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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 11x20 One Flight Down

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/18/2015 7:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 11x20 One Flight Down | Grey's Anatomy
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Greetings, Grey's fans!  I hope your week was great!  If you are like me, though, all week you have been asking one question..."Where in the heck is Derek?" During tonight's episode, "One Flight Down," will we find out? Keep reading...

Richard is driving to work when he witnesses a plane crashing right in the middle of Seattle.

Amelia again tells Owen that she doesn't think this relationship will work out, then they part ways.

Mer tries to call Derek and leaves him a message, as she is run down by some residents. They tell her there is a plane crash. As Mer walks into the emergency department, she begins to have flashbacks of the plane crash she and several other doctors were in a few years ago. Kate, one of the crash victims, tells them that she was on a first date with the pilot, Sam, but they can't find him.

Mer starts looking for Arizona and eventually finds her in a closet freaking out. She, too, is having flashbacks, and both of them relate to the patients who have come in.

We then see Mer and Derek in bed, just waking up, but she again flashing back when the pilot of the plane comes in.

Alex tells Callie that they should probably watch out for Meredith and Arizona today, but Callie says she isn't really that person for Arizona anymore and walks away. (Yikes...cold. Anyone agree?) Alex finds Arizona and asks if she's OK, she says obviously not, then gets to work.

Sam, now in the emergency department, has had a heart attack, which is why he couldn't land the plane. He says he is going to marry Kate, then lose consciousness. Edwards tells Kate what Sam said, and Kate, too, said she already fell for him.

Callie runs into Meredith and asks if she's OK. Mer says she's fine, then tells Callie that Derek missed his meeting, and she hasn't heard from him.

Again, Mer starts thinking about waking up next to Derek during surgery, then Bailey snaps her out of it and tells her she is distracted. She asks if she needs to be replaced, and Mer says no. Bailey tells her if she doesn't hear from Derek by 5pm (it's about 11:30 am in the episode) she can freak out.

Richard is telling April, Maggie, and Jo about how he witnessed the crash, and Alex walks in. April asks about Arizona and Alex says she's OK. Maggie asks why they are worried and April simply tells her they had a bad experience on a plane once. Maggie goes on to share her bad plane experience...when she was left on a plane for four hours on the one is amused, and finally April tells her what happened.

Later, while looking at Kate's brain, Owen comes in and asks Amelia if Kate's ready for surgery. Amelia and Owen bout are noticeably annoyed. As Edwards and Owen go up to surgery, Edwards is amazed by how Kate and Sam feel about each other, but Owen is still annoyed.

During Sam's surgery, he starts going into shock so they call Maggie, who is devastated after just hearing the story about the plane crash. She goes into surgery with Sam. Meanwhile, Owen and Edwards are looking in on Kate as she wakes up from surgery, and she doesn't remember Sam nor the plane crash. After consulting with Amelia, she tells them that temporary memory loss is common in these situations, but Owen believes she is blaming him.

Richard is again telling people about the plane crash, but he is obviously over embellishing a bit.

Jo is telling Edwards about Arizona and Mer's plane crash, but Edwards compares it all to Kate and Sam...and true love that may never happen.

Maggie has attempted to fix Sam's heart, but her first try doesn't work. Bailey tells both her and Meredith that they have to work together to fix him. Maggie suggests glue, and they send a resident to get it...and it works.

Edwards is working with Kate...she knows everything, such as her name and who the President is, but she doesn't remember Sam nor the plane crash. Edwards gets upset and Amelia walks in and gets very angry...the Owen comes from behind and starts yelling at Amelia. Edwards, however, starts yelling at both of them. She starts mouthing off about how they are messing up her dream that she will find her one true love.

Meanwhile, Alex checks on Arizona again, but Arizona wants him to stop hovering.

After surgery, Mer checks her phone, but Bailey reminds her that she has until 5 pm before she can freak out. Mer fills Maggie in, and Maggie tells her it's OK, and she should go home.

Back to Richard...still telling stories about the plane crash. April, however, steps in and asks him what's going on. Richard tells April that he really did think he was going to die today, and now, he feels like he is very happy that he has so many great things in his life.

Arizona apologizes to Alex, and he, in turn, tells her that he was the one who cut her leg off after the plane crash, not Callie. She tells him thanks for telling her, then walks away.

Edwards brings Kate up to see Sam in an attempt to make her remember him. Kate, however, doesn't think she remembers him. Amelia sees them and takes Edwards out to the hall to yell at her, when suddenly, Kate starts to remember.

Arizona then confronts Callie about why she didn't tell Arizona about her leg. She tells Callie that she held it against her, but Callie says it was still her, that she made the call, Alex did it on her orders.

Amelia then goes to Owen, pushes him into a room and they start yelling at each other again. Owen tells her that he, too, is having a hard time with today since he put them all on the plane that crashed, and he feels like that crash was all his fault. Amelia sits down next to him and takes his hand, but he says he won't survive another plane crash, and that's all he and Amelia are.

Meredith is now at home and it's a couple of minutes before 5. As the clock moves, she picks up the phone and we see flashing police lights and hear a car door close in front of Mer and Derek's house...and the episode ends.

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