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Grey's Anatomy: 11x17 With Or Without You Recap

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/01/2015 6:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 11x17 With Or Without You Recap | grey's anatomy

Is he or isn't he?  This is the question that tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy answers about Derek. The episode, "With or Without You," focuses on Meredith and Derek, of course, but we also get a shock when Owen's mom gets admitted into the hospital. What happens? Read on to find out, the answer to the question on your mind comes first:


Derek and Meredith

Derek continues to explain to Mer why the woman she spoke with picked up the phone. He says he forgot it, and he thinks she picked it up because she thought it was him calling. She is his research fellow and Derek denies any type of affair. He claims he came home to work on his marriage, but Mer doesn't seem interested and goes to work, leaving Derek with the kids.

When Meredith gets home, he tells her that she is everything, he loves her and he doesn't want to live without her. He said he will do all in his power to prove it. She says she can't live without him, but she doesn't want to.

Washington D.C.

We get a flashback to Washington D.C. from nine weeks ago.  Dr. Renee Collier is one of his fellows and she is quite attractive.

Flashback to seven weeks, and Derek and Dr. Collier are working closely in the lab. She tells him her goal is to cure autism, and she tells him her sister is autistic. He seems impressed and she gives him the eye...which he returns.

Flashback to four weeks, Dr. Collier is having a bad day and Derek asks if she wants to talk about it. She is having trouble with her research, but Derek tells her it is normal and she is close to a breakthrough. Again, the attraction is very noticeable.

Flashback to one week, Derek calls Dr. Collier at 1am to bring her to the lab. He has been thinking about her research and wants to show her something.

Flashback to yesterday, Derek and Dr. Collier are again working on the research and she makes a big stride forward. She says she is so happy that she could kiss him. Again, there are eyes, and Derek says he has to go...and then they kiss.  He pushes back and tells her he needs to go to his wife.

Mer and Alex

Meredith tells Alex that Derek is home, but nothing more, even though he questions her about it. Alex introduces Meredith to a patient of his, Danny, who has an infection, but needs a liver transplant. They have differing views of how to treat him, however.

Alex confronts her later, but he thinks there is something else going in what's going on with Derek.

Callie and Maggie come up to Alex soon, and ask what's going on with them. All he knows is that Derek came home and the women see this as a bad sign.

Danny has taken a turn for the worse and having trouble breathing. He tells them he wants the surgery. His sister is not happy, but she also thinks he should have a say on what happens, and she gives consent.

Meredith and Alex go to surgery, but he still doesn't think it's a good idea, and there are soon complications. They lose him in surgery and he doesn't make it. Meredith is really angry and blames Alex for putting her in a bad mood. He hugs her

Edwards and Jo

Edwards has spent too much time in neuro and falling behind in the other departments at work. She is telling Jo this when April interrupts and recruits Jo to take care of a patient in the emergency department.  The patient has been having headaches and nosebleeds. The patient has an insect in her nose!

Later, Jo tries to find the worm, but is interrupted by Edwards because she, of course, wants the case. Jo then tries to remove the insect. She gets a grip, but Andrea, the patient, freaks out and slaps Jo. She decides to bring April on to help and they finally get it out. It's a leach and Jo keeps it and names him Herbie.

Owen and Amelia

Amelia is working on a special patient, Owen's mom, who fell in the shower and hit her head. She tells Owen that a young, strapping fireman, John, is her boyfriend. Owen gets upset and starts questioning their relationship, which has gone on almost a year. Richard eventually makes Owen leave the room as things heat up.

Owen's mom has to get a CT scan, and begins to get claustrophobic in the tube. She tells Amelia that she understands why Owen is upset and says she knows that her relationship might look foolish to outsiders, but she loves him and is having the time of her life.

All is well with her scan and she and Owen talk. He makes her a little bag of things she will need like socks and underwear. She, however, wants to talk about John and she tells Owen about him. Owen thinks he is using her for money because he says there is no way a man like that could love her.  She then asks him to leave. As he walks out, Amelia cuts him off and tries to tell him that this is OK. He isn't receptive, however, and tells her to stay out of it.

John comes back and brings her clothes from home and a new journal. She tells him that he is very sweet, but they shouldn't be in this relationship. As they talk, she suddenly has serious abdominal pain. Richard runs to her side and her abdomen is rigid and she is rushed to surgery. Owen meets John in the waiting room and tells him to go, but John said he's not leaving until he knows she is OK. Owen doesn't respond, just sits next to him. They find out his mom is going to be OK and John starts to leave. Owen calls him back and lets him see his mother. Owen also apologizes to Amelia for being a jerk and they make up in the best way possible.

So, what did you all think of this week's episode?? 


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