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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Grey's Anatomy: 12x03, I Choose You

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/08/2015 10:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy: 12x03, I Choose You | Grey's Anatomy

Happy Thursday Grey's fans!  It's another week and another episode of Grey's Anatomy. This week in the episode "I Choose You," we are going to get a closer look into what's going on with some of our favorite pairs, but will it be happily ever after for some of our most beloved couples? Read on to find out:


Maggie gets an invitation to her ex boyfriend Ethan's wedding, and it kind of shakes her up. She starts regretting her life, she thinks she has nothing and no one wants her.

Later, at the bar she runs into Dr. DeLuca, who is pondering his day trying to work for Alex in peds, and trying to get on Alex's service. Maggie kisses him, and they start making out.


Mer figures out that her new salary as Chief is lower than the other Chiefs. Callie, Maggie and Amelia tell her she needs to go in and demand what she deserves. Mer later goes to Alex to find out how he negotiated his contract, too. Richard finds out too, and confronts Bailey. Bailey tells him that she gave Mer a lower salary because she thinks Mer needs to fight for her position as Chief and earn the extra salary.

Mer confronts Bailey, too, and tells her it's not enough. Bailey asks if she has a number in mind, Mer tells her and Bailey says she can make that happen... then congratulates her on a job well done.


Arizona calls Alex to help with the delivery of twins. They are both jaundiced and immediately go to the NICU. Both twins have tumors on their livers, and Alex suggests liver transplants for both babies. Both parents, Mason and Laurie, are tested but only the father, Mason, is a match, and he can only donate to one baby. Alex tells them that he will examine both babies and the one that is stronger and has a better chance will get a part of Mason's liver. The other baby must wait for another donor.

After all of the tests are done, neither baby has more of an advantage than the other. Alex tries to bail out of the decision and have Bailey do it, but Arizona tells him this is his decision and he can do it.

Alex tells the parents that both babies must go through surgery, as he has to see the tumors up close, and then they will decide. After they look at the livers, they decide that the baby girl, Emma, should get the liver. But, Alex wants to try to repair Daniel's liver, the boy twin, too.

Emma begins to show signs of recovery soon after surgery, but Daniel's surgery becomes very complicated and they cannot save him and Alex holds the baby until his heart stops beating.


Jo and Edwards are talking about something, and Edwards asks her, "When did you find out?" Jo says this morning and Edwards tells Jo she has to tell Alex, but she is hesitant. When she finally sees Alex, she simply asks him, "Do you want to have kids?" He is not sure how to answer and later asks Arizona, but she tells him Jo may also be pregnant which is why she asked him.

Alex comes home and Jo asks him to talk. He starts to ask if she is pregnant and instead of saying she is pregnant, she instead confronts him with a receipt from a fertility clinic. He tells her he donated sperm to Izzy when she was sick, and they froze the eggs... no big deal. It is a huge deal to Jo, of course, and she wants him to define their relationship. Alex gets mad and walks out.

When he returns, they talk about their fight, and he tells her that if having a baby is what she wants, he is ready... and then she says no, they can't have a baby right now, she is only a resident.

April and Jackson

April and Jackson are not sleeping in the same bed. Jackson is on the couch, and he tells April it's time for her to move out. She just says "For better or worse, Jackson. For better or worse." as Jackson leaves.

Jackson comes back after work, and April is cooking dinner, not leaving. She offers to trade nights on the couch if he doesn't want to sleep in the bed with her, but she isn't leaving. She apologizes for not being there for him, and he explodes. He tells her he feels like a hostage, and he just wants to stop. He tells her he wants a divorce and he is getting the locks changed tomorrow.

When April gets back later that evening, Jackson has not changed the locks. However, when she gets there, Jackson has moved out. He is staying with Ben and Bailey on their couch.

So, what do you think, Grey's fans?  Were you as convinced as I was that Jo was pregnant?  What's up with all of this Izzy talk?  Could she be coming back? I think Shonda has a reason for everything...


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