases him!! Briggs walks toward the cop while being tased and the cop steps backward... right into a speeding van. The cop is unconscious (obviously) and Ari seems very pleased with how the situation played out. This banter between Ari and "Guy" is cracking me up!

Carlito! Johnny is escorted through the estate in Tecate and is brought to the elaborately-set dinner table. Lucia is sitting alone, wearing a fluffy(?) pink dress that is very juvenile, along with an over-sized bow. It's pretty clear she didn't dress herself. And did Carlito do her make-up? But it was made to look like a five-year old was the artist. 

She is terrified and tries to get up from the table to run to Johnny, but a guard slams her back into the seat. Johnny pretends to not be fazed by her appearance, and sits down at the table for Carlito's idea of a romantic dinner. Criminal Minds much? And the creepy doll music in the background isn't helping at all... 

Lucia gives no shits about her situation and tells Johnny that he has to kill Carlito. Carlito drops the gun on the table within her reach and Johnny doesn't touch it. Lucia grabs it though and shoots Carlito, but the gun wasn't loaded. She is horrified and is taken away by the guards. Carlito gets in Johnny's face and tells him that "this is [his] fate" and that he has to own it. 

Johnny comes back to Graceland late at night and Charlie is on the phone with someone who has a lead on Germaine (the guy who kidnapped her at the end of Season 2). Paige wants Johnny's attention as well, telling him she needs him on tactical in an hour for her meet with Sid. Charlie holds the call to question Paige about her plans...

Cut to Charlie at the hospital with Mike. She walks in on him adding to that crazy notebook. He covers it up quickly and she presents him with a bottle of rum? bourbon? Not sure, but Mike politely reminds her that neither of them should be drinking. Charlie feeds him a line about needing to be a full-on alcoholic for it to have an affect on the baby. Wait, is Mike actually going to let her drink it? He seems a little too ok with the idea.

She admits that it's apple juice and that their drinks together are symbolic. She tells Mike that Paige is currently taking down Sid and that Paige was "convinced she had him blocked into a corner." Charlie wants to toast, but Mike pulls out his IV and tells her that they have to go. "You don't back Sid into a corner and expect him to talk." Charlie reminds him that Paige knows what she's doing. But Mike retaliates by saying, "That's what I'm afraid of."

Boom. Mike Warren doesn't seem to have any qualms about saving the person who betrayed him. Could Pike still be a thing? Maybe somewhere in the twisted-distant future??

Paige is waiting for Sid at the meeting spot. Johnny announces that he "better get to shoot his ass tonight." But Paige shuts him down, telling him that they need Sid to talk. Sid rolls in, but wait, there's a second car...?

Sid goes for his gun and Paige stops Johnny from shooting.

Then it's quickly the most epic reunion. Mike gets out of the second car, looks Sid in the eyes and asks him if he wants to "finish the job."

Paige is pissed that Mike got Sid to turn around, and Charlie tries to hold her back. Mike grabs Paige's arm and she is screaming at him that they have to take Sid in, but Mike just lets go and holds his hands up to surrender. Charlie and Paige start screaming at one another about what to do and Paige desperately wants control of the scene. Paige's back-up cars speed out to follow Sid, and Mike approaches Paige for the first time since he was shot and "killed."

He tells Paige that he can't let her do this, but Paige snaps and pushes him forcefully to the ground, making him keel over on his side in pain. She stands over him yelling, "You can't keep trying to save me!" He just buries his face into the pavement. 

Mike gets his strength back to sit up, and his response to her anger is an apology. "I'm sorry and I forgive you."

So simple. That's it? The drama ends here? Pike is still a thing?

Paige is speechless at first, but when she comprehends what he's saying, she freaks out and walks away from him continuing to cry.

There's blood dripping onto Briggs... Oh shit.

I guess Briggs slept through the murder and kidney-extraction of Sammy. Turns out Ari took both kidneys and admits that he needed one as back up because the surgery wasn't as easy as he was told it would be. They carry the body out to the trunk and douse the thing with gasoline. That explosion shot creates the perfect tone for this Ari/Briggs bromance, right? 

Briggs may not have flinched at the noise and heat, but on the inside he is fuming. Still covered in Sammy's blood, he storms into Logan's office and screams at him to hang up the phone. Briggs calls him out on never sending a team to track him all day or caring about his safety. Briggs knows he will be the one eating the sins of Ari's actions. He demands that the operation end because of Sammy's death, but Logan screams back saying that the job is larger than both of them. Briggs is stuck with the Sarkissian's until the job the over.

Raise your hand if you think the whole house will help him take down Ari! 

Jakes, Johnny, and Charlie are at the hospital discussing Sid's next move. Mike emerges from the hospital room and joins them with his backpack. I guess he's checking out against medical advice (just like when he was stabbed by Jangles). He tells Charlie on the side that "something" is missing... I'm assuming he means the tape. We know already Mikey, we know.

Mike notices how messy Graceland is, and Jakes is happy to have the support for Operation Chore Wheel. Paige interrupts the homecoming though by announcing that she has requested to transfer out of Graceland. She's holding a paper and they assume it's the transfer request, but it's actually a letter from the DOJ stating Paige is being presented with the Award for Exceptional Heroism because of Lina's letter. 

Johnny is curious as why she wants out of the house after having just won an award, but Briggs joins in the on the conversation. "If Paige wants out, she's out. She damn sure doesn't owe us an explanation."

(Can we just revel in the moment of having all 6 of them together please?! Just for a second before somebody ruins it?!)

The agents want to know where Briggs had disappeared to all day, and rather than brush over it with a vague answer, Briggs recognizes that there needs to be more honesty in the house. He tells them the whole story about Ari, the kidneys, yelling at Logan, etc... around the bonfire. (Thank you, Graceland writers. Your fans love a good family bonfire scene). 

Briggs explains that he's going to be responsible for Ari's crimes and that he will wind up being their sin eater, bringing up the theme of penance again. Mike's still reading into Briggs' thinking (will he ever trust the guy 100%) and Briggs gives a somewhat-corny lecture about all of them needing to stick together as a house. There's a cute montage of them cleaning up the living room and Briggs reminds them that he's going to need all 5 of them to help him get through the Sarkissian case. So maybe he doesn't want Paige out of Graceland anymore?

Is it over? 

Oh shit...

Johnny is waiting back at the meeting spot from earlier and Sid silently joins him, getting into the passenger seat of the car. Are they going to Mexico together? Johnny would never actually leave Lucia like that... and what does Sid need from Johnny? Money? An escape plan to leave the US?

John boy, what the eff are you thinking?! 

So... what did you think? Did the premiere live up to all of the hype? I expected Mike to be a little bit more, well, dead. At least memory loss? Coma? Something...

But for all of the crazy Pike people out there, they might just freaking stand a chance!


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