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Television PopWrapped | Television

Grey's Anatomy: 11×14 The Distance

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/12/2015 4:11 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy: 11×14 The Distance | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC
It's that time again, Grey's Anatomy fans! We are just five episodes away from the season finale and tonight's episode reminded me of one of those season finale "heart stoppers" that Shonda Rhimes is known for. Tonight's episode, "The Distance," is Amelia-centric, of course, and focuses on Dr. Herman's surgery. The outcome? Read on to find out: Amelia - Before Surgery Amelia is preparing for her surgery. In the beginning voice-over, she says she is prepared to lose, but is not prepared to fail. She has a bit of a shaken breakdown, but quickly pulls herself together and goes for it.  Most of the other doctors are gathering in the gallery above the OR to watch. Arizona and Bailey While all of the things are going on with Amelia and Dr. Herman, Arizona and Bailey are scrubbing in to operate on their patient, Glenda Castillo. As the surgery goes on, Arizona and Bailey get into an argument about what is best for the patient. She remembers different things that Dr. Herman has told her, but Bailey still is quite combative and wants to deliver the baby. Arizona says he will not survive. Bailey calls Karev anyway. Alex shows up and says he will keep the baby alive if he is delivered. Arizona, however, keeps hearing Herman in her head and tells Bailey that she needs to either get on board or get out. The baby goes into cardiac arrest and Arizona starts compressions. He gets a heartbeat they place him back into the womb. Bailey tells her she did a good job and Karev tells her that Herman made the right choice to pass the torch onto her. She, however, says Herman hasn't gone anywhere. Owen In order to keep the ER in good working order, he assigns Jo to be in charge of the area and let's Callie and Jackson know that Dr. Herman is in surgery. Amelia - During Surgery As the surgery progresses, she begins to fall behind. Edwards explains things to the other people in the room, and tries to make jokes. Amelia is not amused and eventually whispers that she is trapped and doesn't know what to do. The doctors in the gallery notice that Amelia isn't doing much and is feeling tense. Jackson and April return and though April says she isn't ready to work, she wants to be with Dr. H on her worst day, just as she was with April on hers. Edwards tells Amelia to make a choice, and it will be fine, but they are interrupted by Richard, who comes in to help. Amelia tells him to please call Derek, she is over her head.  Richard tells her no. Derek is no better than she is. This is her surgery, her plan and Derek can't help her. She doesn't need him, and she can do this on her own. She goes for it. Twelve hours later, she has cleared the tumor away from the optic nerve. During this break, however, Edwards ends up passing out and Amelia asks Richard to scrub in, but he asks Meredith since she has some experience in neuro. Unfortunately, they are running out of time. Amelia takes off her protective gloves to get more access, but exposes herself to a lot of radiation. Fortunately, she gets done before real danger sets in. The surgery enters into the 17th hour and Edwards, who has woken up, comes into the OR. Amelia allows her to close Herman's head. Callie and Arizona Callie comes to check on Arizona. She tells her that the surgery is still going on, but Arizona says she can't watch and doesn't want Dr. H to exist only in her head. Callie takes her hand and Arizona places her head on Callie's shoulder. Amelia - After Surgery As Amelia walks out of the OR after 17 hours, she collapses into tears, letting it all out. Dr. H makes it through the surgery and many hours pass. Doctors one by one walk past her room, checking on her, but she doesn't wake up. Amelia spends as many hours trying to find out why Dr. H isn't waking. Eventually, Edwards notices something on a brain scan. Dr Herman had a stroke at some point, which is why she hasn't woken up. Arizona is upset, but Callie tells her that Dr. H will wake up and to give it time. Arizona isn't so sure, and doesn't want to make the call to take her off of life support if the time comes. Callie tells her she is not alone. Dr. Herman begins choking on her tubes and comes out of it. She seems fine, she knows where she is and knows her name. She immediately asks Arizona about Glenda's surgery and Arizona asks her if she can see. She can't. She is completely blind. Dr. H doesn't seem to mind, however, because she is alive and she tells Arizona, she wouldn't be alive if Arizona wasn't such a pain in the ass. The surgery is deemed a success and Dr. H will live. Whoa! Another intense episode of Grey's. I am so happy that Dr. Herman made it through the surgery. Blind or not, she is alive. What did you think about this episode? Let's talk about it!

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