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Grey's Anatomy: 12x07, Something Against You

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

11/17/2015 7:33 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x07, Something Against You | Something Against You
Media Courtesy of Credit: (ABC/Vivian Zink

Hello, Grey's fans!  It has been awhile, right?  I was on vacation for a week and we were sprucing up the site for you last week, but no worries, I am here this week! 

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode, ” Something Against You," brings more drama to our lives, and things certainly intensify between Mer and Penny, but in true Shonda fashion, this is not the only drama on the show this week. What happened?  You know the drill...keep reading!


One of Mer's long term patients, Mr. Jaffe, becomes eligible for a kidney transplant, which was a long shot, since he needed certain antibodies. Jo and Penny assist, and when they ask him to take his hat off, they find he has a large protrusion coming out of his head.

Meanwhile, Mer has taken a new attitude on working with Penny, and said she is going to be nice to her and keep her on a short leash so she doesn't kill anyone else, and she gives her menial tasks, like monitoring a patient who is brain dead.

They do a scan and find out that he has a tumor, and Amelia is highly confident she can remove it, but Callie says this could get him off the transplant list. Mer and her team, except Penny, run off to find a solution to how they can close the hole after removing the tumor. Jo brings up the idea that they can use the skull of the brain-dead man to cover the hole in Mr. Jaffe's skull after Amelia removes the tumor.

Penny confronts Mer about how she is treating her, and asks her to let her off her service if she is not going to teach her. Mer gets the hint, and she invites Penny to help her during Mr. Jaffe's surgery. After surgery, however, Jo is not happy because Penny took her place in the OR...and Edwards asks Penny out for a drink.

Bailey and Ben

Bailey tells Ben that Jackson has to get off their couch and out of their house. Ben approaches him about it, and he says he is meeting with April tonight to discuss a divorce. Ben tells Bailey that he couldn't tell Jackson because he's asking for a divorce, but she is not bending...she wants him out.


Alex has a patient, Gary, who has swallowed a lighted, blinking ball, but he is going to try to let it pass before trying surgery. As Alex examines him, Gary's mom tries putting the moves on Alex. So much so, that he tells the other docs that they should watch out for her. Later, Gary's mom hugs and then starts making out with Mitchell.

Unfortunately, Mitchell avoids Gary's room, missing the fact that the ball he swallowed stopped blinking. Gary starts getting extreme pain, and Owen immediately calls for X-rays. They notice that the battery has come out of the ball, and may be eating through the bowel due to the battery acid.

Nathan Riggs

Dr. Nathan Riggs, who worked with April overseas, has been hired by the hospital, but Owen is not happy about this, and though Nathan says Maggie hired him, she knows nothing about it. Turns out Bailey hired him.

Maggie challenges him throughout the day to see what he can do, as she doesn't believe he was a good hire. The patient they are working on is seriously ill, and they butt heads about how to care for her. Eventually, they start chatting, and he tells her about himself, and I'm not sure if it's his accent, or what, but it seems like he is being very flirty.

Later, Bailey starts introducing Dr. Riggs to the other doctors, and Owen starts getting extremely angry, telling her it was a bad call. She offers to talk to Owen privately, but he storms off.

Mer goes to Owen and asks if he will talk to her. He declines, but says he hates Nathan. Before leaving, Mer runs into Nathan on the elevator, and he asks her for a drink. She tells him she is a friend of Owen's, and walks out.


Arizona asks April if she will go to the lesbian bar with her as her wing-woman, but April tells her that she and Jackson have a date to talk, so she can't. She then asks Alex to go to "trivia night," and he isn't interested, but Richard is.

At the bar, Arizona tells Richard that she is here to meet girls, but she didn't want to come alone, so she didn't tell him it wasn't really trivia night. Richard embraces his role of wing-man, and starts working the room for Arizona.

April and Jackson

At dinner, April tells Jackson that she wants to talk, and Jackson agrees. April gets paged before they have a chance. She asks him to meet her the next night, and he agrees.

The next day, Ben asks Jackson how the talk went, and Jackson said it didn't happen...but Ben just tells him he has to get off his couch, and Jackson understands, and makes his way to meet April. The next thing we see is them in bed together.

What did you think?  Next week is the winter finale, so I hope some of these lingering questions...especially about Jackson and April, and what happened between Owen and Nathan...get answered!


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