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Grey's Anatomy: 11x13 Staring At The End

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/11/2015 9:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 11x13 Staring At The End | Grey's Anatomy
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Hey everyone!  As usual, Grey's Anatomy was great tonight. The episode, "Starting at the End," is very Dr. Herman-centric. We see how her upcoming surgery will progress and see a new friendship blossom. What happened tonight? Read on to find out! Amelia and Owen Amelia is planning a talk about Dr. H's upcoming surgery and Owen tells her that other hospitals are interested in recording it. Things are a bit awkward, of course, after their previous night. Dr. Herman and Amelia Dr. H's tumor is stable and it hasn't invaded the optic nerve, but it could in the next couple of weeks. Amelia gives her presentation about Dr. H's tumor to the hospital week by week. Each week, more and more people attend the lecture. However, as the weeks go by, Dr. H is less interested in radiation treatments, but Amelia keeps pushing her to do them as it will make getting the tumor out much easier. Dr. H, however, tells her the treatments are making her lose her hair and making her feel like crap and she is done with them. As the weeks go by, Amelia begins to doubt her abilities and Edwards suggests that she contacts Derek, but Amelia is very much against that. Later, when talking to Owen, Amelia admits that perhaps she is not the right Dr. Shepherd for this type of surgery. Bailey and Glenda, Her Patient Bailey is working on a special case with a pregnant woman and she needs Dr. H's help. Unfortunately, Dr. Herman has said no, because she has limited time before her surgery. The next week, Bailey confronts Arizona in the cafeteria and tells her that she worked on this woman's husband six months ago after an accident and lost him. His wife, the patient Bailey asked Dr. H about, is pregnant and the baby has a very large tumor. However, the tumor is also affecting the woman, Glenda. She feels like she owes Glenda and wants Arizona to convince Dr. H to take on her case. They trick her into seeing the patient and she is not happy. When they leave Bailey, Arizona tells Dr. H she should take the patient, but Dr. Herman says there is no time. When Arizona presses her, Dr. H tells her to choose the patient they are going to let die so they can save Glenda's. Dr. Herman and Arizona This pair is really pushing it. They have planned four months of surgery, but are cramming them into two months. Dr. H is also pushing Arizona to perform the next one on her own as she needs to know how much Arizona has learned. Arizona heads to Dr. H's radiation treatment with her, and before leaving the room, Dr. H grabs her hand in a very touching gesture. Soon, Arizona and Dr. H are in their next surgery and Arizona has the scalpel in her hand, doing it on her own, just as Dr. H said. Later, Dr. H and Arizona are eating lunch together and Callie notices that they are quite friendly and that Arizona seems quite happy. Alex, Mer and Maggie, who Callie is eating lunch with, tell her it's probably just fellow/fellow-ee bonding time, but then Alex says Arizona has slept at the hospital with Dr. H all week...but it's not like that. The next week, one of their patients starts bleeding heavily and they are forced to perform a c-section. Arizona freezes, however, and Dr. H ends up doing it. Unfortunately, the baby does not survive. However, this means they have room in the schedule for Glenda. The following week, we see Dr. H and Arizona laying in grass, looking up to the sky. Dr. H is talking about heaven. She then tells Arizona to have her cremated if the surgery doesn't go as planned. She doesn't want to be buried. When they meet with Glenda, they find out that they are going to have to perform the surgery very soon, even though she is only at 24 weeks. After Glenda says she is not doing the surgery because she wants the baby to be stronger, Dr. H agrees to one more week, but no more. The next week, another patient comes in with an emergency and Arizona takes the lead. In fact, she ends up teaching Dr. H a new technique. Dr. H tells her she did a good job and walks out. As she is walking down the hall, however, it is obvious that she is having issues with balance. She finds Amelia and tells her to scan her because she has fuzzy vision. Amelia does. As the results come back, the scan indicates they have to do the surgery now. The tumor has reached the optic nerve. However, at this same moment, Glenda's baby is in distress and Arizona needs Dr. H's help. Amelia goes to get an OR ready and Arizona goes to talk to Dr. H. Dr. Herman gives Arizona advice on how to do the surgery and Arizona tells Dr. H that Amelia will do fine. Dr. H is put on a gurney and as they are walking down the hall, she is still giving orders to Arizona. Her surgery begins. Callie and Arizona In one part of the episode, we also see Callie and Arizona speaking. Callie brings up Arizona's friendship with Dr. H and tells her she knows she likes spending time with her, but bottom line...Dr. H is very sick and Callie worries about how close the pair are getting. Wow.  What an ending. I suppose we will find out what happens with Amelia and Dr. H next week, and I'll is going to go slowly. I have been pretty wrapped up in this storyline, and one way or another, it will be over soon. What did you think about this episode?  Let me know!

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