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Grey's Anatomy: 11x18 When I Grow Up

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/07/2015 6:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy: 11x18 When I Grow Up | grey's anatomy
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Hello, Friends!  It's Shepherd vs. Shepherd tonight on Grey's Anatomy as Derek returns to the hospital. His boss, of course, is his sister Amelia. Will there be conflict, or will this fizzle out? I'll be honest...this episode had a lot of action and a lot going on. Keep reading to find out what happened tonight on "When I Grow Up."

Meredith and Maggie

Mer and Maggie are discussing Derek being home and Maggie isn't sure how Mer feels about it. Mer, however, says she just feels so blessed that her life is so perfect at this moment.

Jackson and Ben

Jackson and Ben also explain what they do as the field trip kids come through.

April and the Rest of the Team

April also meets with the kids, but as she is explaining what happens in the emergency department, a trauma comes in. Multiple shooting victims, police officers, have come in. Most of the docs are working on the patients. Pete, one of the officers who was shot, has a number of gunshot wounds in the chest. His brother, Brett, also a cop, has been shot, too.

Callie works on another officer, Dan, who has been shot in the leg. While working on him, one of the shooting suspects comes in, Jared,  a 15-year-old still alive, but not well.

Pete and Brett's mom is there and when talking to Peter, he starts to lose his heart beat so they take her out. Maggie opens his chest and gets a heartbeat, but he was out for 14 minutes. Amelia comes in and says he may be brain dead.  Owen meets with Pete's mom and tells her that he is brain dead. She asks about Brett and Owen tells her that he is going to be OK he believes, and is in surgery.

Meanwhile, Ben and Bailey are working on the suspect who has a number of gunshot wounds to the chest. He is only a teenager. They take him to the OR and find out his liver cannot be saved and Bailey says he has to go on the transplant list immediately. Amelia and Ben, however, see ethical issues with that since he is the alleged shooter.

Callie is still working on Dan, tells him that Brett is going to be OK and that he won't need surgery on his leg, but he has to stay off it for several weeks. He tells her that's OK with him since he was pretty shaken up by the shooting.

During surgery, Brett suffers a stroke, and he too becomes brain dead. Amelia explains that there is nothing they can do.  She has lost both of her boys.

The shooter is still in surgery. They find out he has no family and is part of the foster system. There is no liver available and Bailey runs off to try one more thing. Meanwhile, Alex, Mer and Maggie are talking about how this day has turned into a terrible one, and Mer mentions that she has to go ask Brett and Pete's mother if she wants to donate their organs. (Oh no...I know where this is going...) Callie overhears and tells them Dan, who she is working on, is going to be so upset that they are dead, but the shooter is still alive.

Yes...Bailey comes to Mer and says Brett is a perfect match for the shooter and she wants to ask his mom if she will donate it. Mer is obviously not into this and walks away. When she meets with the mom, she asks if her sons wanted to be organ donors. Bailey comes in and tells the mom about the 15-year-old, and the mom realizes it is the shooter. She says no, and he can go to hell. She also takes back her permission to donate the organs and Mer is pissed.

Mer goes to see Dan to tell him about Pete and Brett, and he asks about Jared. Callie tells him they can't tell him anything about his condition, but Dan says he and Brett knew him. They got him into the foster system and tried to help him. He liked him.

Bailey again comes to Mer after being paged and Mer tells her that the tables have turned. Now that Brett's mom knows that Brett was a type of mentor to Jared, she agrees to the transplant after talking to Dan.

After the transplants are complete, Bailey tells Pete and Brett's mom that 37 people's lives will be saved thanks to their donations

Callie walks Dan out of the hospital and he thanks her. He then says he would like to ask her to dinner, but on this day, it doesn't seem right.  She says she has to see him for a follow up in 10 days, so she will see him on another day.

Derek and Amelia

Derek is back full-time, but Amelia has to approve it. Derek comes to her as she is telling a group of school children about her job. Derek tells the kids that he also works on brains and that his sister is his boss. Amelia is not sure that this is the best situation. She eventually, however, allows him to start working on an aneurysm repair she had scheduled.

As Derek is scrubbing up, Owen comes in and asks if Derek is OK doing these "easy" surgeries, but Derek seems happy to be back.  Later, Amelia asks Mer if she thinks Derek is sincere about working as a normal surgeon and not as the boss. Mer says she does.

Later, Derek and Amelia meet out on the porch of Derek's house. He explains that they lost two patients today, both shot, just like their father. He wants to make sure she is OK. She just says she is happy for him and proud that he is not running away from his family and situation. He says he is ready to just be a good dad and husband and doesn't want to change the world as a surgeon.

She tells him that she thinks she is falling in love with Owen and she is afraid it will destroy her. Derek says "It wouldn't be love if it didn't."

Edwards, Alex and Arizona

Edwards is dating online but not having great luck. Jo tells her that she needs to expand her horizons. She runs into one of the chaperones from the field trip who has lost his way and takes him to the rest of the group. When she finds them, the trauma is coming in and Richard asks her to take them upstairs to maternity to see the babies, as they can't go back to school yet.

Up at labor and delivery, Arizona and Alex are telling the kids about the babies. One of the little girls who saw the officers come in asks if he is going to die. Alex takes the kids to show them some neat x-rays, like people with nails in their heads, and Edwards gets to know the chaperone a bit better.

Before the kids leave, Edwards is getting flirty with the chaperone again, until they realize one of the kids, Julie, is missing. The chaperones meet with the cops and the hospital springs to action to find the girl. Edwards, however, tells Jo that she is really into this guy.

Derek finds Julie watching Mer do surgery in the gallery. Derek explains how he is a donor and he is helping other people. She tells him that she wants to do what Mer is doing when she grows up.

Edwards gets up the courage to ask the chaperone out, and he tells her he is 17. Jo takes her to the bar as any good friend does after something like this.  :)

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