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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 12x01, Sledgehammer

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

09/25/2015 10:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x01, Sledgehammer | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC

Boy, have I missed YOU!  How was your summer, Grey's Anatomy fans?  I know...we are all still reeling a bit after the death of McDreamy, but I hope you have taken some time to heal. We have a brand new season starting tonight with the episode, "Sledgehammer," and life for our favorite doctor's will continue, even without Derek. As Ellis Grey once said, "The carousel never stops turning." Our friend Shonda Rhimes has stated that this twelfth season is about "rebirth," and after four long months, I, for one, am ready to jump back in. Won't you join me?  Here's what went down...


Mer and her children are living with Amelia and Maggie in her old house...oh, and things are a bit tense between Amelia and Mer, and poor Maggie is caught in the middle. This is especially true when Amelia starts tearing down a wall in the house after Mer gives her permission after a night of tequila drinking. That, however, was just the tequila talking and Mer is pissed...and the tension follows them into the operating room.

The Train Accident

Jo is late for work because of a train accident. The train hit two high schoolers, Jessica and Aliyah. Aliyah is fairly broken, many fractured bones, including pelvis, leg and rib cage. Callie notices that both of the girls have the same heart drawing on their arm, and figures out that the girls were attempting suicide together. Callie tells Jessica that she is bisexual...because she knows something is going on between the girls. Jessica tells her that she and Aliyah are in love, and her parents are sending her to a conversion camp.

Aliyah's father, Dakhir Hammed, and Jessica's parents, Steven and Bethany Tanner, arrive. Jessica's parents immediately tell Aliyah's father to keep his daughter away from theirs. Dakhir is oblivious to the fact that his daughter and Jessica have a close relationship.

As Jessica is preparing for surgery, she tells Callie about getting bullied in school because of her relationship with Aliyah, and that her mom had found all of the notes they had written to each other and burned them. Callie ends up confronting Jessica's parents about the camp, but the mother ends up threatening her, instead. Callie eventually steps back and goes to surgery.

However, Callie contacts Child Protective Services, and Jessica's mom, Bethany, starts yelling at Maggie and Callie. Maggie gets so angry she ends up punching Bethany right in the face.

After the surgery, Steven, Jessica's dad, asks when she will be released, because they want the camp to pick her up directly from the hospital. As he is telling this to Alex, he overhears that Aliyah is not doing well and may have lost too much blood. The fathers begin talking and Aliyah's dad, Dakhir, tells Steven, that his wife passed away. The exchange pictures of their daughters and Dakhir has a photo from a year ago of his daughter with Jessica. Steven says they look happy together and shakes Dakhir's hand.

Later, Maggie goes to apologize to Bethany, and Bethany tells Maggie that she is going to sue her. At this point, Steven starts yelling at Bethany to shut up, Jessica is not going to the camp, and if anyone should apologize, it should be her. He says he doesn't care if Jessica is gay, and she is staying home.

Aliyah wakes up with her father at her side. He tells her it is OK, and he starts reading some letters to her from Jessica. He says she sounds like a nice girl.

Richard and Bailey

Richard and Bailey run into Catherine's candidate for chief,  Dr. Tracy McConnell, and Bailey finds out that Richard is supposed to show her around. Bailey, of course, decides to go with them. Dr. McConnell is quite impressed with the technology and is obviously quite good for the position. She has travelled around the world, runs her own non-profit, and is the Chief of Cardio at John's Hopkins. She is so good, in fact, that she walks the team through a cardiac issue during Aliyah's surgery from the gallery.

Bailey is obviously worried, and decides that Tracy is a better choice for Chief, so she starts scrubbing in for a three-hour surgery, when her presentation for Chief is in 45 minutes. Ben tries to talk her out of it, but Bailey goes into surgery, anyway.

After talking to Ben again, Bailey decides she wants to give her presentation, but since she is already in surgery, she calls the board into the OR. She not only gives a speech, but also shares her surgical abilities.


Arizona is looking for a roommate. She and Callie have sold their place, and now she can't afford the rent on her own.  For some reason, people don't want to move in with her, though. Apparently, there are a number of issues, such as she has a weird name and she talks too fast...oh, and she is a legend that people are kind of afraid of. Finally, she does get a roommate, Andrew DeLuca, the intern, but it wasn't easy.

April and Jackson

April is back in town. The staff realizes that something is up with Jackson and April, but Jackson is not talking. April arrives at the hospital and walks into the room where Jackson is sleeping. He tells her to go home and get some sleep. April asks if they can talk tomorrow, and Jackson says goodnight without staying yes or no.

The Intervention

At the end of the episode, Maggie sits Mer and Amelia down and tells them to "figure their crap out." Mer says she doesn't like Amelia, but since she's family, she does love her. Then they start knocking down the wall.

Oh more thing...Bailey is Chief.


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