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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 12×02, Walking Tall

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/03/2015 6:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12×02, Walking Tall | Grey's
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hellooooooo Grey's fam!  How are you?  Ready for this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy?  We are on our second episode of season 12 and last week, we saw Mer moving on, April coming home and Bailey being named Chief... of everything, as far as I am concerned.  This week, in the episode called "Walking Tall," we will see both April and Bailey adjust to their new situations... plus a lot more. What went down?  Read on:


Mer is teaching an anatomy class, but since Bailey is now the chief, all of her surgeries have gone to Mer, and she is getting overwhelmed with her schedule. She tries to get rid of the class, but Bailey says no.


It's Bailey's first day as Chief, and she is hoping for a perfect day. She is working with the new residents to diagnose a patient, Jade, who is very tall. So tall, in fact, that Bailey wants her to give her a brain scan. Turns out, she has a tumor on her pituitary gland, and they will have to remove it. Jade is not receptive, and wants to get back to work. Bailey convinces her to stay for four hours, but that's all Jade is promising.

The docs see coming up with a treatment plan in four hours as an impossible task, but Bailey doesn't listen... just says to "make it possible." They do try, however, and get to work. Jackson, Amelia, Maggie and Callie are all working on it when Mer and Owen come in. They all start talking about how "The Nazi" has returned, and Bailey's power has gone to her head.

Jade starts to walk out, and Dr. DeLuca and Dr. Cross, the first-year residents, try to stop her. She gets as far as the entrance and Jo stops her right before she passes out... on top of Jo.

When Bailey finds out that Jade is leaving, she gets extremely angry and tells the team they should have done more to get done within the few hours, and then storms out of the room.

When they get to Jade, she is conscious, but cannot feel her legs. They immediately take her into surgery. This is a complicated surgery, because not only does she need the pituitary tumor removed, she also has a damaged vertebrae. As Bailey and Ben are scrubbing up for surgery, he implies that the other docs feel as if she is too tough, and she walks out. She meets Mer, who tries to update her about the patients that Bailey dropped on her, but Bailey again is not interested. Mer, however, isn't standing for that and gives Bailey a piece of her mind.

At this point, Bailey knows how the staff feels about her. Richard approaches and gives her a gift, his first stethoscope. She tells him she doesn't deserve it because she is not the right person for the job. Richard lays it down for her and tells her she isn't succeeding because she didn't ask those who went before her for advice and doesn't support her staff.

During surgery, Callie takes care of the vertebrae, but during the pituitary tumor surgery, Jade begins to bleed severely. There is a lot of tension as Jackson and Amelia have different opinions on how to proceed. They get the tumor out, and the bleeding stops. But, she is likely to have a lot of problems, such as permanent vision loss, brain damage and coma. Bailey finds out and tells the team that they are extraordinary, and that they truly did find a way to make the impossible, possible.

Later, Bailey tells Mer that she piled on her so much because she wants her to be Chief of General Surgery, and Mer accepts it.


April is back to work and she has a horrible rash on her back. It's so bad, in fact, that the doctors put her into a bubble because they are afraid she has a serious infectious disease. This, however, gives her and Jackson a bit of time alone, but he is not receptive. She eventually starts to freak out to Arizona  about Jackson, as the stress is getting to her. To get her mind off it, Arizona tells April that Callie met someone and is dating.

Jackson comes back to deliver her test results, but only some are back. He gives the results, and then walks out, even as April yells for him to come back.

Later in the episode, she pages Jackson 911 to talk. He is pissed off and they start yelling. He feels extremely abandoned by her, and says their marriage is full of ultimatums, and they are all hers. He also says she has changed. She says she has grown, and they are going through a hard part and they just have to pull each other through it. He replies that he's not sure they are worth fighting for, and he walks out.

He comes back in a bit to tell April that her tests are clear. He also apologizes, but doesn't seem to be changing his mind. She, however, vows to fight for them, and he again, walks out.

Amelia and Owen

Just as a side note, these two really have it bad for each other, and both question the other's feelings throughout the episode. Near the end, Owen confronts Amelia, who says she is confused, and she doesn't know what it means when they kiss. Owen, being a man of action, just kisses her.


She wakes up, and speaks, asking when she can go home.

What did you think of this week's episode, Grey's fans? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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