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Grey's Anatomy: 11x09 Where Do We Go From Here

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/10/2015 10:38 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy Courtesy of
Finally!  Grey's Anatomy is back and I am very happy girl. At least I was before I watched this heartbreaking episode. If you need a review of what happened before the break, check out the last episode's recap. Here's what happened tonight in "Where Do We Go From Here:" Meredith and Derek Derek packs his clothes and notices their post-it vows. Later, Mere sees the same, eventually taking  it down and throwing it away. Mer also meets with a new nanny and tells her colleagues about Derek leaving throughout the episode. When speaking with the nanny, she tells her she needs someone who will support and understand all that she does, someone to help with the kids and someone who gets that when she is not home, she has to be where she is. She needs a person. Meredith ends up calling Derek and tells him she didn't want him to go. He says he doesn't want it to end. Conveniently, he is still at the airport since his flight has been delayed all day and he asks if she wants him to come home. She tells him to go and do what he has to do, but in a good way. They can do this. She pulls the framed post-it note from the trash and hangs it back on the wall. Jackson and April Jackson tells April about the baby. She is obviously upset, but comes to work anyway. Jackson finds out and asks Owen to pull April out of surgery. She does not go willingly and knows Jackson is behind it. April makes her way down to the ED and asks to speak to Jackson. She is very angry and he claims she is in shock. He urges her to go home and she gets even more angry, finally walking away. Later, while working with Maggie, Maggie asks April if she is having a boy or girl. April holds her stomach and Edwards interrupts. April asks to talk to her and again becomes angry because Edwards didn't tell her what she saw on the ultrasound. She gets even more upset because Jackson knew before she did. Jackson asks Arizona to talk to them about what to expect, and when he tells April, she tells him she has already done research online and best case scenario is a very sick baby who needs multiple surgeries after multiple surgeries to survive. April eventually tells Jackson that the baby is a boy, and they both break down. Mer, April, Edwards, Owen, Callie There has been a big accident, several cars were involved and police believe it was intentionally caused by a woman driving off a bridge into traffic. Mer wants to think the best of this woman, and looks for a reason for her to do this. While performing surgery on the woman, they find she has no substances or medication in her system, indicating that she had no prior mental illness and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mer also tells Owen about Derek leaving and that she hasn't been talking to Cristina because she doesn't want to tell her about what's going on between her and Derek. The husband of the driver, Brooke, tells Edwards that he knows his wife has been under a lot of stress, but he can't imagine she would do anything like this. Her blood sugar has been low, however, and she has been forgetful. Mer thinks she may have a pancreatic tumor which is causing her behavior and eventually finds it. Meanwhile, April is also handing out orders to Callie who asks her what is wrong with her. She expresses so much anger for Brooke and what she did with her kids in the car.  At the same time, Jackson is talking to the husband and he tells him he just didn't see that anything was wrong and questions why he didn't notice. Amelia and Arizona Amelia and Arizona are still searching for ways to help Dr. Herman. To move forward, however, Amelia needs to speak with Dr. H's doctors, but Arizona has not revealed that there could be hope for her. Amelia is positive that Dr. H will be happy about them going behind her back. Arizona is not so sure. However, Dr. H finds out and is extremely angry, but when Amelia tells her she can take it out, she simply walks out. Later, Dr. H comes to talk to Arizona and accuses her of betrayal. Dr. H then tells her she doesn't want hope because it always fails with malignant cancer. She has gone through several trials and treatments already, and she is not interested in surgery. Jackson joins them while in surgery and asks Arizona, when she is finished, if she can come talk to him and April to prepare them for what they should know about the baby. Dr. H urges her not to give them hope. Arizona walks out. When Dr. H later confronts her, Arizona angrily tells her that she has a chance at beating her cancer, even though it's risky, and she is wasting it. Dr. H eventually goes to Amelia and Arizona asking to talk about the procedure. However, she tells them she wants to wait until the very last possible moment to get operated on, which is extremely risky. Bailey and Karev Obviously there is still some tension between these two as they take care of young brothers who don't want to let their parents know they were in a car accident. Karev takes one of the brothers for a test while Bailey and a social worker try to get the other brother to tell them who the parents are. Meanwhile, the older brother begins bleeding during the test and Karev has to open him up for surgery. Bailey eventually gets the younger brother to give her the information. Well? What do you guys think?  Was it a fitting return or were you disappointed by the story lines? Let's talk about it, below!

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