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Grey's Anatomy: 11x16 Don't Dream It's Over

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/23/2015 4:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 11x16 Don't Dream It's Over | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of SpoilersGuide
Greetings, Grey's groupies! If you are anything like me, you just HAVE to know who this woman who answered Derek's phone last week, right? I have been thinking about it all week, and I have even been talking about it with some friends. Will tonight's episode give any insight? Here's what happened in "Don't Dream It's Over:" Jackson and April Jackson and April are back to work, and start off by having a bit of a quickie in a supply closet...or they try, but Jackson kind of kills the mood. April is really into getting back to work and a bit...well, intense...with a patient. She tells him that it was very stupid that he stuck his tongue in a metal water bottle and that his tongue is going to swell so much that he will die. Jackson steps in at this point, and she thinks he wants to have sex, but he just wants to talk. April gets upset and storms out. Later, as they leave, April tells him she just wants to be her again, and she feels like Jackson doesn't want to have sex with her. That's all it takes, apparently, and they do it in the car. Callie Callie is dating and went on a first date. It ended with a kiss at the hospital, as Callie had to come into work. Arizona sees it, of course, and Callie sees that Arizona saw it. Awkwardness ensues as they take the elevator together and meet several staff members who are working on a trauma. Later, Arizona asks about the date and makes things awkward again. Callie tells her she doesn't feel bad, and it's none of Arizona's business who she sees or kisses. When they meet again at the end of the day, however, Arizona tells Callie she used to go out with the same woman, Heather, and she is pretty insane. Callie actually knows this ex, who Arizona calls "Steak Knives." Meredith As soon as Mer gets off the phone with the woman who answered Derek's phone, she calls again, getting his voicemail. She runs to Alex, who is sleeping in one of the doctor sleep areas and tells him. Maggie, who is sleeping in the bunk above him, also gets into the conversation. They both tell her he's not cheating, but she doesn't seem convinced. Arizona and Jo Arizona and Jo are working on the female half of the couple, Blair, who came in after the car crashed into their home, but as they enter the curtain to treat her, she is gone. April finds her roaming the halls; she is pregnant and asking about her husband, but fully alert and talking on the phone. As the team works on her, she tells them she is exhausted and during a conversation about punk music, she has a seizure. The baby starts to go into distress, and the seizures stop, but she goes into V-fib and dies. Now they must deliver the baby. The pull the baby out and Alex takes him. The baby cries, and so does Jo. She leaves the room in tears. Jo and Alex talk a bit later, and she questions how they are supposed to deal with the work they do. Jo walks away, but Bailey steps in and tells Alex it's normal for Jo to feel like this. Bailey talks to her later and tells her that her feelings are what will make her an excellent doctor. She even invites Jo to join her in surgery the next day. Owen, Mer, Callie, and Edwards Mer, Callie, and Edwards are working on the male half of the couple who came into the hospital after the car accident, Tom. He is in a lot of pain, and as they wheel him to surgery, he meets his wife. During the surgery, Callie fills the team in on her date and seems to have a bit of guilt about Arizona seeing the kiss. Later, Owen tells Edwards Tom may not make it through the night, and her first question is whose patient he is. Owen knows this is about "The Streak." Callie and Mer later talk about cheating spouses. Mer asks Callie if she knew when George and Callie cheated on her. They later meet up with Alex and Maggie, and they come up with different scenarios about what could have happened. Mer, however, says Derek did this before...he moved to a new city, met a girl and left his wife...she was that girl. Alex, however, puts it simply. If Derek still wants to "do" Meredith, he is still into her, and she has no worries. As they talk, they get paged. Tom took a turn for the worse, but they bring him back. "The Streak" lives. Maggie, Richard, and Ben Maggie, Ben and Richard treat a combative patient, Martin, who punches Maggie across the face as soon as he comes into the hospital. Ben rushes to her side while Richard restrains the patient. The patient's wife comes in and tells them he has Alzheimer's. She was taking a shower, and he left the house, got the car and hit the couple with the car. While working on Martin in the OR, Maggie shares her views on Alzheimer's and implies that she believes the wife should be charged with criminal negligence for not watching him closely enough. She doesn't know, however, that Richard's wife had Alzheimer's (so did her birth mother, for that matter) until Ben makes it known. Later, Richard talks to Meredith and asks if Maggie knows Ellis Grey had Alzheimer's. Mer says they never talked about it, and Richard says they should tell her. Mer tells him that she may not want to know, however. Ben comes to grab him because something is going on with Martin. He has his memory back, and the Alzheimer's is seemingly gone. The doctors, however, have no idea what they did. Martin's wife, Sally, tells Amelia, who has come in to look at his brain, that he hasn't been lucid in five years. Amelia says she has an idea why this may have happened but needs an MRI. When the MRI is done, Amelia tells them that he doesn't have Alzheimer's, he has something called normal pressure hydrocephalus or fluid on the brain, and the accident caused the fluid to drain. They can fix the problem, but the police want to take to him first. They do, and he feels terrible, but Amelia tells him they only have a short window of time before the fluid builds up again. He tells them he doesn't want it. He wants to forget he is a murderer. Sally begs him to reconsider, but he doesn't. He eventually loses his memory again. As Richard and Maggie watch Martin, he tells Maggie that her mother had Alzheimer's. This means that Maggie is genetically inclined to get Alzheimer's. She gets dizzy and tells him that she didn't get a CT and thinks she has a discussion, and she had a genetic test done when she was 12. She has the Alzheimer's gene. PS.... Owen and Amelia hook up...or try to. PPS.... Derek shows up at Mer's door...and the episode ends.

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