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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Grey's Anatomy: 11x15 I Feel The Earth Move

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/15/2015 8:48 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy Courtesy of
Now that we know Dr. H has survived her surgery, I feel ready to move on with this season of Grey’s Anatomy. Tonight’s episode was…shaky…literally, when an earthquake bears down on Grey Sloan. What happened? Read on to find out: Maggie During the earthquake, Maggie gets stuck in an elevator with the handsome Ethan, but it is short lived. She goes on to meet with an older patient who is returning after being discharged last week, and she may have hurt her hip while having sex. Callie confirms it with X-rays…she has broken her hip and femur. However, she has some cardiac issues and Maggie doesn’t think a major surgery, like what Callie and the patient wants, is a good idea. Callie says she will look further into it. Later, Maggie and Callie are looking into the X-rays of the patient and Ethan is there. There is some flirting going on, of course, and the women come up with a plan. Before Maggie leaves, Ethan asks her out, but Maggie says no. In surgery, Callie asks Maggie about Ethan, and she says he isn’t her type and mentions that he is a radiologist. Callie accuses her of playing “upstairs/downstairs” meaning a radiologist isn’t good enough for her. Maggie says that isn’t the case, she just doesn’t date people she works with. A bit later, however, Maggie comes to Callie and says she just doesn’t date because there is just a gap between her and other people. She is too different, she thinks, and she doesn’t want to pretend. Callie said it’s a “load of crap” and Maggie is just scared. She eventually tells Ethan she will go out with him. Bailey and Ben Bailey suggests that Ben should call to check on his sister following the earthquake, but he isn’t ready. Meanwhile, as Bailey walks away, Jackson comes to Ben and says he wants him to work with him in the “Plastics Posse.” His first assignment is helping a woman decide which breast implants to get, and Jackson starts showing him the ins and outs of plastics. Meredith and Karev Apparently, Mer was supposed to go to DC again and Jo realizes that Mer is also on a huge streak where she hasn’t lost a patient. Jo wants to be on Mer’s service, but Karev doesn’t want her to. April is back to work, too, and we can be sure that the emergency department will fill up quickly after the quake, right? The first patients comes in, and two of them, a father, Ryan and future stepson, Micah fell off a ski lift during the quake. The daughter of the father is quite unhappy. Turns out, he just wanted to try to be a family before he married his fiancé, Karen, the mother of Micah. While in the CT scan, Micah begins crashing, and Mer and Karev come in to save him. She has once again, saved a patient, and Jo takes note. Karev and Mer let Karen know what has happened with Micah, and that he has lost a lot of blood due to a spleen rupture. She gets very upset and blames Ryan for Micah’s fall. In surgery, Mer gives Karev a lot of flak for his past relationships after he tries to give her advice on Derek. Jo is also in the surgery and mentions that Mer’s streak is alive. She explains what she means and Mer asks to talk to Karev outside. Mer realizes, however, that her streak began on the day Derek left. She believes this means that she doesn’t need Derek, but she does want him in her life. When she calls him to speak with him, a strange woman answers his phone and hangs up when Mer asks who it is. Owen Owen picks up the phone in the emergency department and it is a young child, Ruby. After telling her to call 911 if there is an emergency, she says she tried, but 911 is busy and they are in a cabin and her mom is hurt and laying on the floor. Her mom is breathing, but has an obstructed airway. Owen tells Ruby to put her fingers into her mother’s mouth and sweep, to try to move anything that may be obstructing the airway. Amelia comes to help, as does Richard. They talk her through steps to take to save her mom, and realize that she needs some type of chest tube…but the phone is running out of batteries. Owen asks if she has a straw…and a skewer for s’mores, because he doesn’t want to ask her if she has a knife…she realizes that she is going to have to cut her mom. They describe where to put the skewer and tell her to push hard. She does and is successful at first, but her mom eventually stops breathing.  They teach her how to do chest compressions and April gets in touch with emergency personnel. They tell her that help is on the way but eventually lose the signal. Later, the helicopter lands and Ruby’s mom is brought off and stable, but has some head trauma. Ruby gets off of the helicopter and runs to Owen. (I got choked up here) Amelia rushes her mom to surgery. Ruby and Owen are hanging out and eating some Doritos while waiting for the surgery to be done. Ruby asks if she hurt her mom, but Owen said she did everything right. Amelia comes out and says her mom is going to be fine. After mother and daughters are reunited, Owen and Amelia embrace, and one thing leads to another…sex, is of course, implied. Whoa! Good episode tonight, right? We only have a couple of weeks left in the season, but Shonda has not disappointed. What did you think of this episode?  Let me know, below!

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