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Television PopWrapped | Television

25 Times Graceland Gave You All Of The Feels

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

05/22/2016 12:35 am
PopWrapped | Television

Just because our favorite band of misfit agents will not be returning to Graceland for a fourth season, does not mean that seasons one through three didn't truly kick ass. Upon hearing of the show's cancelation, fans created their own petition to try and get attention from other networks in hopes of a season four pickup. Show your support for the series by signing here!

Thanks to an epic fan base on Tumblr, here are 25 times Graceland made us laugh, cry, scream, cheer, and get ALL of the feels!!


1: When you first saw that beach mansion and were trying to figure out how all of these beautiful people knew each other.


2: Watching Mike get adorably bullied by all seven (does Donnie count?) of his new housemates... 

Graceland Graceland GRaceland Graceland Graceland Graceland Graceland  

3: Any time Agent Orange cruised through the streets like a BAMF.

Graceland Graceland  

4: Whenever the agents teased and messed with Johnny's sex life.

Graceland Graceland Graceland Graceland Graceland  

5: And all of the times that food was prioritized to be more important than solving cases.

Courtesy of tumblr Graceland Courtesy of tumblr Graceland Graceland  

6: Every time the Jakes/Johnny bromance got some on-screen love.

Graceland Graceland 30 Times Graceland Gave You All Of The Feels Graceland  

7: That speech at the end of King's Castle when you admitted to yourself that you were emotionally attached to the series.

Courtesy of tumblr Courtesy of tumblr Courtesy of tumblr Courtesy of tumblr  

8: Or whenever Jakes took over a scene to preach the truth.

Graceland tumblr_mtanm9CBVm1qfticno7_250 Graceland Graceland Graceland  

9: When you saw who was on that MRI table and you were the most relieved (even though you never thought that Mike was actually dead).


10: That time when Briggs playfully admitted that Mike Warren can SING.


11: This post-drug use hug parallel between Charlie and Mike.

Courtesy of tumblr Courtesy of Tumblr  

12: Whenever Paige did something so unbelievably extreme that your jaw hit the floor. 

Graceland Graceland The Feels The Feels The Feels

13: BOTH of the times Mike used Briggs as a punching bag.

Graceland tumblr_nukoa5eHv31s5zlkmo3_250-1          

14: Pretty much any undercover scenario where role playing became too much to handle. 

Graceland Graceland The Feels  

15: This epic pre-bank robbery silhouette strut. 

The Feels  

16: Whenever a love-to-hate villain had a brilliant one-liner (or let's be honest... any time Ari Adamian said anything at all.)

The Feels Graceland Graceland  

17: Literally whenever Pike was on the screen, but especially that embrace in 03x02.

Courtesy of Tumblr Courtesy of Tumblr Courtesy of Tumblr  

18: And hoping that all of your favorite characters would get the chance to be happy and fall in love, even though you knew it wouldn't end well.

Graceland Graceland Graceland  

19: All of the instances when Briggs got protective for the right reasons.

Graceland Graceland Graceland GRaceland  

20: And when your eyes were locked on Charlie because she was so stunningly raw. 

Graceland Graceland The Feels Courtesy of tumblr Courtesy of tumblr  

21: Especially when you knew you could never look at a paper frog the same way ever again. 


22: Those realization moments when the "kids" would figure out Briggs' ulterior motives.

Courtesy of tumblr The Feels Graceland The Feels  

23: But mostly, whenever the "team of six" got to just be a family.

Graceland Graceland Graceland Graceland Graceland  

24: And of course when team-built, complex master plans actually worked and the agents all pulled-off some crazy shit.

Graceland Graceland  

25: Finally, trying to accept that Jakes did what he thought was best, and letting that tableau strike you in the heart at the end of the series.

The Feels The Feels Graceland  


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