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Gravity Director Discusses Studio Pressure To Change Story

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/10/2013 9:27 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Gravity Director Discusses Studio Pressure To Change Story

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Alfonso Cuarón, the Mexican director behind the film Gravity, has stated that he was pressured to change the hit film’s story in order to conform to the expectations of the studio executives. Writers and directors put a large amount of themselves into the projects that they chose to get behind. Then, there are times when you create a successful film, like Gravity, and it turns out that the creators behind it were pressured to change the story. Perhaps it’s a good thing that these changes to the story didn’t stick, or else it could have changed the film completely, and not necessarily for the better! During a recent interview with, Cuarón talked about some of the storyline suggestions that he received and had to bypass. Gravity, which had an $80 million budget, has been noted for how simple the film is. The story is about two astronauts who end up stranded high in the Earth’s orbit after their spaceship is crushed by floating debris. Cuarón had this to say: "With making a film it's like trying to create a tune in the shower while you have a hundred people singing around you. You have to focus yourself in on the tune that you're trying to create. Because you have hundreds of people singing different songs at the same time around you." One of the bigger “songs”, which were provided by the executives, that Cuarón was asked to include was the demand that he regularly cut to scenes at mission control, just like in Armageddon and any other space flick you can think of. He said that he was told, "You need to cut to Houston, and see how the rescue mission goes. And there is a ticking clock with the rescue mission." Another favorite of the executives was to add in some flashbacks. Because you don’t see enough of those in films these days, right? Cuarón said this about adding flashbacks: "You have to do flashbacks with the backstory." Then there was the suggestion that Bullock has "a romantic relationship with the Mission Control commander, who is in love with her." Cuarón also recounted how at one stage the studio was so nervous about the film that they asked him to "pump up the action value, like having an enemy, like a missile strike". And finally, to "finish with a ... rescue helicopter, that would come and rescue her". Can you say, been there, done that? However, the director says he has no reason to complain, saying that, "In the end, they were all very respectful because they had a clear view of what we were doing. And I understand all this ... this is the process." Gravity has already managed to break records, taking in $55 million in its opening weekend alone. Gravity is in cinemas now, but will not be released in the UK until November 8th.


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